Chicago Radical Feminists Now Let All Boys Into Girl’s Bathrooms In All Schools, All Grades!


The Democrats are doubling down on the dumb lately.  In Chicago, the radicals who run the schools there suddenly decided to open all bathrooms to boys.  Now, they can go pee anywhere!  I remember the loos when I was in school: the most dangerous part of the school.  This is where girls would gang up and attack some other girls.  So, in high school my first days there, I went to the loo and was attacked by four females who did the usual hair pulling and I decked the first one with a blow to the nose and then clocked the next the side of the head and thereafter, no more need to worry about using the toilets.  Sheesh.



Only a total dolt would think that letting boys invade girls only bathrooms is a good idea and this means all of the DNC is a bunch of dolts.  Trans kids can have trans bathrooms.  I am 100% for that.  Of course, girls claiming to be boys will briefly use these until boys pretending to be girls attack them.


And attacks in bathrooms in schools isn’t rare, it is NORMAL.  My adventures in that business was from 1963, after all!  Adults who are doing this nonsense are evil.  They know this will lead to girls being traumatized, young ladies bleed once a month and need to use the toilets every period due to changing their gear.


Now, they have to do this smelly, messy business with boys in the same bathrooms!  This is utterly disgusting and dangerous.  Thus, the DNC wants to do this, of course.


The women’s movement is totally dead.  It is a joke.  Whoopie is insane and she is angry that fetuses might have some basic human rights.  At the same time, she thinks boys should be allowed into girl’s bathrooms!  Because there is no such thing as ‘basic sex differences.’  Girl’s sports is rapidly dying and girl’s chess or girl’s bowling leagues, girls anything intellectual or physical is being invaded by boys and men claiming with near zero proof, they are really girls.


The Olympic Games goofballs running that off the rails announced this week that there is zero difference between men and women so ‘women’ are no longer to be tested for testosterone levels, basically.  Because of course, people with high levels of male hormones are not men but are the same as women who have very little of this magic muscle chemistry!


After disposing of all differences between men and women so men can take over all systems that were set up for weaker, dumber females, we are also seeing Democrats destroying civilization by legalizing looting, murder and rape:


Los Angeles police recently arrested 14 suspects in connection with 11 “smash and grab” robberies in the city in late November – but all 14 suspects are back on the street, the city’s police chief says.


In California, these boys can’t enter girl’s bathrooms, so far.  So at least that is still functional.


The reason? The state of California’s “zero bail” policy, Chief Michel Moore told reporters at a Thursday evening news conference, according to FOX 11 of Los Angeles.


That is stupid but California is stupid. People voted for more free money or voted for open borders so more can invade and vote for more free stuff and open borders.


“All the suspects taken into custody are out of custody, either as a result of one juvenile, or the others as a result of bailing out or zero-bail criteria,” Moore said.


In August, a homeless man in Glendale, near Los Angeles, was arrested three times in three days in part because “zero bail” had him quickly back out in public.


In another case, the state’s no-bail policy resulted in a car-theft suspect being arrested 13 times over 12 weeks.


Duh.  This is so easy to predict.  And the end result is obvious.  If California wants this, bon appetite.  On the other hand, they are letting in illegal aliens which affects all of us.  So this should be called ‘treason’ for obvious reasons.


This news is upsetting many people, by the way,  but not one Democrat!  Bail is being dropped all over the place where Democrats run things via conspiring to let criminals and illegal aliens vote or open cheating in voting via mail in ballots.


JP Morgan executives beg to not have a meeting in San Francisco because it is too dangerous there thanks to DNC lack of law enforcement! This is very funny news because…Junior staffers in New York City don’t want to work there anymore, instead, work at home due to high crime rates, too!!!


JPMorgan insists it’s going ahead with an in-person conference in San Francisco in January, but alarm bells ringing among some attendees could force the meeting online — and it’s not because of COVID worries. It’s because of crime.


Some would-be attendees say they’re concerned about out-of-control crime in the city by the bay, which is set to play host to the JP Morgan 40th Annual Healthcare Conference from Jan. 10 to 13.


“It’s clear the crime you’re seeing is petty crime — not attacking executives at red lights in tinted-window SUVs headed to conferences,” one corporate executive who is a frequent investment conference speaker told On The Money.


The New York Post is mocking Bank of America bosses.  I mock them, too.

I am very grateful we have at least one functional newspaper in the city.


Now on to our insane President who can’t remember where the toilet seat is when he has to take a poo:


HAHAHA.  That idiot made up a story about being a big rig driver and then goes off and tells a tall tale of going to Israel during the 7 day war when Israel deliberately sank a US observation ship, killing many American sailors and then getting the President to lie about the attack, too.  So, maybe Biden was in Israel that week!  And coordinated the fake story about the sinking of this ship!


Speaking of insane fools, Fauci is in a race to the bottom with  his boss.  He is now utterly insane.  He also should be arrested for treason because he falsely claims, we don’t need to even test illegal aliens for diseases because they are illegal, duh.


Good grief!  That is so insane.  Liberal posters here who hate me and Trump should jump in a burning lava lake, you guys are so insane, too.




And liberals in NYC are destroying history nonstop now.  This week, they removed more statues of ‘white evil males’ while putting up FAKE junk praising blacks for things they didn’t even do!  This is insane and stupid.  Here is the latest example of historical demolition:

And the New York Times goes insane:

The NYT isn’t disgusted with this.  Irish immigrants?  Why, they are ‘white’ and not Jewish or black!  So off the cliff with them all.  Next, the story of all the mostly Jewish young ladies killed in a fire on the lower East Side when they couldn’t escape from the top story of the building, will they be replaced with non-existing black young ladies dying?


I bet that is next.  The Triangle Fire will be a black story by next year, too.  Speaking of the devils at the New York Times, a little box on their front page today is this:



They are still pushing the Steele documents fraud!  HAHAHA.  Good lord, these communists are insane. And they hate Putin who isn’t a communist.


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32 responses to “Chicago Radical Feminists Now Let All Boys Into Girl’s Bathrooms In All Schools, All Grades!

  1. TinaB

    Sounds like EMS is not only in favor of dictators, she idolizes and adores them! A veritable lovefest in the making! Who knew haha?

    No Putin’s not a communist, he’s just a dictator – much better! Murders journalists and his opponents. GREAT GUY in EMS world!

    The “true” test is how trump & Putin would behave if there were no laws. I think we know the answer. They both are the epitome of “rule breakers” and lawlessness when it suits their lust for power. A “good” man doesn’t need “laws” or a political affiliation to know how to behave. There are bad apples on ALL SIDES but not in EMS world.

    Been saying since the 2008 crash – it’s “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor”.

    Capitalist Countries 2021
    Is Russia capitalist?
    “It’s arguably borderline. While many people equate Russia with socialism, the economic truth is a bit more complex. Some experts suggest that Russia is a “state capitalist” economy, but others maintain that Russia is a “mixed market” economy. State capitalism is an economic system in which the government, or state, undertakes for-profit economic activity, and the means of production are state-owned enterprises. The state controls approximately 55% of Russia’s economy, and directly employs 20 million workers (28% of the workforce). Additionally, the existence of oligarchs in Russia makes the country non-capitalist.”

    1. In communism, the society or the community is on top of everything. But in dictatorship, it is the dictator who governs everything. Society or community is only secondary for dictatorship.
    2. Communism regards the society or community as powerful. But in dictatorship, it is the dictator who is the most powerful.
    3. In communism, the profit is shared equally in the community. Whereas in dictatorship, the profit is accumulated in only one person.
    4. Dictatorship is a system in which a single person rules the nation. On the other hand, in communism the power is not vested in a single individual.
    5. When communism believes in common ownership, dictatorship believes in individual ownership.
    6. In communism, every one is equal. But in dictatorship, there are no equals.”

  2. Zeke

    As a country we should oppose dictatorships as a matter of policy.
    Whatever form of economy they choose is their business and none of ours.

  3. lou

    Tina the troll and zink the fink. ruining comment sections for how long?

  4. snoosebomb

    re oz ,, and auschwitz was a holiday camp , lol

  5. here are some useful excuses Elaine can use in the future; glad to help ,

  6. Petruchio

    “Only a total dolt would think that letting boys invade girls only bathrooms is a good idea and this means all of the DNC is a bunch of dolts.” Elaine, these people aren’t stupid–well they are stupid but not like how you mean. No, these people are fully aware of what letting Boys into Girls cans is gonna do. These people promoting this kind of stuff are consumed with Hatred. A deep, bitter Hatred of this Country. Mainly the White People who created this Country, the USA and the White Race in general. These Haters are the same group that promote “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” even though they know this is a recipe for friction and violence in a Country. These people need to be horsewhipped out of the USA like they have in multiple Countries throughout History.

  7. New York Times today:
    “Prairies Burn in Montana Amid Record Heat Wave
    “HELENA, Mont. — Record-high temperatures and powerful winds have sparked a series of unusual December prairie fires in Montana, one of a series of late-season fires across the country amid an unusually warm approach to the winter season.
    “The worst of the fires ripped through the small farming town of Denton, about 85 miles east of Great Falls, burning at least two dozen homes and businesses and sending several grain elevators up in flames.
    “Witnesses described rail cars melted, piles of grain and haystacks burning and firefighters staged on the football field at the local school.”
    “The fires came as an unusual heat wave broke records across large portions of the United States and Canada. Temperatures from the Great Plains to the Mid-Atlantic were 20 to 30 degrees above normal for early December, reaching into the 60s and 70s, the National Weather Service said.”

  8. Zelda

    Fake president stokes the flames of Moloch: Pedophile kiddy rapist Beijing Biden signs on to the holy grail of the satanic agenda, namely mass sacrifice of children: Biden Pledges to Forcibly Inject All Babies at Birth With Pfizer’s Bioweapon

  9. Zeke

    @ 8

    Do you even read your own stuff? It’s whacky.

  10. lou

    6–you mean JEWS.
    7–geo engineering, a patented behavior that EMS denies.


    From the Lancet, ostensibly one of the most respected medical journals in the western world, yet another well done study just published showing that the COV ‘vax’ is a total disaster.
    There is an 8 fold increase in COV infection in the ‘vaxxed.’
    No significant positive effects re transmission or reduction of cases; nor the provision of immunity to COV. Worthless.

    Perhaps twitter will put their censor stamp on this too.

    The reference is : Lancet: Regional Health Europe, Vol. 11, 100272, December 1, 2021.

    As data like this flow in, I am increasing astounding by the group psychosis that is sweeping the west and doubling down on mandates, lockdowns, etc. Are we committing group cultural suicide?

  11. Nina

    Italian student, Davide Giri, doing a doctoral reserach at New York university was stabbed to death on Thursday evening at the intersection between 123rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, near Morningside Park. The 25-year-old assailant also stabbed another man, identified by the New York Times as a 27-year-old Italian tourist. (ANSA).

    A bright young man, whose life was cut short by senseless violence.

  12. Zelda

    Just another example of “whackiness”:

    Child sex abusers at CIA avoiding prosecution: What we know

  13. Seems police are going to charge the parents of the kid who killed 4 people in Michigan’s latest school shooting, as well as the shooter. His parents bought him the pistol as a Christmas present.
    “Then, on the morning of the shooting, the prosecutor said, Ethan Crumbley’s teacher found a drawing on Ethan Crumbley’s desk of a handgun, bullet and shooting victim, with the words “blood everywhere” and “the thoughts won’t stop, help me.”
    “Disturbed, the teacher informed school authorities, who called both James and Jennifer Crumbley to the school; they were told they would be required to seek counseling for their son.”
    I guess the parents didn’t mention at this meeting that they’d just bought their son a pistol, which he’d brought to school with him.

  14. lou

    Heil Hitlerish [14].

  15. TinaB

    Dear effing God all mighty! Thank you Cenk & Ana … my heart is literally racing & my stomach is knotted.

  16. TinaB
    Michigan school shooting: Parents of gunman charged with manslaughter

    AND THROW AWAY THE FUCKING KEY! I hope they are sodomized to death!

    And do read some of the comments on the TYT video above.
    “Canada here, Maybe y’all should be concentrating on who’s parenting and having children instead of preventing abortions”

    “I think this kid would make a great intern for Matt Gaetz.”

    “Some people or maybe all people who are going to have kids, should have to go to parenting school. How could a parent buy a gun for a mentally unstable child?”

  17. TinaB

    Honor walk held to honor 17-year-old Oxford High School shooting victim who is organ donor

    Now I’m tearing up! Absolutely heartbreaking!

    This monster (no doubt on A/Ds or benzos) and his MAGA parents are terrorists just like Rambo Rittenhouse & his mother.

  18. lou

    Tina, are you jewish? you kvetch so.

  19. TinaB

    Number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and November 2021, by shooter’s race or ethnicity

    An Uncomfortable Truth: A Look at the Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs, and Mass Shootings

    Regardless if depression is overdiagnosed and America has a habit of over-prescribing mind-altering medications, there’s little doubt that SSRIs have a risk of increasing violence in patients, even in patients who have no previous history of violence or aggression before taking the medication.

    This risk of violent behaviour, both to the individual taking the medication and those around them, is so significant, it has led to the FDA mandating a black box warning on all SSRI medications. These black box warnings are designed to provide information and draw attention to the fact that the medication has serious and life-threatening risks.

    As of 2004, all antidepressants in the US are labelled:

    ‘Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, akathisia, hypomania, and mania have been reported in adult and pediatric patients being treated with antidepressants for major depressive disorder as well as for indications, both psychiatric and nonpsychiatric.’

    SSRIs can increase the risk of suicide

    In one study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, patients suffering from depression, but free of serious suicidal ideation, were given fluoxetine. Within two to seven weeks of starting the medication, six patients developed an intense, preoccupation with violent suicide. Although all were immediately taken off the medication, this preoccupation persisted from three days to three months, depending on the case. In all six cases, the patient had never experienced such a severe level of depression or troubled state of mind before or with other psychotropic prescriptions.”

  20. Zeke

    The Sandy Hook school shooter may have gotten one or more of his guns from his mother and killed her first.

  21. lou

    22–could be. I did not spend much time looking at that one.

    Tina, what about the Wisconsin killer? He injured about 50 people as well.

  22. Zeke

    High death toll with no apparent motive:
    About 60 people killed at Las Vegas massacre.

  23. Petruchio

    @#^ lou: Yes, Lou, I mean JEWS. Henry Ford has a famous quote. I can’t recall it verbatim, but it went something like this: “Wherever you find the Sowers of Hatred within a Society. Wherever you find the seeds of a Society’s destruction planted. There you will find the Jew, hard at work.”

  24. lou

    24–there is always a motive.

    Yes, Pet, Im aware of the quote from that ANTI SEMITE.

    Pet, who r u? where r u? why r u?

  25. One finds all sorts of nasty people at work all the time, Mao, for example, one of history’s worst mass murderers, was NOT JEWISH. Nor was STALIN. Nor were 99.9% of historical mass killers like the Roman Empire that killed many Jews while Jews didn’t kill nearly so many Romans.

    Not one Jew was a Roman emperor, for example. Before the emperors, Roma annihilated many peoples like in the Punic wars. They believed in killing EVERYONE when pissed off and did so.

    Ahem…my own ancestors used to roam about, killing many who they met. They really liked burning cities, for example. Anyone with any brains reading ANY history can see that mass killers can be anyone, everyone, anywhere and everywhere, all the damn time.

  26. Petruchio

    Elaine, let’s focus on the here and now. Who are the Neo Cons promoting the endless wars for the USA? Most of them ARE Jewish. Who owns almost ALL of the American Mass Media? Jews. What Country controls US Foreign Policy? ISRAEL. Both US Political Parties fall all over themselves trying to be the Biggest Israel Lackey. Who is it that is the Main “engine” promoting the racist, White Race Hating Critical Race Theory? Jews. Who controls the US Economy through Monetary Policy. The Central Banks, almost exclusively Jewish. (They keep a few token Goyim around to “prove” they aren’t all Jewish).I could go on. History is full of wars and violence, that’s true. And no one is saying it’s always the Jews OR that only Jews commit crimes. You are trying to change the subject, Elaine.

  27. Zeke

    Elaine’s post above is true and extremely important in historical context.
    I was never one to lament “The Fall of The Roman Empire” as it was an horrific brutal imperial police state whose regular form of punishment even for tax evasion was crucifixion.
    Modern context less so.
    I have a lot I could post regarding the present era but I don’t want to jump on Lou’s (and other’s) bandwagon.
    Both Elaine (ancient history) and Pet (current affairs) are true in my opinion.
    But I could be wrong about everything.

  28. lou

    I have a lot I could post regarding the present era but I don’t want to jump on Lou’s (and other’s) bandwagon.

  29. shawntoh

    Hey Elaine…

    I just watched this on the Internet*… I note a number of young females here that seem to resemble you! Are you on the back of Sonny Barger’s bike here?

    Hmmmm, or perhaps the young blond to his left riding on the back of the bike next to him? I don’t like what they did to young women in this period, it is dastardly and horrific and as a male I condemn it then and now… As for the life it’s…

    Run like H.. E… Double hockey stix!

    Elaine, you have quite the colorful and varied past and seemed to be cursed to live a long life… Oh well, you are making the most of it despite it all, and I now dub thee Elaine as…

    “Frau Hölle”! AKA “Frau Holda”, too!

    Ah ha, ha! Here’s Elaine in action… here and here…

    She is Elaine on the mighty mountains of her realm, “Old Mother Frost”! As the sun cools down the chill of ill of humanity’s suffering fate as of late!

    *In 1967… Frau Hölle as a biker babe…

    Spot Elaine at… 3:20 on the back of Sonny Barger’s bike? Is that you, Elaine?



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