Xi Forces WHO Use Of Proper Greek Letter For New Africa Covid Outbreak: Xi


More bizarre news: evidently the Chinese who forbade the use of the words ‘Wuhan’ to describe where the disease originated now don’t want the UN organization, WHO use the Greek letter ‘Xi’ to name this new incarnation of this disease!  HAHAHA.  This is absurd.  It seems ‘let’s be insane’ is the new Bilderberg motto.  This is, after all, a Bilderberg choice, they are doing this in Europe and the US.  This insidious organization is warping language and information like crazy now.  Everything has to conform to their orders, the weather, diseases, governments, all systems must obey the edicts of this secretive group of very rich, very connected people who hate the rest of us and wish to crush us once and forever.


The Chinese/Wuhan virus has mutated in Africa so it is not called ‘the South Africa Virus’ it is called ‘Omicron’.  How absurd is this?  I am stunned.  Normally, these are named where they are detected.  True, the Spanish flu came outside of Spain.  But it is 100% certain except with crazy people, this disease came out of Wuhan China, the only debate is wether it came out of the military germ warfare lab in Wuhan.


It should be named ‘OMG.’  Here is a blast from the past when Joe Biden sneered about Trump pushing for the covid vaccinations and closing the borders to diseased aliens and others:


Trump recognized the dangers immediately when it hit Milan, Italy.  He hurried to close Kennedy Airport and this caused tremendous ire with the elites who immediately attacked him.  He did this during the impeachment trial!


Yes, Biden and Harris and the rest of these clowns are doing what should have been done immediately February 1, 2020.  They have no shame and can’t remember the past so they blindly do as they please.  I think the entire DNC has Alzheimer’s disease.  Two funny comments to the tweets:


And now Biden is finally figuring out, open borders are dangerous:


More people are digging up past Biden comments attacking President Trump and now doing what Trump wisely did in the past:



Pelosi attacked Trump when he closed Kennedy Airport and now she is…closing Kennedy Airport, too:



It is a shame, we now have total brain dead people as our ‘leaders’ but look who voted for them: lots and lots of non-voters like millions of illegal aliens in hell hole DNC cities!  Also, It is very cold today, on my little mountain and we hare knee deep in very heavy, wet snow that is hard to shovel.  So much for ‘global warming’ and all that rot.


Eight AM EST and look at how freezing cold most of North America is today.  Wow.  Even all the way into Mexico.  True, there is this small pocket of above 32 degrees spots in the Midwest.  But it is actually as cold or colder in all of Arizona including usually warm Phoenix.  Making heating the home more and more expensive in the name of ‘stopping global WARMING’ is increasingly unpopular.


As the energy costs shoot upwards and energy literally is cut off more and more we will see more and more resistance to ‘global warming’ schemes by rich, powerful people who live in gigantic palaces and drive all sorts of gas guzzling vehicles and have yachts and private jets, etc.



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14 responses to “Xi Forces WHO Use Of Proper Greek Letter For New Africa Covid Outbreak: Xi

  1. Zeke

    There / is an ambiguity so the naming people decided to avoid the ambiguous.

  2. Zelda

    There is no “debate”.

    We have the documents proving Sars COV-2 was cooked up in lab, funded by Fauci et al., and intentionally released.

    The only reason these people are not in prison is because, thanks to fake elections, the criminals currently control the levers of power.

  3. Zeke

    So ….. this is all based on the foundation of what I refer to as the myth of the “stolen election”.
    The “My Pillow Guy” was also supposed to have blockbuster info – – he had no follow thru.

  4. lou


  5. so thats it , the end , what a way to go with the aptly named MORONIC and harmless variant.
    Mother Nature takes care
    ‘course the MORONS will continue with lockups fines jails and general tyranny lest we catch those COVID SNIFFLES !!!

    but , there’s always a but , Armstrongs machine is predicting 2022 as the big pandemic year just in time for bio-weapon Pt. B to attack those who have taken part A .
    time will tell, haw haw

  6. lou

    Bill Gates Foundation funded the Imperial College of London with some $300 million.

  7. Armstrong often predicts nothing. Good grief, I am old enough to remember the past.

    Look, we are in a state of hysteria right now but statistically speaking, here in the US the coronavirus is once again, vanishing from view. Go to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
    to see how this works. Russia is still seeing over a thousand deaths a day right now. The US is seeing below 500 deaths a day last week and yesterday, it was only 102 deaths.

    And yes, this disease is passing through massive numbers of peoples so the numbers are big but the kill rate remains below 4% which is still high compared to normal flu events.

    Worldwide, only slightly more than half a million have died.

  8. lou

    7–actually its ‘moron i c’.

    the freemasons playing with us?

    Poor Elaine, she cant see the bilderbergs for the trees, I mean disease.

  9. I’m glad you’re whining about this, it makes you look stupid.

  10. yes Armstrong is a self promoter [ maybe you have to be sometimes ] but he nailed the Trump victory and some others decades in advance

  11. Zeke

    And you’re a shill for that Con-Con man.

    “decades before” bologna.

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