Last Continental Push: Covid 19 South Africa Mutation Surges In Africa

I notice that every six months, a new mutation of the coronavirus suddenly appears in another continent in a new mutation and then spreads all over the earth.  Each time, it hammers the new continent.  In today’s example, a new coronavirus is in South Africa.  So far, Africa has had barely any cases of the virus.  Now, it will spread rapidly there but will have muted effect in the US which hosted the first variation of the disease in March, 2020.


Few people are discussing this rationally.  There is just naked fear.  Time to look at the statistics from Africa:



South Africa and Tunisia are at the top of the list of deaths.  Tunisia is next to Spain and has had the EU version of the disease mutations for quite a while due to massive population attempts to invade Europe via Spain.  South Africa is the furthest from Europe but has a lot of EU travel back and forth.


Both Tunisia and SA have similar death rates per million as a number of EU countries but not very high, only barely 2,000 per million or less.  The rest of Africa has very low rates right now despite having poor health services, etc.  Only four African nations have a death toll higher than 1,000 deaths per million.


Most of Europe has 2,000 or more deaths per million, in some cases, 4,000 per million.  When South America had very low covid rates last spring, the new variant showed up there and now nearly all of South America has the same statistics for deaths as Europe and North America.


The passage of these variants to North America and Europe is via armies of aliens openly invading northwards.  Few media discuss this problem.  It seems it is verboten!  But I will say it: even when England, for example, was totally locked down or Texas, the governments of both countries let invaders come in and didn’t test a single one of the beforehand to keep them all out.


Most of Africa has had virtually any deaths from this viral type of disease but now it will happen there.  It is interesting that soccer players who are males and supposedly vaccinated are suddenly dropping unconscious.  They tend to be Africans playing for EU teams these days.


There is lots of unexplored territory here concerning vaccinations and race and the evolution of various diseases.  After all, one of the major pushers of evolution is…disease effects on populations.  Diseases evolve, too and the new variant in Africa evolved because the gene pool there enabled this.


There are many, many unanswered questions about all this.  Perhaps we have to do away with hard work sports until the epidemics pass or let people in these positions choose to go without vaccinations.


On to the endless criminals running riot while only law and order or conservatives are punished for anything and everything by the DNC legal systems.  This is backfiring on the Democrats.  More and more are now saying, they will not run for office this next election because they are scared of the backlash already.



No information about the assassin except he has a long arrest record and is very violent and dangerous and was released by de Blasio.  One of the officers, Alejandra Jacobs, is a female and was sent home this morning.  Her male co-worker, Robert Homes, is still in the hospital.  Note the dead silence from Biden and his fellow traitors!  They literally don’t give a rip.


I wrote this last night only this morning, still not a peep about the perp.  So I now assume he was black.  The same media is deliberately misreporting the Christmas Parade massacre of elderly ladies and little children:



Massive looting expeditions hit DNC cities due to lack of any policing in these hell hole cities:

“Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something,”Lorenzo Boyd, a professor of criminal justice & community policing at the University of New Haven and a former police office, told ABC 7.


‘Looting’ is the correct word.  The reason we see this word when reporting looting by blacks and urban mobs is because they do this sort of looting all the time for the last 60 years!  DUH.


“We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing,’ Boyd said.


This is an outright lie.  When anyone loots, we call this ‘looting’.  Note how this communist radical refuses to give any examples.


Martin Reynolds, co-executive director of the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism Education, also lashed out at using the term because it signals “the depiction of the flash mobs running roughshod through the aisles of Louis Vuitton and other retailers.”


‘Flash mobs’ that break windows, smash doors and then steal stuff are ‘looters’.  Duh!  They certainly are not shoppers.  And visual proof shows these are generally black people doing the looting, too.


“This seems like it’s an organized smash and grab robbery,’ Reynolds said. “This doesn’t seem like looting. We’re thinking of scenarios where first responders are completely overwhelmed. And folks often may be on their own.”


HAHAHA.  So, this is ‘smash and grab’ not ‘smash and loot’.  HAHAHA.  My distant ancestors did this to the dying Roman Empire and then continued doing this for 500 years or more.


Boyd blames the media for using the word “looting” to politicize that crime wave by connecting it to Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty in the death of two men while acting in self-defense.


‘These types of massive organized smash-and-grabs were happening before the Rittenhouse situation happened,” Boyd said. “It’s a false equivalency. It’s people trying to politicize crime.”


Boyd is very stupid, deliberately so.  All the previous ‘smash and grabs’ were done when there was an excuse due to cops killing very violent, destructive black criminals or even white child rapists and white murderers.  They loot and burn whenever cops terminate any of these monsters who are systematically destroying DNC hell hole cities!


Arrest all the Democrats supporting and excusing this systematic looting and raping, pillaging and killing going on in all their cities, all the time now.


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23 responses to “Last Continental Push: Covid 19 South Africa Mutation Surges In Africa

  1. lou

    Sorry, Elaine, we are covided out.
    Tired of the plan demic.
    CDC facts show deaths did not increase, in USA, by millions in 2020 and 2021.


    Operation Dark Winter (2001)
    James Bush, interviewed by the Corona Investigative Committee

    Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a simulation of a high-level bioterrorist attack conducted on June 22 and 23, 2001.

    The purpose was to simulate a covert and large-scale smallpox attack on the United States.

    So we know what they are planning for us next, with all of the smallpox narrative arising again in the mainstream media and Kill Gates.

    James Bush attended the Exercise. We interviewed him.

  2. TinaB

    Why EMS did you not express your outrage when those 3 deplorable white supremacists murdered Mr. Aubery? No outrage that it took over 2 months for them to be arrested for murder? Of course not.

    And your virus logic is just so flawed. “The passage of these variants to North America and Europe is via armies of aliens openly invading northwards.”

    Apparently in EMS “patriot” world tourists, any and all visitors or legal immigrants don’t carry the virus…. hahaha!

    Maybe you “patriots” should STOP ALL air travel and build a wall around the entire country. No one comes in and no one leaves. Perfect! I doubt much of the rest of the world will care or miss you.


    ELAINE: I figured you would continue to kill the earth by living a first world lifestyle. Sheesh.

    About the killers of the guy who was poking around construction sites illegally, THEY BROKE THE LAW TOO. As I have done many many ‘citizen arrests’ and taken down even very violent criminals, I NEVER used a gun at all. Not even once. Also, a smart person tracking criminals does that: TRACK THEM not confront them. It is ridiculously simple, you follow them at a very discreet distance and say nothing.

    I wrote about all this more than a dozen times including yesterday but Tina doesn’t read very well, needs to go back to fourth grade to learn that skill set.

  3. TinaB

    Study: Arctic Ocean started warming much earlier than previously thought

    “The big picture: The data about Arctic warming has implications for global sea-level rise as well as the models researchers have been using to predict climate change.

    What they’re saying: “The rate of warming in the Arctic is more than double the global average, due to feedback mechanisms,” said co-lead author Dr. Francesco Muschitiello from Cambridge’s Department of Geography. ”

    ELAINE: And…these guys are lying. They are paid to lie. There is also more sea ice in the Arctic than during the previous warm cycle of 2000-2020. Ice is now growing and easy to track online, there are satellite maps showing this that are updated daily but I bet you never go to sources to see if news stories are fake.

  4. Zeke

    Whatever I dislike I’ll call “leftist”.

    Whatever I like I’ll attribute to my personality Cult Leader • Trump who I adore to the point of sick idolatrous worship.

    “leftist hyperinflation”? Huh? The horrible inflation we’re now experiencing is caused by arch criminal Jerome Hayden Powell, Chair of the criminal so called FedResvBnk.
    Inflation is almost always a monetary event (vs. financial or fiscal) per Hayek, Mises and others.
    Did you REALLY think that crime boss Powell and the criminal FRB Corp. could counterfeit and pump $120Billion/mo. into markets along with counterfeiting additional Trillions to fraudulently bid down the interest rate via 10 yr. Treasury Note – – WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES? How silly.

    Too late with ‘the taper’, the chickens are not coming home to roost; they’re coming home to die.

    Elsewhere – you preached that each variant is weaker than the prior. Supposedly – that’s not what is being said of the latest version out of South Africa – supposedly it’s like a Multiple Warhead within a faster spreading entity.

    Perhaps Elaine is ‘dumb like a fox’ and only makes her pronouncments as provacatuer to incite response traffic to her site.

  5. @4, I don’t think she’s completely wrong about “leftist hyperinflation.” Just mostly wrong. 😉
    The monetarist economists have a cute little equation:
    MV = PQ
    It means, the money supply times ‘the velocity of money’ (MV) equals the price of goods times the quantity of goods changing hands (PQ).
    The interesting thing there is “velocity of money.” How quickly are people spending what they make?
    If you’re a loyal right-wing pundit, like Elaine these days, you support giving all the new money the Fed creates to billionaires, who have no need to spend it. (I don’t know why they think that’s a good idea, but never mind.) In that case the velocity of the newly created money is pretty much zero. So on the other side of the equation, prices (P) don’t have to increase because of it. The new money just sits in the stock portfolios of the 15 people who, on paper, own half the United States, or whatever, and no extra goods/services change hands because of it.
    A more leftist person wants to spend the new money on childcare, healthcare, etc. It gets distributed more, so people buy things with it. Not only M (money supply) goes up, but also V (velocity of money). Which means either the quantity of goods or the price of goods needs to also go up, to balance it. Since ramping up production takes time, at best, in the short-term prices go up.
    I still think Biden should do his Build Back Better plan. It needs careful planning though, and I wish he’d been able to tax the rich more instead of funding some of it with new money.

  6. lou

    2…300,000 US Black people killed.
    where is the outrage? Because the media cant spin it. Over 40 years, they were killed by their own.

    Why did the media lie and say black mass killer was fleeing a fight?

  7. Zeke

    @ 6

    Good points.

    When the rich are ‘gifted’ free money by the criminal FRB Corp. much of it goes into stock portfolios and real estate – causing inflation within those sectors. We’ve seen the inflation in those sectors early in Powell’s currency debasement rally.
    The Cantillion Effect:
    Velocity is very low.

    When the poor get money, many living hand to mouth, the money is spent almost immediately. They don’t have the luxury of disposable or discretionary income or stock brokers or stock portfolios or real estate empires. The money comes in / the money goes out. Almost complete turnaround. High velocity of money.

    When the criminal FRB Corp. counterfeits money its usual conduit is gifting it to the so called ‘investment banks’. These inner orbit banks such as JPMorgan Chase and Citibank and Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs are completely different creatures than your corner neighborhood retail bank.
    Sharing only the term ‘bank’.

    Still ….. the source origin of all of that malfeasance is the criminal so called FedResvBnk.

  8. Zeke

    Max Keiser of RT in response to people questioning ‘where is the inflation?’ upon massive ‘printing’ by the FedResvBnk used to point out that the inflation is in the stock market and real estate sectors.

  9. @Zeke, exactly. Some inflation in goods was also held down by cheap Chinese imports. But the US is getting more protectionist, even against Canada and Mexico, but especially China. Trump printed a bunch of new money to give subsidies to farmers being hurt by retaliatory Chinese sanctions.
    Stock market, real estate, bitcoin, stupid ‘investments’ like owning a digital token that represents some piece of artwork. Investors are also desperate to move their new money into China, recognizing that this whole thing can’t keep going as is.
    I believe Biden has tried to inject some rationality into their economy, but he can’t get the votes to do it. As they go deeper and deeper in debt they’ll get more and more dependent on the CCP though, and I’m counting on it to manage their decline gracefully.

  10. Zeke

    Desperate to try almost anything to get out of the debased and debasing US currency. (Not so much the US dollar as the FRB Note.)
    Even ‘collectibles’ such as baseball trading cards and sports memorabilia and such. (TINA)
    Putting money in the bank is allowing them to steal from you via the criminal FedResvBank’s “accommodative rate” (their term) more properly called the ‘theft rate’.
    The criminal FRB sets, manipulates the interest rate lower than the inflation rate so depositors are guaranteed to lose money (as purchasing value) and their whole savings over time.
    It manipulates the interest rate thru fraud.

    When Powell was up for renomination there was only one other candidate considered.
    And she (Lael Brainard) was also from INSIDE the criminal enterprise!
    When the mafia has a mob boss opening – they don’t hire from OUTSIDE the mafia.

  11. None of you all read me at all.

    Ever hear of the BILDERBERG GANG??? Go look up stories and cartoons I have posted here discussing that organization that runs this earth ruthlessly.

    Good lord, this is pathetic.

    All systems on earth have to be run by someone. When they screw up, we should replace them. We can’t do this if it is secret. The Bilderberg gang is very secretive, of course.

    They create money like crazy, it is lucrative for them to do this. This causes inflation which is why they moved production to China to make it cheaper via labor costs,

    I DISCUSSED THIS WITH CHINESE OFFICIALS who lived with ME in New Jersey many years ago while explaining to them how ‘capitalism’ works. The Chinese were delighted to learn this and applied it successfully.

  12. Zeke

    I have read you.

    You are a Trump Lover and you are fixated on “the Bilderbergers” which is essentially a cocktail social group.
    They don’t have a printing press, like the criminal FRB Corp. does.
    They can’t print a single note and have no taxing authority and can’t inflate anything.

    Your infatuation with Trumpy-Dumpy and your fixation on the Bilderbergers has led you astray.

    “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.”

  13. “The Bilderberg gang is very secretive, of course.”
    Of course. That’s why there’s no evidence for anything you’re saying, because it’s all so secretive. In fact the lack of evidence _is_ evidence.
    Gotta love the conspiracists.

  14. Taking your advice to read your old posts, Elaine,
    Elaine in 2011:
    “ΩΩI am a regulator type: I want restraints, controls, barriers, restrictions and in general, civilization, not chaos.  Chaos is death.  This is the Libra business: balancing things is of extreme importance.  Restraining one’s appetite, sex, finances, aggression is how civilizations survive.  Unbalanced systems always collapse quite suddenly.  Unrestrained violence (assassinations all the time as policy) leads to WWI, etc.  We have to control things especially ourselves.  And money is an interesting topic since it is totally human, utterly based only on keeping things balanced and under control in the government and thus, is an icon of ‘What Is Civilization?’”
    “ΩΩI keep harping on the fact that many people profoundly misunderstand the concept of capitalism and I lay this directly at the feet of anti-Marxists who have utterly ignored one of the most important books in economic history, the aptly named ‘Das KAPITAL’.  That is, Marx thought it wasn’t trade or monetary philosophy that lay at the root of understanding economics but rather, capital and labor which is then active in the spheres of commerce, consumption, trade and industrial production.”
    Trying to imagine contemporary Elaine blaming anti-Marxists for anything at all. Hmm.

  15. lou

    Death tolls if 25% of fully vaxed people die from Endothelial Inflammatory problems and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle:

    832,500,000 humans dead.
    48,750,000 Americans dead.
    15,050,000 Canadians dead.

    The Journal of the American Heart Association study:

    “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

  16. TinaB

    Is the Arctic losing or gaining ice?
    But as the climate warms, the Arctic loses more ice than it gains back. Arctic ice in August 1980: The Greenland Ice Sheet is no longer growing. Instead of gaining new ice every year, it begins to lose roughly 51 billion metric tons annually, discharged into the ocean as meltwater and icebergs.Oct 13, 2020

    Is Arctic sea ice really declining?
    Sea ice in the Arctic has decreased dramatically since the late 1970s, particularly in summer and autumn. … Ice cover expands again each Arctic winter, but the ice is thinner than it used to be. Estimates of past sea ice extent suggest that this decline may be unprecedented in at least the past 1,450 years.

    What has happened to Arctic sea ice in the last 20 years?
    Arctic sea ice extent has declined significantly in all months since satellite measurements began in 1979, with Septembers showing the largest declines. … Arctic sea ice reaches its minimum each September. September Arctic sea ice is now declining at a rate of 13% per decade, relative to the 1981 to 2010 average.

    Tipping point are going to accelerate this. Also, the Arctic is the planet’s air conditioner.

  17. lou

    22–did you read my post about 300,000 murdered Black people?

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