Democrats Force More White Kids School Bussing To ‘Fix’ Black Schools



Minneapolis is a dying city.  The recent riots which now pop up regularly at the drop of a hat have decimated that city and it is being driven off a cliff.  The remaining white people are now fleeing the mess created by the Democrats and their illegal alien cohorts.  Crime is literally shooting upwards as it is in all DNC hell hole cities.  The fix the Democrats cooke up this year?  Ah, force white children to go to collapsing black schools where they will be utterly outnumbered by kids mainly on welfare/government money or ship gangs from the inner city to the ‘white’ neighborhoods so they can run riot there, too.


I am very highly familiar with this.  In the 1970’s, the Democrats did exactly that and I had to first withdraw a child from the local public school due to little black kids running riot very violently even attacking the teachers, to a suburban school which was one of the best in the country and then they decided to fix this and imported thugs and forced me to withdraw a child…again!  The forced ‘integration’ of schools made entire cities uninhabitable for law abiding families so they all fled.


This was a huge problem and the forced integration of students ceased and things calmed down a bit except all our cities became 100% DNC machine power bases due to loss of the white working class families.  But that power is disintegrating as ‘integration’ resumed once the DNC got enough national power to re-introduce this failed program.


Research shows that de facto school segregation is one major reason that America’s education system is so unequal, and that racially and socioeconomically diverse schools can benefit all students.


These DNC gangsters are fools or think we are stupid.  No one objects to middle class black students!  It is the ‘diverse socioeconomic’ kids they fear.  These children nearly 100% have no fathers and no discipline in the home, they are raised like wild animals and enter school utterly incapable of learning anything.


I  have homeschooled inner city kids in NYC during summer vacation and they can, when there is a 5 to one teacher system, be taught how to do simple things like sit still and listen or eat lunch without throwing food all over the place, etc.  But teaching this in a school with many students is very challenging if not impossible.


But decades after Brown v. Board of Education, the dream of integration has remained just that — a dream.


Our cities used to have many populations before BrownV B of E.  Now, virtually all of the middle class with children have fled.  This is one of the worst outcomes, ever, leading to the disintegration of civilization and our cities into ruins.


Today, two in five Black and Latino students in the United States attend schools where more than 90 percent of students are children of color, while one in five white students goes to a school where more than 90 percent of students look like them, according to the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank.


No mention is made of the many, many poor white females who have children with black males.  I bet most of the ‘white’ children in the black schools these days are actually more like VP Harris who looks pretty white but plays black for political gain.


If there is anywhere white families might embrace an integration plan, a likely candidate would be Minneapolis, which became the epicenter of the nation’s reckoning with racism after George Floyd’s murder last year. The city is 60 percent white and a bastion of liberalism, with a voting population that supported President Biden by 80 percentage points or more in some areas. In majority white neighborhoods, where homes can sell for $500,000 to $1 million, lawn signs proclaim “Black Lives Matter” and “All Are Welcome Here.”


The ‘white homes’ with the BLM signs are probably black homes whose parents are upperclass black professionals.  I would have liked to have real reporters go there to ask the families with these signs in an expensive neighborhood, who they are and why they have the signs.


But an up close look at one school, North High, and the cross section of families who traverse the new attendance zone, shows the complicated realities of school integration, even in a city with the political willpower to make it happen.


There is nothing ‘complicated’ about these hamfisted attempts at ‘integration.’  The DNC has the exact same ‘solution’ every 20 years!  This isn’t new at all.  This is the third attempt at screwing this pooch.


For students, parents and educators, the push to integrate was not just a policy decision, but a deeply personal challenge: What would white families do, when forced to wrestle with their own progressive values? Would the plan bring positive changes for Black families at North High, or as some feared, would they lose claim over the school that they loved?


This is why election maps are so stark: once upon a time, much of the country would sway from one party to the other.  The spread was pretty even.  Ever since the race riots of the 1980’s and the crime wave of the same period, we see a stark difference between ‘red’ and ‘blue’ areas.



Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, etc. in the Northeast have very small to nearly no ‘black’ power bases so they are happily ‘liberal’ still.


By the start of the school year, Minneapolis had moved closer to its ambitions: It decreased the number of racially isolated schools — defined by the district as 86 percent or more students of color — to 13 from 21.  But North High was not among them. Of 440 students, 30 are white.


Still, 13 of the white students — nearly half — are in the freshman class, the cohort affected by the new boundary. Overall, the school serves 93 percent students of color, down from 98 percent.


Those poor kids!  Marched into a death trap by politicians who destroyed Minneapolis!  And most of these new victims are ‘freshmen’ so they are easy pickings for the school thugs!


For now, Leah Harp is among the few new white parents at North. She decided to send her son after touring the school, where she noticed clean hallways, a culture of high expectations and students who seemed happy and relaxed.


North High School made the news this week!


A high school student was arrested after fighting school staff and an officer when the teen was questioned about bringing a gun to campus, Minnesota police said.The North High School student was removed from class on Nov. 9 for questioning after school officials received a tip saying the teenager may have a gun, according to a Nov. 15 news release from the North St. Paul Police Department. School staff and a school resource officer were involved in the questioning.


Sounds like a ‘safe school’?  Nope.


“It’s like a family,” she said. “That’s the kind of environment that I want for my children.”


I bet the woman being interviewed has no husband.


She thought her son, a freshman, and eventually, his younger brother, would benefit from being around children of other backgrounds. She did share concerns about crime in the neighborhood, but has been driving her son back and forth. While at school, he’s quite safe, she believes.


So, he is ‘safe’ in this school which, just this week alone, has gun violence events?  Wow.


For years, the district has been a central figure in lawsuit that accuses the state of allowing school segregation, including in Minneapolis.


A tentative settlement, reached this year, could set the stage for broader change. The agreement would loop in suburban districts, which tend to be whiter and wealthier, and some of those districts would be required to work with districts like Minneapolis on a regional integration plan. Wealthier districts would accept disadvantaged students and vice versa, and the state would pay for transportation. The agreement would also create magnet schools to draw diverse students together.


The state mostly voted for the Democrats so I hope all the families who live outside Minneapolis switch parties, fast.  Time is running out. More about the student who fought staff at the ‘very good, safe’ school in Minneapolis this week:


 “When asked about the firearm, the student immediately began violently assaulting school employees and our school resource officer,” police said. “While attempting to control the student and defend themselves, officers learned that the student indeed had possession of a firearm and was refusing to relinquish control of the firearm.”


Police said the teen refused to comply with commands and continued attacking and injuring school staff and the officer. Meanwhile, the student still had a loaded gun.


More officers were called to the “active fight,” police said, and “they were able to gain control of the student and the student’s firearm through less lethal options.” Officials did not say how they got the student under control.


And I think a few more millions will vote for Trump now.  Good lord, the NY Times is the world’s most useless ‘news’ paper.


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15 responses to “Democrats Force More White Kids School Bussing To ‘Fix’ Black Schools

  1. Ken

    Cross district bussing in Detroit to achieve racial balance destroyed the city. I lived in the city at that time, and personally witnessed a fine, working class city become a hell hole in just a few years.

  2. lou

    what kind of name is ‘mervosh’?
    she majored in arabic at notre dame!!!!

    and she is [unwittingly?] for depopulation.
    Sarah Mervosh @smervosh One interesting tidbit: In a number of countries, officials have recommended just 1 dose of the Pfizer vaccine for children, “which would provide partial protection from the virus, but without the potential effects occasionally observed after two doses.”

  3. Zeke

    This monster is finally dead.
    A friend of mine was killed in the aftermath of this bs. I’ll never forget and never forgive.

  4. lou

    This is for Steve,

    people moaning (in true libtard fashion) over criminal trash like George Floyd (or any other negro criminal/miscreant) I like to tell them, “Let’s take a moment to remember these people” and then list the following:
    Jonathan Foster age 12- Kidnapped on Christmas Eve and blow-torched to death by a black woman,

    Cannon Hinnant, a little 5 year old white boy shot in the head and murdered by a black man while the child was riding his tricycle,

    Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, kidnapped and torture murdered by 5 blacks during the Knoxville Horror,

    Angel Santiago- a baby sitting in a stroller who was shot in the head by a negro who was angry his mother had no money for him to steal.

    I also mention the Wichita Massacre where the Carr brothers murdered several whites execution style.

    Not surprising is the fact that many (if not most) people don’t know any of these names and are unaware of the circumstances of their murders.
    What I find sick about today’s America is that the above white people who died in horrific ways at the hands of feral blacks will be unmentioned and forgotten.

    However, shits like George Floyd will be remembered and held to be poor, sweet, innocent victims that should never be forgotten.

    No doubt children in schools will be taught about worthless negroes like Floyd and will never learn about any of the people I mentioned above. His worthless name will be remembered 20 years from now whereas all the whites have already been forgotten and memory holed.
    Now, we have 6 more names[due to Darrell in Wisconsin] to add to the list of the forgotten. However, I’m not forgetting and will remind clueless cucktarded whites every chance I get- especially if they start moaning about Floyd or even Ahmaud Arbery.

  5. Petruchio

    Aint “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” great? What is happening now in our Education System is what happens when you allow a VERY Radical group of people to control that System. This is all about a War on White People. Check out the History of Compton CA. At one time it was a wonderful neighborhood. A mostly WHITE neighborhood. Then, the J#w&sh Radicals decided to pose as Home Buyers in Compton, but were really fronting for Blacks. The decline in Living Standards was dramatic and so Compton got its start as an LA Hellhole and Crime Zone. I believe lou is from LA. Lou, if you have any info on Compton to share about Compton, please do.

  6. lou

    PET–just post the word…JEWISH.

    there’s a book titled Magickal Attack at Amazon, which teaches you how you can gain the upper hand on your enemies by cursing them.


  7. nclaughlin

    I wonder if VP Kamala Harris has anything to do with the revival of busing. She criticized Joe Biden for opposing it in the 70’s and 80’s.

  8. Zeke

    @ 7 Mc

    Yes! I forgot about that.

    Harris blindsided Joe with her “that little girl was me” speech attacking Biden. She bundled together and failed to differentiate between ‘forced bussing’ for racial purposes and ‘voluntary bussing’ say for magnate or specialty schools.
    I think Biden tried to articulate that difference was he was shocked and caught off guard by Harris’ sudden self promoting attack and didn’t respond very well.

  9. The minute the DNC had full control, they impose bussing again. I mentioned this in the past. It should be obvious now.

    This was done three times in the past. This is why Carter became very unpopular suddenly. It wasn’t due to the Iranian terrorists, it was due to him resuming the failed bussing program.

    Clinton was smarter. He talked about it but didn’t impose it nationally. He did pretend it was good while sending his brat to a private school like Obama did with his brats.

  10. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! Those White Liberals. They LOVE to impose what they think are THEIR Morals on everyone else but don’t blink an eye about sending their own kids to Private Schools. Never admitting it, but believing in it 100% nonetheless, White Liberals know they are being frauds and hypocrites about Race Relations and subjects like Bussing. They just don’t care. This seems to be a typical American trait. White Liberals have a smug, arrogant, intolerant set of Morals they demand others live by, but make NO attempt to live by their own Moral Code. I recall watching a program about scam artists who target Americans visiting in the Caribbean. A Scam artist was asked why he and the other Scamsters target Americans. “Because they’re stupid” was the response. Bussing is ALL about the War on Whites. Western Whites and the White Western values. It has no other purpose than to destroy the White Race AND to destroy any credible system of Education worthy of the name Education.

  11. Zeke

    @ # 9

    Pres. Carter was done in by media coverage of the Iran hostage stalemate.

    Ted Koppel launched his career with “Nightline”:
    “Koppel became known for his work as the host of a late night news program called Nightline. The program originated as a series of special reports about the 444-day-long Iran hostage crisis, during which Iranian militants held 52 Americans captive, beginning in early November 1979. At first, the program was called The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage, and was hosted by Frank Reynolds. Koppel eventually joined Reynolds as co-anchor. In March 1980, the program evolved into Nightline, with Koppel as its host.”

    Forced busing of that era was not perpetrated by either elected legislative or elected executive actions.
    Rather it was done by unelected ‘activist judges’ in the judicial branch. Taking it upon themselves they enforced prior court decisions that elected officials declined to follow.

  12. lou

    10–Pet, where are u? who r u?

    NATALIE HOLLOWAY. and others. The islands are a non white and dangerous place.

  13. Petruchio

    @#12 lou I thought Natalee Holloway was abducted and killed by white people? Maybe the dude accused of killing Natalee is Jewish? Don’t know. My point was–and is that the opinion that Americans are stupid–among other negative traits–is widespread around the World. And probably well deserved. The general hostility towards Whites in the Caribbean area likely stems from the days of Colonialism.

  14. Zeke

    Wasn’t it a well connected Dutch guy – something like Urine Van der Sloot pretty much only person of interest.
    He later went on elsewhere to be imprisoned for similar crimes. His father was in diplomatic corp and maybe covering for him.

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