Border Arrests Plummet, Women’s Sports Invaded, Everything Is Collapsing Into Chaos

Along with the utter collapse in defending our borders we have a massive crime wave going on nearly entirely in DNC hell hole cities and states.  Wherever Democrats run things, crime waves and armies of illegal aliens run rampant.  We have a name for all this: TREASON.  On top of this we have DNC insanity like the destruction of all women’s sports and systems via letting obvious males pretend to be females via taking a handful of pills for a short while!  The entire reason why ‘women’s sports’ and other ‘women’s competitions’ of any sort is due to the sad truth, women are universally weaker and stupider than the top males of any type.


FOIA: Newly Released ICE Data Reveals Deportations Have Dropped By 90% Overall Under Borderless Biden Regime


Nearly no one is deported.  On top of this, when committing crimes, everyone in DNC hell holes are released with no bail and no one shows up for their trials, why bother?  Crime has doubled thanks to this lunacy.  I marvel at how swiftly the Democrats have jumped off this cliff.  They seem to have no clue how the world works.  Indeed, I am attacked here at my site, day and night, for not being insane, too.


Nope, I remain sane!  I intend to do this as long as humanly possible, too.  The utter wreckage created by the Bilderberg gang (I will note here that my detractors never talk about that international gang of the rich and famous and powerful people who met just last month to push the fake ‘global warming’ scam) continues even as frantic citizens oppose the gang.  At least everyone is protesting in the streets and not cowering at home.


Now on to the death of all ‘women only’ competitions: as I predicted, men, being superior to women in 100 ways, are now able to pretend to be ‘women’ so mediocre men can win trophies and prizes, etc. too!  So easy to do, barely have to break into a sweat!  So everywhere, men pretending to be women are flooding into all ‘females only’ systems and will eventually hold all the top positions and earn all the prizes and get all the jobs due to being men who are born superior to women when we see the top males.


One odd thing is, men also prevail at the bottom, more men than women have birth defects and problems due to having only half a ‘X’ chromosome.



Here, a woman talks about how boys win all the time:




Young women overwhelmingly voted for this.  They wanted this, they hate Trump and hate conservatives and voted to slit their own throats.  This is very amusing to watch because I competed mainly and often only woman doing this, I competed with men all my long, long life.  I also recognize I am weaker then men who are competitive, too.  I have to strive much harder to do what comes natural for men!


Sheltered females don’t understand all this, they had everything on a silver platter, handed over so they can feel good about themselves.  But this is now snatched away and within ten years, the number of genetic females with two XX chromosomes will cease to win any awards or positions, period.  Second rank males will hog these, all they need is to grow more hair on the head, pop a few pills and put on some makeup which I have refused to wear nearly my entire life, by the way!


I do have hair down to my waist, though!


Now on to the covid shot business which fascinates my readers no end:


Desperation!  And Senator Moore posted this:




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31 responses to “Border Arrests Plummet, Women’s Sports Invaded, Everything Is Collapsing Into Chaos

  1. TinaB

    XMAS is EVERY day!

    Sports are stupid! Waste of time and energy. Contributes NOTHING beneficial to human evolution whatsoever. Completely USELESS and might I add destructive! But hey I guess juvenile adults need entertainment more than a just society & a healthy ecosystem.

    And can we get real here EMS? Most adult white, American “men” are fat, lazy, unhealthy (one burger away from a massive heart attack), uneducated, entitled, privileged, drugged up (pharma, alcohol & street drugs), arrogant, delusional and in massive debt. These are your “fighters”? Haha! Good grief! Good luck with that! I know you are enjoying a proverbial hard-on at the thought of civil war but it won’t turn out like the fantasy in your head – trust me

    If you would get your head out of trump’s ass for even a few minutes you might see the light!

    And also, the 2nd amendment does NOT mean what you interpret it to mean. And were your “founding fathers” gods? Get REAL EMS! Come on! Ya it’s perfectly sane and normal for a 15 year old to be armed with an AR-15 – smh ONLY in EMS world! You people are sick!

    And btw Americans were stupid enough to create an impoverished portion of your society (slaves) and then think that everything would be just fine! What could possibly go wrong? WooHoo! Dummies!

  2. qbutnoa

    @1= Most adult white, American “men” are fat, lazy, unhealthy (one burger away from a massive heart attack), uneducated, entitled, privileged, drugged up (pharma, alcohol & street drugs), arrogant, delusional and in massive debt. These are your “fighters”?

    From what I see, the invading hoards crossing the southern usa border are the same. So it wll be an equal contest.

  3. TinaB

    “The 2A was lobbied by the slave states when the government was raising a continental army and the states were concerned about slave uprisings when their young men were away at war . They enacted the 2A so they could form and arm militas in order to put down any slave insurrections ! The truth is the 2A was initially designed to curb the freedoms of slaves not protect freedoms ( unless you consider the rights of slave owners to keep slaves a freedom ) !”

    “Corruption is not something new in the world of sports. It has existed since the establishment of sports competitions. From the ancient Olympic Games where athletes were accepting bribes to lose the competition, to the most recent Russian Olympic Team doping scandal, to Calciopoli and to Football Leaks with the revealing of murky financial transactions in European football, corruption is evolving into a global public policy issue. According to Paoli and Donati (2013) corruption in sports arises in four trends; de-amateurization, medicalization, politicization and commercialization. Through this article I will try to identify what leads to corruption in sports and why athletes, coaches, agents and other sports officials fall into the trap of corruption.”

    Why do sports cause violence?
    Therefore, as athletes are socialized by their peers, coaches, and the nature of their sport, their tendency toward aggression increases. Violence and aggression are also reinforced by jock culture, which is defined by heavy alcohol consumption and aggressive behaviors (Sonderlund et al., 2014).

    Football and Wrestling
    Results showed that only football players and wrestlers were significantly more likely to get involved in a serious fight than other athletes. In fact, they were 40% more likely to be aggressive, even off the field. Athletes of other sports showed no association with aggression.

    What are aggressive sports?
    Violent sports like American football, ice hockey, rugby, boxing, and MMA are perennially among the most popular. Their status is a frightening indication of the flowering of violence in sports in the 21st century, booming to a level unknown since ancient Greece and Rome.Jul 29, 2016

    Oh those silly Americans always looking to be entertained!
    “Various surveys have determined that around two million people in the U.S. are addicted to gambling, and for as many as 20 million citizens the habit seriously interferes with work and social life”.Nov 1, 2013

    Don’t you hate it when reality bites? Such a bummer!

  4. TinaB

    @qbutnoa Sounds like you are another bigoted, trigger happy right wing lunatic. Enjoy your OK Corral shoot out only this time it won’t be just any old gun it will be automatic killing machines! Please do share with us your preparations for the massive carnage.

    And you agree that your “fighters” are weak & fragile? Maybe start training them NOW!

  5. TinaB

    EVERY DAY is a CELEBRATION! A new birth so to speak! I cherish and am grateful for every moment – even the bad ones as that is what triggers growth and change for the better.

    We MUST CHOOSE to see beauty…. not choose to see ugly. Totally OUR CHOICE! Choose kindness and love or hate. Very simple and makes an enormous impact on one’s happiness and joy! I highly recommend it!

  6. Zeke

    “The sky is falling” Chicken Little.

    Although I agree that many things are dysfunctional and in disarray.
    People refuse to look at the real source; mad chair Powell and the criminal FRB Corp.

  7. qbutnoa

    @4 And you agree that your “fighters” are weak & fragile? Maybe start training them NOW!

    Well, first the leaders start to appear, Trump, Rittenhouse and others in due course. Then the fighters and those willing to fight will coalesce around them, it always works this way.

    Who will lead your fighters, Biden and Brooks ?

  8. snoosebomb

    The utter wreckage created by the Bilderberg gang , but they got their vacceen love shots right ! uummm i want more

    by the way Elaine you are now unvaccinated , time for your next love injection , and lots more coming


    ELAINE: I already did this over a week ago.

  9. Nina

    For those interested in climate this map is amazing. Among other things it shows the current snow cover and snow depth worldwide.,41.574,-95.449,3,m:eLtadnK

  10. lou

    Elaine, some jewish monster wants to be heard about WHITE SUPREMACY in food.

  11. Zeke

    @ 7

    Trump was not my president.

    Biden is not my president.

    People do not have presidents. Countries and companies and sports franchises have presidents.

    I was not the company where I worked. I am not the local mercenary sports franchise.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. So, you are a nobody, eh? Good. Stand alone forever. Too bad, Trump and now Biden get to order you around.

  12. qbutnoa

    Then you are leaderless. I wish you luck with your army of one.

  13. Zeke

    “Well, first the leaders start to appear, Trump, Rittenhouse and others in due course. Then the fighters and those willing to fight will coalesce around them, it always works this way.”

    Don’t mistake the psychopaths for “the leaders.”
    People don’t “coalesce around” leaders. They get behind and follow them.
    Weak people want strong leaders.

    Hitler, and Mussolini and Stalin and Mao were strong leaders. History tells us the result.

  14. shawntoh

    If this destroys “organized” sports–GUTE! I hated sports in school and I hate it as a religion. Organized sports is a religion. Anarchy in the USA is the way I see it, and so be it. Copulate all “sports”!

    Elaine, tell that to Biggie Smalls!



    Sort of…

    As for the rest…

  15. shawntoh

    Delete this!

  16. qbutnoa

    Most leaders are psychopaths to some degree, it is a necessary trait.
    Washington, Lincoln, FDR and Churchill were strong leaders. History tells us the result.

  17. snoosebomb

    here is a vaccine i would support though i don’t have a need for it myself

  18. Zeke

    . . . . wartime leaders

  19. Most of the time our ‘leaders’ just serve as symbols. We select them based on what we want to express, like a large-scale version of an individual choosing words to represent her thoughts. I tend to assume that how a country wants to be represented, at any given time, depends mainly on how its economy is doing, and to a lesser extent on things like its history and mythology.
    The traits of the leaders we select are always a little bit influential, and occasionally decisive. But their initially becoming leaders has more to do with the people choosing them as representatives than with their personal traits.
    E.G., somebody saw that Rittenhouse could fund-raise for his defence by becoming a Cause célèbre. The fact that it worked had much less to do with Rittenhouse than with his happening to represent something a big portion of the US wanted to assert – the right of young white men to use guns to enforce the status quo. He’s served that purpose. Now is one of the inflection points where his personality could become important: will he build on his celebrity, or not. Maybe he won’t want to lead the movement that’s adopted him.

  20. lou

    CLAIM: Ursula von der Leyen, the chief of the European Union’s executive arm, has called for eliminating the Nuremberg Code.

    AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Speaking at a press conference, Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, did not call for scrapping the Nuremberg Code, a set of ethical research principles intended to protect people from involuntary experiments and abuse. In fact, she never mentioned it.

    She called on EU countries to consider making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory. [good f— nite].

    we are stronger than a virus.

    ‘1000 died in China of covid, yesterday’



  21. About leaders: leaderless people are…enslaved easily. Go read some history of humans some day. Pay close attention who is ‘leading’ or ‘ruling’ and who isn’t.

    Take it from me, at NO TIME has ANY human situation not developed into ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’ not even in caveman eras. Heck, even gorillas and chimps and monkeys of all sorts have ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ members in groups. Indeed, horse herds, cattle, musk oxen, etc. have the same. Any animal running in herds has this feature.


    By the way, this helps FEMALES THRIVE. You see, the ‘leader’ protects his harem/herd/family. The females protect the babies. You should have seen my stallion, Sparky, battle not just dogs, coyotes he would attack BEARS and chase them all off, violently while the mare whinnies at him egging him on. He also attacked humans, too, if they were not specifically invited into his pasture by my husband or I.

  22. Now about ‘stinky male sports’: HAHAHA. Again, talk about no sense of history at all…good grief. What did males of the upper class do for FUN during the entire Middle Ages?

    THEY FOUGHT in tournaments, even killed each other, doing this!!! How can anyone forget ‘knights in shining armor’ fighting for fun! Viking fun was to fight while feasting, for example. Romans loved ‘sports’ that were all about killing and fighting, too.

    I could go on and on and on and on about the history of violent sports. They had these in North and South America before Columbus, very bloody sports.

    This is very much an alpha male thing. Betas hate this and get angry but guess what?

    I played violent sports nearly my entire life, too. Broke an arm this way, was hospitalized even as a child due to fighting games boys like to play and I played to the hilt. I did sword fighting, too, for god’s sake.

    Anyone want to play? I can’t do what I did even 20 years ago, I am old but I still teach young men how to fight.

  23. During the ‘Peace’ movement, I used to joke about that. Peaceful people were protected people. I lived where there was little to no protection even as a child, we were the ‘police’ there were no ‘police’ in the desert or mountains. We did have sheriffs who were far away most of the time.

    We had to deal with things alone and I grew up that way, dealing with danger on my own. We were also the ambulance service, too. This is why, in California, I was part of the Free Clinic.

    I dealt with dangerous people there, druggies and bikers and such and would use force on them if necessary. People who imagine you can go through life with zero force, being loving and peaceful is because danger was far away. I was always where danger was MY duty to deal with like Kyle, for example and I did deal with it even VERY VIOLENTLY.

    This is because…guess what? Humans are violent. So are chickens. Ever fight a rooster? I had fighting cocks that were quite hazardous to annoy. I even raised Killer Rabbit who attacked dogs and humans, too.

    These animals protected me from nasty humans because believe it or not, many humans are nasty! So are many apes or many snakes or many alligators and even some birds.

    Even chickadees ‘fight’ when necessary, it is amusing to watch, they mostly chide each other very sternly. Observing nature is part of figuring out how reality works, by the way.

  24. @Elaine, we haven’t thrived as a species by accepting our ‘natural’ constraints. If you want nature as your reality you can live in a cave and die at 50 of toothache or pneumonia or tetanus.
    Adam Smith was basically right, the wealth of our nations has come from specialisation. There are cement factories and bricklayers and architects and plumbers to build your cave, dentists for toothache, doctors for tetanus. And police for law-enforcement.
    One of the things this allows is greater diversity. A dentist who’s not physically strong can still survive, and even thrive. People can devote their lives to studying particle physics, and if society can support thousands of people like that maybe it gets a fusion reactor and faster wifi and so on.
    You can tell all those doctors and dentists and physicists “Listen up sissies, you better learn to shoot a gun and slaughter animals and pasturize milk and sew leather into shoes, and participate in the social life of your communities so the alpha males will take your side in disputes. Do medicine and dentistry in your spair time if you want, but you’ve got to be able to do everything yourself because American society can’t be relied on to provide stability.”
    It might sound like you’d get a strong country that way, if everybody learns hand-to-hand combat and self-reliance. History is clear about it though. All the indigenous peoples of the Americas were less organised than the Europeans they came in contact with, possibly excepting the Aztecs. They couldn’t make rifles because they didn’t have minors creating steal and chemists inventing gunpowder and factories manufacturing. Your average indigenous person could do a lot more for themselves, but that wasn’t enough.

  25. lou

    29–minors creating steal

    under 18 motor cycle Irene?

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