Black Flash Mob Steal All Crowbars/Hammers From California Home Depot


Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ scheme is to send lots and lots of money to DNC hell  hole cities that are being systematically destroyed by armies of criminals who love the Democrats and congregate in DNC hell hole cities so they can loot, rape and burn everything and also…kill each other and anyone who interferes with this.  Way to go, Democrats!  Unable to understand why this is very, very bad, the DNC and liberals double down on the stupid and now want to spend a zillion inflation dollars, pouring more money into…hell hole cities!  This is a total waste of taxpayer value and is killing the value of the dollar, too.


All those hammers will be very useful for more stealing stuff from more stores!  Yippee.



Liberals love this bill, it is gigantic and does absolutely nothing to fix anything since the entire voter base for the DNC is now…hell hole cities created by these creeps.  I am absolutely furious about this.  They want the entire country to look like Detroit!  Meanwhile, the war on cops continues as DNC gangsters let rampant criminals run rampant in all DNC states and cities.


That same morning as the looting expedition in California, the police there put on a show of force:



Comments to the police tweet are funny:




Just the other day, a criminal abused his girlfriend and tried to drive of in her fancy car, the cop tried to reason with him then…the dark skinned police officer was shot DEAD by the BLACK criminal:



The police officer was very nice and tried to calm down the agitated criminal.  This didn’t work, the criminal decided to do what criminals do all the time: commit even more crimes!



Dead silence from BLM and all Democrats.  None of these idiots gave a rip about this murder.  The killer shot himself when surrounded by cops, after fleeing.  The officer’s family came from India.



The same day, a woman police officer shot by a woman criminal, died of her wounds.



Once again, a domestic chaos moment, a pair of officers showed up to chat with the violent person and then one of the police is suddenly killed.  The police partner shot the woman killer dead.  Meanwhile, our leaders have open borders to drug dealers, human traffickers and other illegals who flood into the country creating chaos and spreading germs, too:



So, Biden wants more oil after cutting off the oil and fewer illegal aliens and thus, has to copy Trump while he and his criminal buddies pretend he is a ‘leader’ who isn’t brain damaged.  The Biden supporters and all Democrats seem to have the same brain damage.


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25 responses to “Black Flash Mob Steal All Crowbars/Hammers From California Home Depot

  1. Zeke

    And not a peep out of the RNC condemning any of this.
    Why isn’t the RNC condemning this? Silence is complicity.

    The RNC after bankrupting the country with its tax giveaways targeted for the rich now remains mum at the effects of RNC malfeasance.

    This makes real Americans other than RNC sycophants furious.

  2. TinaB

    @lou – no word on your actions to save the white people? I guess you’re too busy posting useless comments on this blog. Come on dude – priorities! How can you just sit by and do NOTHING! You MUST save the white people! Come on now – this is SERIOUS!

    Unrelenting drought leaves millions who rely on Colorado River facing an uncertain future


  3. TinaB

    Tipping Point: The Colorado River Basin – A PBS NewsHour Special

    “If you don’t understand the nature of the problem you’re going to come up with a solution that is less than adequate.”

    YUP! Took the words right out of my mouth! Unfortunately, people like EMS are the PROBLEM and that’s WHY we are where we are. The “deniers” are to blame. Remember that EMS as all the predictions from reputable sources (not you or yours) all unfold (are unfolding).

    It really is very easy to understand if you just listen and pay attention. At this point there is no more argument – thanks to EMS & her ilk we now must focus on mitigation strategies – the solution & reversal strategies are in the rear view window. .

  4. I’m so glad more police are wearing body cams now.

  5. TinaB

    What the B.C. government knew about the flood threat | Come hell… B.C. under water

    Just one of the many and more severe “catastrophic weather events” coming our way. You know the ones we have been warned about for decades by the “lying” scientists. I am absolutely astonished that there is anyone on this planet that is still in denial. It’s just tragic. The level of carnage and suffering coming our way will be of epic proportions! smh!

  6. lou

    the Tina show is here.

  7. Petruchio

    @#! Zeke: First off, it was that sleazy, lying fraudster Ronald Reagan that started the Illegal Immigration craze by giving Amnesty to 3 million of them. The GOP is a Class Warfare Party. They want to completely destroy the Middle Class. Make it vanish. As Warren Buffet once said on this subject: “There was a Class War and we won.”. The GOP loves Illegal Aliens because that keeps wages low. The GOP hates the American Middle Class. The DNC wants the Country to burn down. Not a lot of difference really.

  8. @Tina, one of the things I do ‘for fun’ is collect news stories and articles. Your comments remind me of a magazine article I liked, from 1973:
    “Of Bicycles & Buses & Other Moving Things
    “Leo J. Hertzel
    “JKjehard and Sandra Fletcher left Berkeley in 1968 and moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where Richard accepted a position as professor of biology at the university.
    “We wanted to get away from California,” Sandra is saying. “Life out there was getting too complicated?too many cars, too many freeways. It got so you couldn’t get around. Really. And then they started making you register in advance before you could camp out for a night in a state park. They’d sort of started rationing nature and we wanted something simpler, some place where there’s trees and hills that haven’t been all wiped out with concrete like they’re doing in California. I guess we’re nature buffs, but anyway we thought what better place to live than La Crosse? It’s on the river. It’s a beautiful town with lots of trees.”
    Sandra is sitting in the restaurant of the Ramada Inn in Madison, Wisconsin, eating blueberry pancakes and talking very fast about La Crosse, the proposed new free way that may cut the city right in half, mass transit systems, the effects freeways have on a sense of community. the highway trust fund, the mental processes of highway engineers?all subjects she knows a great deal about. She has come to Madison in April to participate in a meeting called “On Balance?A Transportation Symposium” sponsored by the Wisconsin Coalition for Balanced Transportation.
    Sandra is a small, shapely woman who might be in her waning twenties. Dressed in a simple white wooly pants suit with a pink collar, she looks more like a “Just show me the Jerry Silvermans, please” model than a transportation-nature buff. She has a round, pretty face and she looks directly at me as she eats and talks about how she and her friends have been leading a citizens’ campaign to block construction of the freeway that would cut La Crosse in half.

  9. Zeke

    # 7 Pet.

    Agree mostly.

    The duopoly has failed us. So often, I end up voting AGAINST someone. Or 3rd party which is a waste as an objection vote – none of the above.

    There is no one representing my or presumably our point of view or needs or desires.

    Geo. Bush jr. when asked about illegal aliens ‘replied’ “these people have walked many miles”. What the heck does that mean. Non sequitur.

    Dumbocrates betray us with illegal invaders in part b/c they think it makes them look noble or moral.

    Most of 3rd world wants to come here. That’s not feasible.

  10. Something interesting is that Trump is changing the GOP. The Reagan/Bushes party has shifted so far right now that it’s almost come full circle, turning into a perverse version of leftism. Something like, if the left said nobody should go hungry, the Trump party says “Yeah, nobody should go hungry. Lets round up the hungry people and shoot them.”

  11. nclaughlin

    #10 — Steve M.

    Trump did do one good thing (among many bad things): he moved the Republican Party in the direction of anti-war (but not far enough).

  12. Zeke

    # 11 yes

    Yes. Trump did several good things – among them at least talking about and making an issue of – ‘immigration on demand’ legal or illegal vs. “We are a nation of immigrants” BS
    – the crazy unsustainable life draining imbalance of trade and – disengagement from foreign forever wars and “police actions” and foreign military action in general.

    Unfortunately, as I knew from early on that he was not the correct vehicle to accomplish correcting those issues because of his character flaws such as malignant narcissism, dictatorial tendencies, thin skinned reception of any criticism, bombast bs, excessive greed, surrounding himself with sycophant nut jobs, propensity for lying, etc.

    In the end, his flaws eclipsed his attributes.

    (Nixon also did many good things, but …..)

  13. @11, yes, good example of what I was talking about. Leftist anti-war movements – a kind interpretation of us is that we fell far short of our goals. Trump got out of Afghanistan, and said publicly that Bush invaded Iraq on false WMD pretences, which was a dream come true.
    But his reason was that he thought the US was wasting money and resources on small conflicts, instead of doing something ambitious like starting a war with China. He took “War is terrible, lets stop doing it,” and said “Lets stop doing these stupid little wars so we can have a big beautiful nuclear one, as befits a great nation.”

  14. lou

    Has Harris started a fund drive for Darrell Brooks yet?
    and his bail is less than Kyle’s was, despite having a history of jumping bail

  15. lou


    And..does anyone see this statement as ‘liberal dumb?’,

    steve M.
    November 24, 2021 at 2:10 am
    @1, I got as far as the prosecutor reading his prior convictions. Starts with things like possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, failing to pay a fine, interfering with an officer, then moves up to assault.
    Such a bullshit system. I’ve seen a lot of marijuana use and disorderly conduct in my time, but if you’re

    a black person in America I guess you get locked up for that shit.

    / meanwhile he had a rap sheet how long?
    ‘run over a woman and keep yr car and license, then kill-injure how many?’


    “Jacinda Arderns net worth as of November 4th last year was $800,000. Her Net worth now is stated to be $25 million. This is a 3125% increase, her salary is “only” $470,000.

    Plus saline injections for her and her family for life.”

  16. @Lou, I’m not American, so it’s not my tax dollars paying to lock people up for marijuana possession. If you like paying for it, that’s up to you. Don’t worry that it’s coming out of the pocket of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or Donald Trump, taxes are only for the little people.
    If you think locking people up for marijuana possession is making you safer, you might take a look at that guy’s rap sheet and give it some thought.

  17. lou

    16–How did the Mayor [few years back] clean up the city? huh? arrest street criminals.

  18. Zeke

    Why lie?

    There’s no indication that that racist criminal is going to be bailed out by anyone. Or anyone starting a fund raiser for it either.

    Kyle was bailed out by some or at least one high profile Hollywood type.

    Why lie? You just discredit whatever else you post.

  19. Zeke

    I don’t click on videos where the poster is too lazy to include a description or reason why they’re posted.

  20. snoosebomb

    they will try to kill you

  21. HAHAHA. I love the hysteria. My own community has a very high vaccination rate and very low covid death rate. And we live normal lives for the last year or so. Zero hysteria.

    NO ONE dropped dead of vaccine shots, either. I am posting important information about sudden death syndrome in young males. This will explain the ‘young male problems’ with the vaccinations which should be taken into account by the administrators of vaccinations.

  22. lou

    16–Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, is charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide and more charges are pending, prosecutors said Tuesday.

    Brooks was bailed out of jail on November 19 after posting a $1,000 cash bond on charges of battery, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and resisting an officer. [he had run over a woman and got his freedom, drivers license and car].

    Social media posts show the suspect was a staunch supporter of BLM and also encouraged ‘knocking out white people’
    ‘so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD,’ he wrote in June 2020

    Five of the six victims – all white – who died on Sunday were aged 52 to 82 and part of a Waukesha club known as the Dancing Grannies
    Victims of November 21 attack are Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owens, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, Jane Kulich, 52, and 82-year-old Wilhelm Hospel

    On Tuesday eight-year-old Jackson Sparks was named by relatives as the sixth victim, having died in hospital from his injuries.
    22–Pfizer Covid vaccine linked to 26 new cases of heart inflammation in Australia
    This is not being reported in the U.S. MSM – not surprisingly – it’s from Australia’s Herald Sun.

    ‘My own community has a very high vaccination rate and very low covid death rate.’ –whats the towns population?

  23. Petruchio

    In the past day or two, Flash Mob thieves struck 2 Best Buy stores in my area–the Twin Cities, MN. One in Burnsville, MN, the other in Maplewood MN. They are not located nearby each other. The Best Buy stores are about 25 miles apart. It was an organized group of about 30 thieves striking each store. Maybe these groups were worklng together, maybe they were just Independent thugs. This kind of thing is contagious; and the longer it goes unchecked, this sort of thing is gonna take MORE Force to shut down.

  24. Zeke

    What happen to “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”?
    Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now?

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