New Botswana Virus Scares Europe Stocks Fall


Classic ‘close the barn doors after the horses fled’ moment!  Military is going to try to stop surge of covid19 patients by having the governor and her DNC buddies import several million illegal aliens into the USA and settling many of them in Michigan’s slums which are entirely run by the Democrat machine politicians. Now we have a new variant of this disease from Africa, the last continent to host a variation of this disease!  From Israel to Belgium, this new germ showed up as people flew in and out of Africa with zero restrictions!



Last June, 50% of the population of Michigan had at least one vaccination.  Then it flattened badly with very few getting vaccinated and now it is only 60% are vaccinated, a rise of only 10%.  Despite the spike in disease and deaths this fall and Biden trying to force people to be vaccinated, it barely went up in numbers.  At a 60% vaccination rate, we will see lots of new disease events.  Even in highly vaccinated places like Vermont, it is far from 100% vaccination levels.


As I point out regularly, if half the population isn’t vaccinated, germs will have a huge population base to run rampant continuously.



So, this new variant is now in China!  Good grief.  Not to mention, Europe.  So days later, a few too-late actions will happen and be utterly useless.



I noted in the past, every new incarnation of this disease eliminates all the others very rapidly.  But I bet this happened in the past, we just didn’t track any of these viruses all that closely compared to now, thanks to better technology.



So, no one has really done a thing to control the passage of germs out of Africa and into Europe so the news this last hour that the germs have successfully migrated to various major populations in Eurasia is not surprise.



This proves vaccinations do work: he didn’t get sick, he merely has the germs.  This is a lot better than dying.  So there is hope for people who would have died if there was no vaccinations.  Anti-vaccinationists will dispute this and demand we do nothing, of course.


Now on to California, a rich state that is rapidly committing suicide, so to speak:



Nothing is happening, it is just that the wind is blowing!  Um, I remember when this didn’t happen in California.  I am puzzled as to why people think, living there is easy since there is no snow in LA or other irritants.


Meanwhile, in Minnesota, crime is even worse than the coronavirus:


Stupid voters who vote for criminals get to be abused by criminals nonstop!  Duh.  The DNC is the Criminal Party.



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39 responses to “New Botswana Virus Scares Europe Stocks Fall

  1. Zeke

    Never mind.

    Wait for the stock market “Santa Claus rally”.
    It comes every year and never disappoints.
    It’ll be spectacular.

  2. Amigauser

    The fantasy flu can live in cats , rats?, So
    They will never be able to eradicate this flu, because it will mutate to new strains every year , just like normal flu, and yes, some people will die

  3. Zelda

    There is no such thing as an effective vaccine against a cold.

    The EUA was procured fraudulently.

    The COVID “vaccines” do not protect you. You will never be “fully vaccinated”.

    Adverse reactions to the so-called “vaccines” are off the charts.

    Those who are pushing the “vaccines” will have Hell to pay.

  4. lou

    3–see my posts of this week.

  5. ho hum, proving Elaine can learn nothing




  6. we will see , if the deaths don’t run up it will be like making a huge fuss about the common cold. but right now the bilderbergers ‘want’ zero covid to control the sheep

  7. Prince hans blink

    The #SouthAfrican Minister of Health said today that there is no evidence that the OMEGA is more deadly or more transmissible at the moment and that the actions of the governments of other countries are unwarranted !

    If anything it is Israel which should be sanctioned, all 4 who had this strain came from there and most cases were triple vaxxed

  8. I actually read and look at lots of information. About Spain and Gibraltar: that snippet of Spain is LOCKED and the illegal aliens can’t enter so they are not counted at all. The pile up of humans on the OUTSIDE is where the disease is raging. It was in the news in Europe.

    Same goes for Israel.

    I see lots and lots of people seem happy to have nothing done at all. Note how that is EXTREMELY unpopular with the general population. Even when you all see demonstrations against covid rules, the vast majority are for these rules.

    Ditto, vaccinations: the majority is for this, not against this. Childish people think, doing nothing is OK. Smart people know that doing something is better than nothing.

    ALSO…as I patiently point out again and again, the virus is not a vast killer anymore. It now has spread everywhere to get the sam kill numbers as in the beginning. Way back in the beginning when only a few cities were hit, thousands died every day. Thousands still die out of a population of over 5 BILLION people.

    Thank goodness natural selection is slowly taming this disease as ALWAYS. Even the Black Plague went through the same evolutionary change.

    I hope ‘readers’ here read this posting of mine for once and figure out the obvious, at last.

  9. ALSO…this disease is not ‘common’ at all, it was probably produced in a military germ warfare lab in Wuhan, China, I have pointed this out repeatedly. It is a MUTANT germ and yes, the vaccinations are working more or less but they never said it would work 100%. The kill rate is way down now, for example.

    This was an interesting experiment dealing with germ warfare. I am shocked the usual hysterics in the world are not worried about germ warfare.

    HELLO. Even in ancient times, people did ‘germ warfare.’ A trick many an invader used to deal with cities was to catapult dead bodies in to cities to spread germs and thus, weaken them.

  10. ”Thank goodness natural selection is slowly taming this disease as ALWAYS ”
    the vaccinations are working more or less but they never said it would work 100%”

    see any connection ?

    [and they did claim 100% , i’ve posted the live quotes ‘ , so now you are a liar

    noted also the dishonest sidestep around the Gibraltar data , sort of a female type argument

    AND PRAISE THE SHEEP ! and bidlerbergs who herd them !

  11. and a good quote from KD

    ”The vaccines clearly do not work. International travel has been vaccinated-only everywhere for quite some time. So the person(s) who brought the virus into your nation with this “variant” were vaccinated. The market, of course, responded to this news by spiking the vaccine companies, specifically Moderna. You have to wonder what sort of stupidity would drive someone to consider a firm that has one product which clearly did not work a “buy” in a situation like this. Mass psychosis is the only reasonable explanation.”

  12. cont’d
    ”Never mind that with vaccines we have more Covid-19 deaths this year than last. How is that possible if the jabs work? Yes, not everyone has gotten them. So what? There should be a more than ratable decrease with vaccinated population percentage since we know the most at-risk were the most-likely to get the vaccines the earliest and thus if they prevented critical and fatal outcomes those vaccinated should be zero and zero when it comes to such outcomes. If the virus kills 0.1% of the people who get it but the people who can get it are 200 million instead of 330 million because the rest have been vaccinated and are immune then the death count should drop by much more than a third since the most-vulnerable got jabbed first.

    Instead the death count went up.”

  13. @Snoosebomb, “and they did claim 100%”.
    Which ‘they’? Not the drug companies, public health officials, or any news reporters I’ve seen.

  14. @ 20

    but you won’t watch and will tell the same BS in the future ,,

  15. @21, in most of the clips he says 94-95% effective at preventing serious cases. In one he says “virtually 100%” effective.

  16. Fauci certainly knows the effectiveness of the vaccines could diminish over time. The virus mutates, antibody levels drop. Really, if you thought someone who knows what they’re talking about said the vaccines would be 100% effective forever against all variants, you weren’t paying attention.

  17. The virus mutates

    ” so get the booster ! ‘ , for the original strain ,, bah ! ,, bah ! ,,, bah ! ,, bah ! ,,

  18. Zelda

    Its a testament to how sophisticated the enemy psyops are when even supposedly “politically savvy” people like Supkis can not come to grips with the fact that the medical system has been weaponized against them.

  19. Zelda

    I mean, people here post mountains of data and main line studies proving how absurdly dangerous these frankenjabs are and Supkis is like “I see nothing, nothing!” all day long.

  20. Zeke

    Conspiracy enthusiasts have presented no legitimate evidence of harm caused by inoculations.
    Tens of millions of vaccinated prove the contrary.
    We’re in the midst of an evolving pandemic and are somewhere on the learning curve.
    It’s unhelpful to go all catastrophe fantasy paranoid. IMO

  21. @24, the argument for taking boosters is my other point, that antibody levels drop.
    I wonder if it’s typical of people who share your beliefs to be unable to think beyond simple dichotomies. Can your mind grasp the idea “mostly effective,” or can you only categorize things as “completely effective” or “completely useless?”

  22. Zelda

    While I agree that “conspiracy enthusiasts” have presented no legitimate evidence of harm caused by “inoculations”, many, many top doctors and scientists have.

    This is just one example out of the multitude of studies that have been posted here that must have escaped your attention:

  23. Zelda

    About 800 out of every one million that is “fully vaccinated” via frankenjabs just dies virtually on the spot; many , many others have serious adverse reactions. We don’t know how many will die long term, according to the studies it will probably be a great deal.

    These are astronomical numbers by immunological standards. The fact that you are your ilk are unaware of these facts because of censorship and psychological trauma does not mean they do not exist.

  24. Zelda

    From the aforementioned paper:

    We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

    But I wouldn’t worry about it too much. For example, according to legacy media and big tech, the over 10,000 doctors and scientists that signed the Rome declaration are just “conspiracy enthusiasts”.

  25. @30, allergic reactions to covid vaccines do happen. According to this CDC research, about 11 people per million have a life-threatening reaction. 70% of those reactions happened within 15 minutes of getting the dose.
    I don’t suppose you got the vaccine, but if you had, you’d have noticed that you’re asked to stay on site for 15 minutes after getting it in case you have a reaction.
    I did look at the abstract for that journal article and tried to get a full copy of it through 2 different Canadian universities, but neither one subscribes to that journal.

  26. Zelda

    Look, we are not talking about “allergic reactions”, but rather severe cardiovascular problems. Not to mention a dramatic increase in cancers among the jabbed. This is all well documented main line science, not “conspiracy stuff” or “odd junk”, although the Bilderbergs are trying desperately (and failing) to cover it up.

    These problems are not “rare”, but rather, “the tip of the iceberg”.

    Take a look at the VAERS data and then consult a source that is qualified to extrapolate the real numbers.

    Probably they (Bilderbergs) will release another deadlier bio-weapon, claim it is a “variant” and then blame the “unvaccinated”, or claim that new viruses are coming out of jungles due to “climate change”.

  27. lou

    30- A friends friends teen son fell over dead.

    The rash reaction is more common. Does the shot sterilize people?

  28. lou

    34–thanks. but we only know short term ill effects.

    My guess is Elaine’s boogey man [the bilders but there are other bad groups at the top of the money heap, she just mentions the Bs] want depopulation
    and this is a big part of it, isolate people, miscarriage’s, deprive children of oxygen, put people on ventilators.

  29. Zeke

    Maybe I should have posted ‘no convincing evidence’ to me rather ‘no legitimate evidence’.

    Most of what is presented is anecdotal or hearsay or unattributed ‘stories down the lane’.

    Like ‘I overheard someone in the supermarket telling someone else that she knew someone whose father had a friend whose wife’s uncle died after ….. ‘. That sort of thing.
    Reminiscent of the gerbil story that destroyed a media person’s career.

    What some posters are alleging is a conspiracy so large it would involve big pharma, government, the WHO, the CDC, the media, medical establishment, and more.

    All with no whistleblowers, no investigative journalists.
    It seems to me to be paranoia infused conspiracy scenario. Blame a Chinese lab; blame the Bilderbergers, blame Ft. Dietrich, ….. We have to blame somebody because viruses, pandemics, plagues, mutating germs can’t just happen on their own in nature?

  30. The ‘do nothing’ gang is hard at work here yet again spreading silly ideas. First off, the death rate of this virus has dropped greatly from the first three months nearly 2 years ago. Back then, it was very high indeed and very scary which is why sane governments went full blast in figuring out how to stop it.

    Now, it is all over the earth and has finally entered Africa. The difference is stark: when it hit the entire earth, the death rate looks high due to billions of people being exposed compared to only a few million the first month of the epidemic.

    I saw hysteria online by everyone under the sun when Vermont which has the lowest death rate in the US at just 600 per million (Arizona and NJ are well over 3,000 per million) had a very small spike in the disease. It barely was a blip but made headlines due to hysterical people in media.

    I live right next door to Vermont and we had a very low rate here, too. It has been business as usual now for nearly a year, here.

    We also have a fairly high vaccination rate compared to the big cities which had and still have a much lower rate of vaccination. So the cities remain germ pools right now.

    I tried to find the stories of many people dying of heart attacks DUE TO VACCINATION and found some interesting stuff that won’t please the hysterics here. Will post that today.

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