Kamala Horrible Sees Staff Running Away From Her Plantation!


All the wheels are falling off of the Biden/Harris coo-coo choo-choo train.  Staff are fleeing the VP.  This is not surprising, that woman is obviously crazy.  Her buddy, Biden, is senile but she is deranged, she laughs like the Wicked Witch of the West and she comes from California, too!  Yikes.  California is continuing to collapse into chaos just like the female in DC.  The army of black looters who are now running riot in all DNC hell hole cities are going for richer and richer stuff to steal and the DNC is quite content with this since it appears that the entire DNC is full of criminals, too,



So why tax anyone who is being systematically looted due to changing the laws and prosecutions which basically legalized rampant rip offs and thefts?  The State created this problem, the State withdrew all systems that protect citizens!  So why pay taxes?  This is for keeping society safe and functional.  I often gave speeches about this in New York City during the dark years when the city was going bankrupt.


For example, the city would ticket cars for being on the wrong side of the street for street cleaning!  No street cleaning was happening but the tickets continued to rain down on car owners and this was very infuriating.  I made a gigantic fuss about this!  It was a popular topic, back in 1979.



Chaos is brewing everywhere.  Every hour, there is a story of someone, usually a leftist, terrorizing everyone else by faking or actually trying to carry out some sort of terrorist threat:



Meanwhile, a fake group of ‘Nazi’ types paraded in DC and then piled into rented vans to go away:



Yes, the videos show these ‘Nazis’ cowering in fear and trying to hide behind each other.  How pathetic is this!


The New York Times which rarely reports any real news anymore, their top story today was about how we are all going to roast to death despite all the severe, winter weather and cold spells.  Yes, it is temporarily above freezing today in my town but it will be bitter cold tomorrow!  So the ‘global warming’  junk just never seems to operate very functionally, does it?


So, how hot is Norway today?   According the left wing media, it is very hot and no ice at the North Pole:



Wait a minute!  There is plenty of ice!  In fact, too much ice and ships are frozen in the ice and everyone is in a panic!



So, Japan, like the US, pretends, like China, they want to have no global warming only they are madly building as many COAL power plants in Asia as possible!  HAHAHA,  Meanwhile, Britain is terminating all this, Germany has done this, too, everyone in Bilderberg run countries are doing this except for the Asians who are very clever and know how to fool foreigners who they secretly hate.



Good grief, this is so insane.  Naturally, the NY Times won’t talk about all this.  How silly of them all.



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6 responses to “Kamala Horrible Sees Staff Running Away From Her Plantation!

  1. lou

    Her diverse staff. The new America.

    I found this online,

    My friend just reported that a new hire at her company just ‘suddenly died’. Mid 30’s, four kids, totally healthy. Oh and her job is requiring the jab by January. She’s refused, and will be fired.

    This is the 3d coworker who has died or gotten incredibly ill after the jab and then several coworkers have had parents drop dead.

    And these people work in the pharmaceutical industry and haven’t connected the dots (except my friend).

  2. Zeke

    Probably one of the best questions for a newbie new hire to ask – when they can – is “What happened to the previous person who held this job?

  3. Lou, those ‘online’ stories are FAKES. Sheesh. You should have enough brains to figure that out.

  4. snoosebomb

    ”‘online’ stories are FAKES”. ‘cept they are supported by the VAERS data. Sheesh. You should have enough brains to figure that out.

  5. Pete


    Elaine check out the earthquakes off Oregon!


  6. Oregon is having these quakes all the time now, they are ‘small’ compared to the ‘big one’ that is inevitable and would be a 8 to 9 in violence.

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