Connecting The Dots: Crime Explosion Is 100% Democrats Being Very Stupid



Soros funds far leftist communists to run the DA offices in major Democratic hell hole cities so these cities now have near zero law and order.  Crime is exploding in all DNC run hell hole cities and states.  There is a simple rule here: if a government from the Federal levels to state levels to city levels are run by liberal Democrats, we see high crime rates that only get worse and worse.  Ever since stealing the last election, crimes are now totally out of control all over the place thanks to insane liberals who are very, very stupid people.


Here is last night’s big heist in one of the richest neighborhoods in the USA, Palisades, California which is a suburb of LA.  Many years ago, a man with a gun wearing only his underwear, tried to assassinate me using a hand gun.  We caught him after a helicopter chase with police tracking his flight from above.



Every comment to this story on YouTube mocks the voters of California.  The state is totally run by insane leftists now and even the rich are being hammered by criminals which they richly deserve every robbery, every mugging, every murder because they voted for this over and over and over again!  How stupid are people?


A comment to the above video:


My Husband and I live in LA,CA. These are very high end neighborhoods. Steven Spielberg lives in that neighborhood. The fact is my fellow citizens voted in the DA that instated the “no bail” policy and the city’s board of directors defunded the police budget for 2021. 1/3 of our LAPD officers have taken early retirement bc they feel we do not support them. This what they voted for and now they act surprised that it is now “Escape from New York”. But hey, we still have the social workers to patrol our streets💁🏿‍♂️


Stupid Spielberg who is a Bilderberg gang member, hates Trump and made a movie about Nixon because he thought Trump was ‘evil’:


But The Post (Spielberg’s stupid movie) has an added quality that some earlier Spielberg movies may have lacked: an uncanny topicality. That is not wholly coincidental. The director first read the script for The Post just 11 months ago, deciding instantly that he wanted to make this story of a Republican president at war with the press – and he wanted to make it right now, assembling screenwriters, crew and A-list stars (including Streep and Hanks making their first film together) in a fraction of the usual time.


“The level of urgency to make the movie was because of the current climate of this administration, bombarding the press and labelling the truth as fake if it suited them,” Spielberg tells me, recalling the sense of offence he felt at documented, provable events being branded fake news. “I deeply resented the hashtag ‘alternative facts’, because I’m a believer in only one truth, which is the objective truth.”


This California idiot whose neighbor was terrorized by DNC funded terrorists who don’t get put in prison whenever they are arrested, this idiot thinks that WE have ‘fake news’ while he and his gangster buddies have ‘real news’.  HAHAHA.  This fool thinks he has the only ‘truth’ and everyone else is a liar.  He is typical of deranged leftists: you give them tons of real proof, utterly provable and they still refuse to understand anything.  They cling to their delusions no matter what and this includes ‘global warming.’


Even in a series of blizzards in say, Saudi Arabia and the Sahara Desert, they claim we are all going to roast to death or else.  We have to stop driving cars and flying private jets….oops.  These clowns have no idea how insane they look to the rest of us, living in palaces and all that rot.  And they think we are ‘stupid.’


Well, after my pal, Giuliani showed that NYC can be run like a sane place that is safe and secure even after crazed terrorists did the biggest terror attack in history on 9/11, the voters living in NYC thought they could return to the good old DNC game again and voted mainly for communists and got hammered for this and now the city is nearly uninhabitable.  So is Chicago which continues to see mob violence regularly in the richest neighborhoods which are being systematically looted.



Here is Chicago’s DA who is a black woman who wants ‘restorative justice’ which is communist talk for ‘let criminals run riot and kill capitalists.’



Black communities regularly loot stores.  I saw this first hand in NYC during and for months after the 1977 blackout riots.  Once it was announced that you can steal up to nearly $1000 and cops will make no arrests, crime exploded and now they steal thousands of dollars of stuff and nothing happens!  So it gets worse and worse.  The mayor of Chicago announced last night that she thinks she will enforce some laws again.


HAHAHA.  Arrest the mayor of Chicago!  That will go a long, long ways to fixing everything.  Arrest Biden and Harris and bingo: crime will stop dead in its tracks.  Portland, Oregon is ground zero for insane leftist violence that gets worse and worse the more the silly geese there vote for Democrats who are really demons.  Andy Ngo has been driving them all nuts as he tracks them and reports about them.  This week, he is being attacked by leftists because he talked about the Patriot Front, a group of right wing males who decided to march in DC and thus, provoke all the communists into rioting.


They didn’t loot any stores or attack any cars or attack the police.  They just silently marched.  This enrages leftists who view their marches as a form of cheap shopping via paying nothing for goods which they steal.


Meanwhile, back in Ngo’s Portland, Oregon hell hole:



This childish insanity is 100% due to liberals being immensely stupid.  They created this monster, they taught this monster how to behave and they bailed out and protected this monster they created.  And all should be arrested.  Every blasted one of them.


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6 responses to “Connecting The Dots: Crime Explosion Is 100% Democrats Being Very Stupid

  1. Zeke


    You’re a 100% partisan political hack propagandist for the RNC.
    Very stupid and ham fisted at that.

  2. i come for the news and stay for the humor

  3. John Culhane

    On the right hand DiBlasio is announcing mandates but what is the DiBlasio’s left hand doing on his way out the door? This will create an ideal smokescreen that allows him to put his more controversial allies in place without much scrutiny or dip his hand in the cookie jar once more . . .

  4. Zeke

    In Union voting environment it was a commonplace tactic for an incumbent Union officer to run for office again with no real intention of serving out his term – only to resign early in his term and appoint a crony to replace him who would then enjoy the benefits of incumbency, abort democracy and successor has less motivation to ‘look at the books’ to see how money was spent.

  5. I guess I shall do this.

    I did it in the past! Giuliani did it, too! It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    People who sit here making fun of me probably never turned the Wheel of History like I have.

    IT IS DANGEROUS and you can BE KILLED, doing this. I survived, so far. Why aren’t any of you all doing this? Eh? EH?

    Note how ‘helpless’ everyone seems to be, lately.

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