All Democrats Terrorize Us About Wearing Covid Masks Then Party Without Masks



Over and over again, our elites tell us to wear a mask even today, they are yelling about this and all the time, over and over again, they do not mask up, themselves!  This is annoying and disgusting and now these monsters are saying, we will be punished if we don’t wear masks and I assure everyone here upstate NY are not wearing masks in the countryside where I live.  We haven’t since roughly a year ago!  Our elites have done the ‘we get to go anywhere any time with no masks on’ scam since the first month of the epidemic.  The people doing this are Democrats and this is why even poorly informed voters who support the Democrats are getting fed up, too. About time, I say.



Chaos at the top of the power pyramid continues.  We need as many health staff as possible and since most of these wear the masks at work (if not all) they are not super spreaders.  They wear the gloves and clean up frequently so why enforce other things on them?  We now know the vaccination doesn’t stop people from carrying the germs!  If it did, the vaccination would be useful for stopping transmission of germs.


Meanwhile, the DNC gang is being busted for being nasty.  One nasty duo are the Cuomo brothers.  I knew their dad and I bet he is turning in his grave now, what a pair they turned out to be!



The Cuomo duo ran New York for quite a while and the result is obvious: once they and their buddies got rid of the only useful politician we ever had, Rudi Giuliani, they opened the doors wide for constant crimes and chaos which have exploded during the covid crisis.  Obviously, none of the Cuomo voter base (criminals, illegal aliens, leeches, communists) in NY were locked up at home at any time during this epidemic.


Instead, Cuomo let them all out of jail and prison so crimes shot upwards, many people were murdered, robbed, raped, etc.  Chaos is everywhere now and people are scared to use the subway system!  One of my biggest arrests ever was when I had an entire car of rioters in NYC subway system on the D train, arrested in Manhattan!  They all pled guilty in court, too!


Now, even if criminals are arrested, they are released with no bail so none show up for anything after that and if arrested over and over again, they are released over and over again and crime is climbing over and over again and the criminals we need to arrest are…THE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS.  Duh.


In California which is worse now than dying NY, we see the same DNC messes.  The Democrats gerrymandered away any and all conservatives downstate and now crime is out of control and open looting during business hours happens daily and millions of dollars are stolen from stores every day there!  This is insane.



And the criminals in California are killing cops more frequently, too:



Back to NY City: crime is out of control.  A police officer had to shoot and kill a crazy lunatic who used to post his junk on Instagram but this was locked so I can’t see his crazy stuff:


According to police sources, a New York state trooper was hit by a stolen car that reversed into him on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge on Sunday, and he discharged his firearm multiple times as the driver fled.


According to law police officials, the owner of the 2021 Acura reported it missing on Saturday and was tracking it through an app when he noticed it going toward the bridge in the Bronx. The owner, who was in another vehicle, pursued his vehicle and alerted the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, who contacted the state police.


Car thefts are way, way up now because if you are caught, they release the car jacker who then steals another car to go home.  This is insanity, I wouldn’t even drive to NY City anymore, it is insane.


And now for another ‘DNC creep who orders we all wear masks and then goes to a party and doesn’t do that!’ story:


This is utterly brazen, happens constantly, is disgusting and all Democrats doing this should be arrested for being terrorists because they terrorize us all about the germs and then spread these same germs over and over and over again. Arrest them all, I say, all of them!


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13 responses to “All Democrats Terrorize Us About Wearing Covid Masks Then Party Without Masks

  1. lou

    maxwell trial-first day, twitter ceo resigns, cfo on nbc quits, cfo of walmart quits.

  2. lou

    Elaine, check tgis rising dem,
    He has a history of…
    1. Online bullying
    2. Blackmail
    3. Revenge porn
    4. Making death threats.
    5. He attacked his brother for wanting to be baptized because his family is Jewish.

  3. TinaB

    “140 opioid related deaths per DAY! ” Lou you better on this STAT!!! It’s mostly white people or at least a number that should put a fire under your ass. But nope you’ll just continue to spew your hatred on this little blog that EMS likes to call “news”.

    Some seriously important information but not anywhere on EMS’s radar. What to call the new variant is FAR more important “news” dontcha know.

    Oxycontin – Hillbilly Heroin

    “Drug overdose deaths involving benzodiazepines rose from 1,135 in 1999 to 11,537 in 2017.” Stay tuned there’s far more to come especially now with “virus” threats and economic woes. So many will “need” (?) anti-anxiety/depressant “medicine”. And the “doctors” will gladly dole them out hand over fist! Doctors even threaten to drop patients if they don’t take the “drugs” they recommend or maybe even commit them as they are non-compliant. THIS is CRIMINAL!

    Do some research on benzos & anti-depressants – ask Jordan Peterson how good they are! Quote “If I had a choice of a gunshot to my head or a benzo I would choose the gun”.

    Gotta love Big Pharma – the MIC – Medical Industrial Complex! But hey in EMS world they are trying to “HELP” us! THEY are the most DANGEROUS CRIMINALS OF ALL! The petty little looters that you pee yourself about are noting in comparison.

    Americans love their PILLS / DRUGS – or as they like to call them “medicine”. Hahaha! Much easier than diet, exercise, education and therapy. Just more proof of how lazy – entitled to luxury, wannabe billionaires they are, and at the expense of the entire ecosystem no less. GAWD how stupid can you be?

    “White Superiority” is the root of ALL EVIL! And their ignorance will be the demise of all humans.

    And btw EMS regarding “hypocrisy” – are you not the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. lou

    Tina, someone posted 100,000 od s in USA IN 2021.

    Elaine, twit has a new lead twit. he is virulently anti White.
    Mr Agrawal why-should-i-distinguish-between-white-people-and-racists/

    ugly brown third worlder is too afraid to bark against his own country men, if it wasnt for whites he and his family would still be hunting or subsistence farming.…caste biased ass wipes

  5. Reporter: Dr. Nagase, we noticed that you were creating some attention in North Vancouver a couple of days ago with the stillborn babies in the hospital there, could you tell us a little about the outcome of that?

    Dr. Nagase: From one of the local doctors in North Vancouver, Dr Mel Bruchet, he has contacts all through Vancouver. And some doulas who work in Women and Children’s Hospital which isn’t in North Vancouver, it’s in Vancouver-Vancouver, it’s one of the birthing centers for Vancouver. They had 13 stillbirths in a 24 hour period. That was what I heard. But the thing is I’ve also heard a similar story out in Waterloo, Ontario. So in Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic that there were 86 stillbirths between January and July. And normally it’s 5 or 6 stillbirths every year. About 1 stillbirth every two months is the usual rate. So to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in 6 months, that’s highly unusual. But the confirmation, the most important confirmation that we have, from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.

  6. Zeke

    Maybe you need to be arrested.
    Involuntary confinement in mental institution.

  7. lou

    Tina, #4, the sacklers are jews. check Occidental / sacklers.
    get back to us. A million goys dead?


  8. lou

    Elaine is queen of denial.

  9. lou

    The Sun UK wants to let you know that winter causes blood clots, and winter vagina.

    Iwinter causes Belle’s Palsy, Guillane-Barre syndrome, strokes and heart attacks?

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