Australia Opened Prison Camps For Covid Cases While Letting Criminals Run Free


Talking about the present epidemic in ways that question authorities is being forbidden by YouCan’tTube and other leftist online operations so people have to talk in code or censor themselves or they get punished when they say the wrong words the wrong ways.  This is all so very stupid.  I notice news coming in from Australia that has a very low death rate so far, the insane government there is doing even more draconian measures than the elites in the USA!  Wow.  Totally unexpected.  All over Europe and in many other places, people are getting very angry about the mania for eliminating these germs.  I am 100% for vaccinations and do this, myself, but twisting arms for this is backfiring and forcing people who are barely inconvenienced by these germs, demanding they be vaccinated, is just stupid.  There is no reason for it.


Australia has decided to use major police force (similar to Canada) to isolate people in the hopes this will stop germs that are transmitted through the air.  So they created giant prison camps where people are confined to rooms for up to two weeks or more, if they escape.  Yes, it is a full blown prison complex!  A lady down under describes her stay there, at no point in time did she have even one germ in her body, her friend had it so they isolated her in this camp, too:



At another camp, teenagers broke free and were treated like bank robbers:



Meanwhile, bank robbers are allowed to run free because they might get sick in jail!  This is an upside down world where citizens who do nothing illegal are punished while criminals are set free to rape, rob and kill.  I shake my head in wonderment.  This is beyond stupid, it is doggedly insane.


Here is an editorial from the New York Post talking about the utter futility of eliminating these pesky germs:


Feel better now? Confident that this time we’ll whup the virus? Of course not. If there’s one thing a weary world has realized, it’s that there’s no beating a highly transmissible respiratory disease. Vaccines prevent serious disease, but they don’t stop transmission. No amount of masking, social distancing or locking down has stopped the surges of the past six months, including in states like Michigan and New Mexico, which boasted about their restrictions. The virus doesn’t follow executive orders.


The truth is, most people now who get the germs either don’t show any symptoms or the vast majority show mild symptoms.  As at the beginning of this epidemic, the very ill, the people in already precarious health, go under when sick but then, any normal ‘flu’ would do the same thing.  This is NOT NOVEL.  This is NORMAL.


But the Biden administration hasn’t worked this out. The White House has instead created for itself a toxic COVID loop. With each new surge it rolls out more restrictions and actions. With each failure of these measures to beat the virus, the public loses faith. Cue yet more administration rules that are designed to restore confidence, even as they are destined both to fail and to annoy the country.


Funny, I read the editorial and there is no mention of Biden allowing, nay, inviting millions of illegal aliens from south of the border to invade!  The death rate from this disease is now higher in Mexico and Central America than the US and they are hauling this here and Biden steadfastly refuses to test or inoculate any of these invaders.


Then he announces drastic restrictions on citizens only!  This has a name: TREASON.


Below are the states with a death rate about 3%.  Except for New Jersey which was hit hard at the beginning, all of these are southern states right along the border of Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico:


United States COVID: 49,878,049 Cases and 808,116 Deaths – Worldometer


The disease continues because we are not anywhere near fully vaccinated:



Even Massachusetts is 30% not fully vaccinated!  It is closer to full vaccination due to the number of one dose people joining up.  New Jersey which had the highest death rate per million until this month, still is only 2/3rds vaccinated fully!


Except for New Jersey, all the states with a death rate over 3% are the southernmost states.  New York is still under 3% but will probably reach this by this week’s end.  In New York (mostly NYC) the infection rate has risen again but the death rate remains mostly flat for the last half a year.  This falls in line with my belief that the disease has mutated, as is normal, to a less toxic form.



The very low death rate in NY is due to various factors the biggest being, we were already slammed very hard in NYC during the first two months of this pandemic.  So the rate is now quite low in comparison which makes the present hysteria about it all, rather disingenuous.  It is barely a blip compared to March, 2020.  Destroying the economy in order to ‘stop the germs’ is now utterly insane.  Yet Biden is threatening to do this and judges are ruling, his schemes for this are illegal but he will still do it since my state is run by insane Democrats just like California.


The other issue that is driving our Real Rulers insane is fake global warming:


On the Finnmark plateau, between Kautokeino and Karasjok, temperatures dropped down to -35°C on Sunday. The forecast for the coming week shows a temperature anomaly for the last days of November of 10°C below the reference period 1961-1990, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute informs.


Coldest out is Nikkaluokta near Gällivare in Norrbotten with -36°C.


In times of climate change, the current freeze comes in sharp contrast to last fall, when meteorologists reported about the hottest October and early November ever measured, with an average of 6,7°C above normal across the Arctic.


The climate always ‘changes’.  It is never mindlessly the same, we are in this enduring and very long Ice Age/Interglacial cycle system which shows zero signs of ending.  Statistically, we are actually nearing the end of the present Interglacial and we should be terrified of it getting colder.  Instead, we are told, we are making it too warm and have to live with no heat in the future during winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is utterly insane and they are still pushing this fake fear endlessly and mindlessly.



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22 responses to “Australia Opened Prison Camps For Covid Cases While Letting Criminals Run Free

  1. Zeke

    Australia itself was an open air prison.

  2. Near top:
    “forcing people who are barely inconvenienced by these germs, demanding they be vaccinated, is just stupid”
    And further down:
    “The disease continues because we are not anywhere near fully vaccinated”.
    Looks contradictory.
    On the censorship, I’m quite torn. There are outright lies being told about covid treatments, misleading statistics, and rarely, legitimate concerns about the vaccines. We get all three in the comments section here.
    The US is built on political theories dating back to the European enlightenment, 1700’s-ish. Back then you got sick, as far as anyone knew it was the will of God; if you were rich enough to hire a doctor they might cure you by letting some of the blood out. Nobody imagined a situation where a vaccine could be very effective, but only if a huge portion of the population takes it.

  3. lou

    3–yes. what of the vaxxed population there?

  4. ”The fact that even the vaccinated can get COVID and spread it removes all distinction to justify imprisoning the unvaccinated. This is no longer about medical. This is all about restructuring government, the default on all sovereign debt which will wipe out pension funds, and the end of democracy.”

    ‘There will be NO Return to Normal
    Welcome to the final stages of 2032.”

  5. ”We are already witnessing the coldest temperatures in recent recorded history both in Siberia and in Antarctica. This is a warning that we are turning colder, not warmer.”

  6. @Snoosebomb, the same conceptual mistake over and over again.
    “The fact that even the vaccinated can get COVID and spread it removes all distinction to justify imprisoning the unvaccinated”
    Nobody claims the vaccinated cannot get covid or spread it, because vaccines are not 100% effective.
    Justifying imprisoning the unvaccinated is a different issue.

  7. Lou was tossing around an interesting graph recently which he picked up on some blog. It was debunked on a BBC podcast lately.
    The graph compared deaths from all causes between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Britain, aged 10-59 years, over a 6 month period. It showed that deaths were slightly higher among the vaccinated. The conclusion drawn from it was that vaccines don’t work.
    The reason the graph was misleading was that at the time, vaccines were not approved for teenagers, so all the teenagers in the 10-59 age group were unvaccinated. It happens that if you look at deaths from all causes, teenagers die much less frequently than people in their 50’s, all the time. Since the teenagers were also most of the unvaccinated, the data could be spun as vaccinated people dying more often. But the cause was their difference in age, not their vaccination status.

  8. But as well as the disinformation about vaccines, there are some legitimate concerns.
    “Heart inflammation rates
    “As of November 12, Japan reported an inflammation rate of 60 cases per one million men aged 12-19 who received Moderna shots, and 40 in the 20 29 age bracket. Significantly fewer cases were reported with Pfizer.”
    (NHK is Japan’s equivalent of the BBC, or the CBC.)
    Democracy and free speech can work in a world where people discuss/debate issues in good faith. Maybe that’s not realistic, but it’s what I still hope for.

  9. Zelda

    Australia has decided to use major police force (similar to Canada) to isolate people in the hopes this will stop germs that are transmitted through the air.

    This seems to include an erroneous implication that there is some benevolent, albeit misguided, policy at work here. The policy is not intended to protect the people from the “pandemic”, but rather to protect the “pandemic” from the people. The motives are sinister to the core.

    The question now arises, is this implication a product of intentional obfuscation or willful ignorance on the part of Supkis?

  10. Zelda

    This about sums it up!
    Hilarious: Crowd Sings ‘Shove Vaccine Up Your Ass’ In Italy

  11. Zelda

    No, wait. THIS sums it up!!
    Kid yells at jill biden to stfu

  12. @11, yes thanks.
    Berenson downplays his mistake. In his original blog post he wrote “I don’t
    know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.” But in the follow-up you link to, he says “A smaller percentage of teenagers than fifty-somethings are vaccinated, so the unvaccinated group overall skews somewhat younger than the older group.”
    For “somewhat,” read drastically. The vaccine hadn’t been approved at all for children under 16, at the time of the data, and older adults had been prioritised.
    The usual difference in death rates between teenagers and people in their 50’s is something like a factor of 50.
    The difference shown on his chart can be entirely explained by that.

  13. ”The chart IS a soundbite.

    It is a simple and factually accurate way to say:

    Something is wrong. The promises that the health authorities have made over the last 12 months about the vaccines are not coming true. Despite near-complete levels of adult vaccination in Europe, many countries are seeing skyrocketing Covid cases and deaths. And worst of all, all-cause non-Covid mortality is running well above normal in country after country.

    Not everyone is going to wade through this article. But everyone can read that chart from last week. It’s not perfect, but it uses real data to raise a crucial issue.

    That’s why it landed. And that’s why the vaccine fanatics hate it so much.”

  14. lou

    Elaine, at 100 minutes,

  15. HAHAHA.

    OK, geniuses, if you proposed doing nothing back 1 year ago…wait! Everyone was terrified because the first incarnation of this germ was vicious and very deadly. Luckily for the vast majority of humans on earth, it hit MY state and a few other places, first, killing many people.

    Then it evolved rapidly into a milder form that still kills but at nowhere the same rate. We are SO FORTUNATE.

    Now, we have an overreaction by Biden and his buddies which I am against. Note how the new form is even weaker than last year’s form. The number of infected is now global and thus, ‘high’ in numbers but the kill rate is dropping all the time which I took the trouble to point out repeatedly with graphs and charts,

    I am not anti-vaccination because I have first hand experience with nearly dying of the Hong Kong Flu and thus, have a healthy fear of flues in general. I point this fact out repeatedly and no one seems to understand what it means to NEARLY DIE at age 18 years of a germ.

  16. By the way, do note the title of my story here. Note how I never called for this, I have said REPEATEDLY for a long, long, long time, ‘the horse is out of the barn and you can’t shut the doors now.’

    I said this over a year ago.

  17. RNA is not a normal vaccine it is human experimentation on a vast scale for a problem that could have been dealt with effectively by other means and has been used to impose tyranny
    . ”I have said REPEATEDLY for a long, long, long time,” . I point this fact out repeatedly and no one seems to understand

  18. Zeke


    You were also against masks! You proclaimed them to be “tyranny”. Have you forgotten that? Do you deny that? Do you not realize how that undermines all your other complaints of efforts to fight the pandemic?

    You are in some kind of alternative universe where denial of facts is normative.

    To wit, you are even in denial that your Lord & Savior Trump said he would get Mexico to pay for “the Wall.”
    You posted ” ….. well, he MAY HAVE SUGGESTED …… that he’d get Mexico to pay ….. ”
    complete delusional BS. It was part of his every rally – the hinged statement: “I will build a wall (nobody builds walls better than me) AND GET MEXICO TO PAY FOR IT!”

    Why should ANYONE believe you about ANYTHING when you can’t recognize the basics and deal with facts?

    Of course we pity you, the distorted delusional you.

  19. snoosebomb

    !!!! reeeeeeeee !!! lol

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