Arizona State University Leftist Looney Students: Death 2 America!

At one point in my long life I went to school at the University of Arizona.  Then they terminated the program I was in and I moved on and went into construction work, instead.  Well, in Arizona they couldn’t teach German anymore but they do teach ANTIFA everywhere.  ANTIFA started in Germany and I wrote about German political matters when studying this interesting topic and here we are, over half a century later with Arizona students aping the Nazis and the Maoists, destroying universities and shutting down all debates and anything resembling ‘intellectual’ matters!


So, Tempe, Arizona now hosts ‘no debates allowed’ classes.  This is happening across the US and Canada as leftists systematically destroy all semblance of debates and legal rights as they turn schools into communist indoctrination centers.  I saw this happen at the very beginning many years ago!  This is why I fled Berkeley.


Communists ‘debate’ via making death threats and even killing people.  They killed a young cop who was born in a Japanese American prison camp in Death Valley years earlier.  He was assassinated by crazy leftists who were very proud of doing this horrible crime.  The insanity of the far left is very frightful, they can’t think normally, they see everything through the prism of hatred of law and order.


Very significantly, every time these crazy leftists gain enough power they instantly turn into violent, murderous dictators and kill millions of people.  This happens every time they take over.


The Arizona far leftist students hate Kyle.  Why?  Because he fought off violent leftist criminals who were trying to kill him.  The left constantly riots and threatens to kill people.  They stop traffic and then jump on cars and trucks and try to pull out the drivers and then even kill them.


If a driver runs over these lunatics in the streets, if this is in a DNC hell hole city, the driver who was attacked by mobs illegally attacking cars trying to drive to business or home is charged with crimes when they try to escape these lunatics!


The Boston Globe is a typical example of Bilderberg run news that is insane as they pretend it is OK to swarm cars and trucks illegally: this article from Boston shows clearly how insane the left has become.  They really think that ‘demonstrators’ should have free rein to stop traffic and assail drivers for political purposes.


 It lent the full weight of the law to the idea that the carnage on the highway was the fault of the protesters who stood there, and not the driver who plowed through them.


Whenever drivers try to use the highways in a legal fashion, the people ‘stopping traffic’ don’t move even though they can move.  This is a crime.  In DNC hell hole cities, none are ever arrested for this crime so they do it all the time, frivolously and at the drop of a hat.


Nine months later, the state legislature passed a law granting drivers criminal and civil immunity if they “unintentionally” hit or kill a protester while “fleeing from a riot,” so long as they say it was necessary to protect themselves, citing the protest on I-244 as the catalyst for the law.


The way to avoid this is simple: no more highway ‘stop traffic’ riots!


You read that right. Given the choice between defending the safety of pedestrians protesting a police murder and the drivers of the vehicles running them down, prosecutors and lawmakers here have reserved their concern for the drivers.


The rioters have no legal right to stop traffic due to ‘cops killing.’  They can protest at City Hall, for example.  But not on highways.  Doing this, they are breaking many laws and endangering many lives including their own.


 Vehicle ramming. It is the term researchers use to describe incidents in which a car, truck, or motorcycle is turned by its driver into a weapon against people on the street.


We saw this at the Christmas parade last week.  The leftists didn’t give a damn about all the dead marchers who were minding their own business and doing something legal in a street the cops shut down for a parade.  Then, a violent BLM killer deliberately sped up and killed a number of the marchers.


The far left shrugged and pretended nothing happened, of course.


It is a phenomenon they had witnessed over the years through much of the world. But last year, a peculiarly American variation of this practice became increasingly common, one in which demonstrations — especially the groundswell of antiracism protests spurred by Floyd’s killing — were the target.


NONE of the ‘run over’ events with these lunatic leftists happened because someone ‘hunted them down.’  The leftist rioters deliberately and utterly illegally went onto highways to stop traffic and assail drivers in the name of their own political lunacies.


Any excuse to riot and they rush to the highways and streets and assail drivers minding their own business.  Virtually no ‘victims’ of car rammings go to prison when we have video proof of these lunatic leftists literally jumping on these vehicles, assaulting the drivers, breaking many laws.  If the DA is a leftist Democrat, none are charged with crimes against the drivers.


And this is the real problem!  All of these leftists blocking traffic should be in prison!


By the way, the Boston News (sic) paper ran this map supposedly showing where ANTIFA/BLM rioters were ‘run over’ by ‘white people’ and I saw this part of the map showing Troy, NY which is 21 miles from my mountain, as one of the dire events:



HAHAHA.  So, no injuries, no fatalities, no arrests, no charges?  Good lord, this is so insane.



And the media giants studiously refuse to think about or discuss the deliberate multi-murder speeding car running into a Christmas parade.  They won’t mention the criminal who did this belonged to Black Lives Matter and posted white hate junk online, he made threats about mass killing white women and children before actually doing this deliberately.


But nary a peep about any of this in mainstream Bilderberg news!  This is obscene and utterly evil.



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12 responses to “Arizona State University Leftist Looney Students: Death 2 America!

  1. Jim R

    Remember when they used to say “love it or leave it”?

    Those America-haters need to be dropped off somewhere on the other side of the planet…

  2. Jim R

    Remember when they used to say “love it or leave it”?

    Those America-haters need to be dropped off somewhere on the other side of the planet… middle of Africa might be a good place.

  3. Interesting to compare blocking highways to breaking into government buildings. If you’re fine with motorists running over leftist protesters on highways, surely the police have every right to use machine guns to get rid of angry mobs at the capital building.


    ELAINE; HAHAHA. Good lord.

    Look, running around on highways jumping on cars and attacking people can be DEADLY. If these people are dumb (ahem…you seem to want to be like them) they do stupid things like jumping on cars and screaming at people or trying to kill people and get killed. DUH.

    Easy fix: DON’T DO IT in the first place. If stupid people want to fight to the death they have to accept this when they lose. And god help us, these ‘protesters’ have killed a number of people deliberately already. They are very dangerous as well as stupid.

  4. Pete

    Dem switches party over Biden policies….

  5. Biden’s government is moving to limit overdraft fees charged by banks. Now that we use cash less and less, it’s really easy to charge something to an account which doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. Currently banks can charge a penalty for that, say $25. Billions are being made off these overdraft penalty fees.
    I remember when Trump was running in 2016, he used to tell stories about how tough he’s been on banks. He gave the impression that he was really going to rein them in. But as far as I can tell, all he did was cut taxes and sign an executive order to further deregulate banking.

  6. And then banks will punish overdrafts in other creative ways like forcing people to close their accounts. Cause and effect doesn’t matter to the lunatic left.

  7. neither does monetary theory , MMT = new normal

  8. @7, MMT is exactly the sort of thing old Elaine used to warn people against. New Elaine doesn’t care about inflation though.

  9. Zeke

    I prefer the old Elaine, I mean the younger Elaine, I mean the prior Elaine.
    That Elaine had a brain. Before she became “Trump drunk”. The current version is a mindless member of the lunatic fringe.

    Come back Elaine. All will be forgiven. We miss you.

  10. Where on earth did you all think I supported Biden’s massive inflation???

    You guys are nuts now.

    Trump took on the Bilderberg gang!!!!

    THIS IS OF HIGHEST IMPORTANCE because who runs the banking systems?


  11. Zeke

    In ‘Elaine’s World’ not “Wayne’s World) everybody other than her Lord and Savior Trumpy Dumpy is “nuts”, insane, crazy, etc.

    If anything, the recent inflation was caused by Trump; never had a balanced budget, tried to start a new branch of military, “Space Force” with no funding, massive tax breaks for the wealthy, and on and on ….. Trump was deficit financing all the way. Just like he bankrupted so many of his companies.
    More accurately, inflation is caused by the so called Fed Resv Bank. Still printing and pumping over $100 Billion each and every month of counterfeit script, money they don’t have.

    The Bilderbergers are an annual cocktail and dancing society that control nothing. In Elaine’s fertile imagination it is the boogie man straw man that mythological Trump continually battles.

    Pathetic. “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”.

  12. @9, Elaine 1.0 was more interesting for sure.
    Elaine 2.0, would listening to Der Ring des Nibelungen help inspire you? Internet Archive has a public domain recording of it. It’s a bit crackly – maybe was digitised from a record, since it’s a 1963 recording, but if you’ve got a decent speaker it’s good.

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