Arizona State Students Demonstrate For Kyle


So, the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ youth were out in numbers in Arizona, chanting for Rittenhouse while the far leftist students were screaming for an innocent teenager be sent to prison for defending himself from adult criminals including a child molester!  What an upside down world the liberal schools are creating these days!  But conservative kids are striking back more and more now as the leftists go off the cliff, supporting outright criminals and rapists and child molesters!



Dick Cheney’s brat in Congress is on the warpath against Trump while her constituents at home are on the warpath against…Ms. Cheney!  HAHAHA.  So, she is determined to destroy Trump because he wasn’t a warmongering lunatic like Dick Cheney.  Nor did he rob any Apache graves, either!  Imagine that!



The utter collapse of the RINO gang is nearly complete in this looming election.  People are on the warpath against RINOs and their popularity with conservatives is collapsing as it should have, long ago.



And Facebook finally will let the very much innocent Ritterhouse back on their stupid platform!  Wow, how ‘generous’ of them.  They never banned ANTIFA or BLM terrorists, killers or looters!  Isn’t this generous of Zuckerberg to allow innocent citizens to participate in his money trap online.


And…Biden is going to have even stricter covid rules and regulations even as courts cut him down at the knees about this…and at the same time, he is refusing to have any covid rules or regulations for illegal alien invaders.  Time to arrest this clown and put him in prison for treason!  Arrest him now!!!!


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