Misleading Information About Coronavirus Deaths Continue Endlessly


I often agree with Tony Heller when he talks about how global warming guys abuse data and graphs to lie about the weather then…he does this to lie about the coronavirus situation.  He is an anti-vaccination person so he has to do this like so many do this…disguise what is really going on.  In this case, he is pretending that the US is unique in being very, very sick while being very vaccinated even though, until just three weeks ago, less than 50% of US residents were vaccinated.  I use graphs and charts a great deal and discuss what they mean all the time so when I saw this, I was pretty pissed off.


Click here to see all the graphs!


At the center of this story against vaccinations is this choice of graphs that make it look really nasty for the US as if our nation did everything wrong and the rest of the world is not nearly in as much troubles as the poor old USA:



My goodness gracious!  Isn’t that hideous?  So, this compares the death rate of the US which along with Italy, had the worst form of the disease right off the bat in February/March 2020!  So, the number of deaths since then has been high due to being a long time frame of 20 months compared to say, India, which had the disease hit less than 6 months ago!  Wow.  Imagine that!


The ‘world’ didn’t have the disease until a year ago.  The worst kill rate was prior to the ‘world’ getting the disease.  This is why having a time frame is valuable.  So, I decided to use this graph to show how idiotic the above story is when applied to the above graph.  Here, I added the European Union:



The kill rate is slightly lower than the US kill rate but ‘Europe’ leaves out Russia.  When we go to this site, we learn that ‘Europe’, when it includes all European capitals, looks like this:


In contrast, North America (US, Canada and Mexico) looks like this:


YIKES.  Over 3,000 deaths in the European overall count!  The North America count is 200,000 fewer deaths, for example and today’s death count of people who died in the last 24 hours is only 722  deaths here which is 2,697 fewer than the 3,419 deaths in Europe yesterday!!!  I would tell Heller this information except he has blocked me long ago because he can’t debate anyone using facts.


To show how idiotic using these graphs is, I put in ‘Peru’ into the graph machine and go this:



Wow!  Off the scale!  Many countries have a far higher death rate than the US.  Now look at this graph that clearly shows Europe way above the US in scale of deaths in individual countries that are the EU and are not in the EU but are in Europe:



Europe is in the middle of a crisis right now!  North America has far, far, far fewer deaths.



New York is not being hammered right now but Pennsylvania and above all, Arizona, are being hammered hard.  Texas and California are, too, to some degree this month.  New Jersey has very little going on, too and it was the worst hit state for the longest time.  Alabama and Mississippi both surpassed New Jersey’s death rate recently.  Arizona is rapidly catching up with NJ.


Now we are done with discussing how to freak out over statistics, time to visit the New York Times, one of the most useless newspapers on earth.  Today, the feminists driving that paper off the cliff decided to go on full attack mode against all men and boys including their own boys:



HAHAHA.  What a bizarre cartoon with this cartoonish editorial.  Very appropriate to describe the lunacy of these leftists.  The sad lad is pretending to be a strong elephant?  Oh, the horror of that!  Doesn’t he know, he isn’t strong at all?  Girls are supposed to be strong, not boys.  This upside down reality world is very annoying to watch.  I watch all sorts of things which I also do in life, now that I am elderly, I play pool instead of fighting men for fun so I don’t get my arm broken again, for example.


I will  note the vast majority of pool players are males.  And they are good at it, too.  Men dominate chess, also.  They dominate many things they put their minds to and they do this all the time.  So females have to pretend they are incompetent, stupid and weak to feel better about themselves.  This may be due to many women being weaker and dumber than many men!  Duh.  YIKES.


The NYT editorial is a prime example of female insanity.  The entire editorial is beyond cruel to men, it is just utterly stupid, too.  Pathetic.


Liza Featherstone

Ms. Featherstone is a journalist who writes frequently about the politics of gender. She has a 15-year-old son.


That poor, poor kid.  I feel very sorry for him.  I suspect he is the model for the sad boy in the picture illustrating this article.


Senator Josh Hawley is worried about men. In a recent speech at the National Conservatism Conference, he blamed the left for their mental health problems, joblessness, obsession with video games and hours spent watching pornography. “The crisis of American men,” he said, “is a crisis for the American republic.”


Yup, many young males are utterly turned off now.  They have retreated until RECENTLY.  I wonder what happened recently?  OH!  TRUMP!!!!  HAHAHA.


These stupid liberals pretending boys are no longer competing.  They are competing but not in our ‘schools’ which were taken over by hostile, stupid feminists and communists!  These young lads are very busy doing things the feminists and communists loath and hate!  This is why the feminists and communists are whining nonstop now.  They can see the tsunami coming and Kyle Rittenhouse is riding that wave.


The liberal reaction was flippant. A CNN analysis mocked the speech, contrasting the “decline of masculinity” with real issues like the pandemic and inflation. The ReidOut Blog on MSNBC’s website declared, “Josh Hawley’s crusade against video games and porn is hilariously empty.” But the contempt and mockery his speech received was, at least in part, misplaced.


Boys like porn.  This is part of being a male wanting s…e…x.  Eventually, they figure out that making money=having s…e…x so they do that, first.  Boys are also figuring out that girls just want to toy with them until they are 30 years old and older then they want them for m…o…n…e…y.  HAHAHA.


Mr. Hawley is not alone in sensing that masculinity is a popular cause; around the world, male politicians are tapping into social anxieties about its apparent decline, for their own ideological ends. The Chinese government, for instance, has declared a “masculinity crisis,” and it is responding by cracking down on gaming during school days and by investing in gym teachers and school sports.


China has a huge excess in males.  This is due to the one child policy so everyone wanted boys so these would financially support them in their old age.  This was easy to foresee.  I suspect China will now invade other Asian countries if nothing else, to get more females for these males and to kill excess males, fighting.  We shall see, this is a powerful historical force at work, after all.


Meanwhile, the left will need to find a better way to talk to men; half of the population is far too many people to abandon to the would-be strongmen of the far right.


The only way the ‘left’ talks is to scream abuse, block traffic, riot, steal stuff and be as obnoxious as possible.  This isn’t a winning scheme, HAHAHA.  Too stupid to figure this out, they will continue to bash their brains out on closed doors, screaming, ‘Let me in, you evil bastards, so I can abuse you more!’  I would suggest all young leftist ladies do this nonstop.  It is most amusing.


I nearly forgot, do this while screaming it is too hot while snow blows around you all, too.


This just came in:


Good grief.  And these same insane liberals are worried that young males are a problem?



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24 responses to “Misleading Information About Coronavirus Deaths Continue Endlessly

  1. TinaB

    Elaine the nonchalant way you talk about how your ancestors roamed around killing people is very disturbing. Like you think it is just so normal and even preferred! You seriously must have a violence fetish.

    As if humans should revert back to savages/barbarians? Cheer on that civil war/massacre. Apparently in EMS world human “evolution” means NOTHING. There is no hope for us.

    And the activity of 8 billion humans has no affect whatsoever on the environment. Nope none! We don’t need clean water or arable land/top soil for food – nope – we can manufacture it right? smh

  2. Berenson,

    ”What do you do?

    First, don’t talk about all-cause mortality. We don’t know yet what’s driving that (though I have some upsetting charts to drop soon), and it’s just too weird and scary for most people to consider.

    Second, don’t overwhelm them with detail. Marek’s disease, antibody-dependent-enhancement risk, healthy vaccine user bias, age stratification, clinical trial design manipulation, unadjusted confounders, declining titers, B-cell maturation, booster schedules, anti-idiotype antibodies, spike protein migration, vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia – don’t go there.

    Even trying to explain that the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine – and yes, the CDC sure did change the definition of a vaccine – may be tough.

  3. Jim R

    The CDC also changed the definition of herd immunity.

    The new definition excludes all other forms of immunity than the transfection agent.

  4. lou

    3–Jim, did CDC / WHO change the meaning of ‘Pandemic’?

  5. Dennis Roe

    My ancestors cut off the heads of their enemy and made a necklace of them for their horses…i guess they got along well with Elaine’s forefathers. We might be going back to basics, now that they’ve declared war on the little guy. the average ,poor son of a bitch working his ass off for a living.

  6. lou

    It puts the needle in its skin …

    “The studies for the PflZER authorization have been falsified: ‘My daughter participated in the PflZER trial from 12 to 15 years.’ She now she is in a wheelchair. This very serious adverse effect is not mentioned in the authorization file, nor in the studies.”

    SHOCK VIDEO: from 2017 Dr. Fauci & some NIH scientists discuss needing a “disruptive event” like a flu like virus out of China in order to justify bypassing decades of approval for a new vaccine technology they want approved

    There is no way that 9 health ministers from different parties and about 20 Chief and Deputy Chief medical officers of State and Federal governments in Australia closely watched by thousands of doctors they were at medical school with are deliberately giving advice or propounding rules that will hurt people’s health.

    The fact that in Australia a premier (Gladys ) and 6 of her collogues had to resign over having taken bribes over 10 million dollars from the pharma companies to mandate lockdowns and vaccine mandates seems to have escaped your attention.

    In Glady’s case, the deal was that she could avoid being charged with corruption by doing so.

  7. qbutnoa

    @6. Yes, as has been stated on the ems blog repeatedly :-
    History is very clear, if it has happened before, it can happen again.
    History is very clear, if it has happened many times before, it will happen again.

  8. lou

    Car requirement. Infrastructure bill. by 2026 ‘car kill switch’ passively monitor

    Under the Biden administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure package, a mandate requires automakers to install new technology in vehicles to prevent motorists from driving intoxicated. As reported by the Associated Press, with the provision, Congress is pushing for the monitoring systems to begin rolling out in new vehicles no later than 2026.

  9. I marvel at how naive people are. WE ALL descended from very violent invaders!!! Hello! What happened to the Neanderthal people? What happened to all the previous incarnations of sapiens for the last three million years?

    EVERYONE in Europe are offspring of invaders of the Roman Empire! The Romans were the same, too, and invaded Africa as well as the Middle East and were bloody nasty about it all, too!

    Millions and millions of people invaded China repeatedly over the last 10,000 years or more. History is all about massive invasions and I point out frequently, the resident populations being invaded usually are annihilated or lose their entire culture and language.

    ANYONE thinking they were ‘nice’ people are STUPID. You all struggle with this business of ‘I am good/you are bad’ while denying reality.

  10. Anyone notice the US is being invaded? Like in the old days, these invaders have many dangerous criminals who are looting, raping and burning. I notice this!

    Why is this a puzzle for liberals, I wonder. HAHAHA.

  11. lou

    Anyone notice the US is being invaded? Yes, some notice.
    Every 12 years, world population has been increasing by a billion people.

    EMS, there is a dog worth half a billion dollars,
    Gunther III comes from a vaunted lineage that dates back six generations (about 40 human years). His handlers have invested wisely in numerous sectors, from real estate and publishing to sports teams and nightlife.
    Today, worth nearly a half billion dollars, he’s considered the world’s wealthiest dog.
    Gunther lives better than most of us—traveling by yacht and private jet, dining on prime rib and caviar, and collecting sports cars the way other dogs collect bones.


    New VAERS numbers have been published.
    818,042 Adverse Events
    127,641 Doctor Visits
    83,412 Hospitalizations
    92,017 Urgent Care
    26,199 Disabled
    10,179 Bell’s Palsy
    10,304 Myocarditis
    8,408 Heart Attacks
    2,631 Miscarriages
    17,128 Deaths
    100% Safe And Effective

  12. I am happy to notice that Trump was always right about nearly everything. He didn’t push for 100% vaccination rates, he recognized who the ‘at risk’ population was.

    Liberals, on the other hand, can’t admit this. Also, blaming ME for Biden’s unwise choices is crazy.

  13. Zeke

    “I am happy to notice that Trump was always right about nearly everything ….. ”

    That is the language of a cult follower.

    The demagogue cult leader demands the total obeisance of the cult followers.
    And you are “happy” to provide it.

  14. Arvind Damarla

    The vaccines can only be justified if they save more lives than they take. The only way to measure this is if you look at mortality from “all-causes”, which eliminates any subjective judgement on whether a eemingly unrelated death was caused by a vaccine or not. Prof Norman Fenton from the UK explains how the effectiveness data has been manipulated by misclassifying people as unvaccinated in the first 2 weeks after the jab. This means a lot of deaths which have been classified as unvaccinated are actually recebtly-vaccinated people. Please take a few minutes to watch his clear explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxkb2yhdLiA

  15. lou

    20–theres a hierarchy of needs.

    Depopulation [i.e. grab all the earths resources for the so called elite, if they live].
    make huge money on vaxes
    make huge money thru med care for vax injured
    control control control



  16. Zeke

    COVID Cases Spike Even As US Hits 200M Vaccine Milestone

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The number of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 reached 200 million Wednesday amid a dispiriting holiday-season spike in cases and hospitalizations that has hit even New England, one of the most highly inoculated corners of the country.


  17. lou

    22–I do not believe some ‘official reports’. Los Angeles gov claimed high vax rates.
    I doubt that as,

    Farrakan said no to vax, for blacks.
    Illegals I doubt are getting it unless they have to.
    Smart White people do not want it.

  18. qbutnoa

    I had my 3rd covid jab yesterday (Pfizer booster) and all is well.
    All the people around me have had at least 2 jabs and all is well.
    We took the vaccine because we wanted to, it vastly reduces the chances of dying from the virus. Just my point of view.

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