Merry Christmas, Omni Virus Peters Out, Kills Few Victims Compared To Previous Covid 19 Victims


The latest covid scare is slowly fading.  Yes, in New York City and Long Island, the disease still takes down a few victims but the death rate is extremely low unlike March, 2020 when a thousand people a day died in the city and Long Island.  Still, panic reigns in the streets in Brooklyn, for example, as scared people mob testing sites, demanding tests!  Ahem, this is a great way to spread germs!  Look at the pictures from the NY Post:


These poor, scared people mobbed the subways to get to the test distribution centers.  This was so stupidly done, it is just amazing to see.  The government told everyone to ‘put distance between each other’ which is impossible on the subways and then said, ‘Take the subway to the test distribution sites so you can see if you are infected.’  Utterly illogical and totally irresponsible, whoever thought up this business is nuts.


Or a Democrat, of course.  Naw, just a Democrat.

The coronavirus continues onwards and yes, the infection/death rate in NYC has gone up again but the death rate is still extremely low compared to March, 2020.  The infection rate is as high as January, 2021.  But the death rate remains quite low.  This is typical of third/fourth waves of major virus events like the Hong Kong and Spanish flues.  This pattern of going down then rising suddenly again is a feature of major flu events.


Yesterday, Vermont…which was supposedly in the grip of the disease according to hysterics, had zero cases and zero deaths from covid infections.  Ditto, my own county in NY which is right next door to southern Vermont:



Vermont had only 460 deaths from the disease which was only 737 per million.  My county had 227 deaths and a higher rate of death than Vermont but no where near as high as NYC and neighboring counties.  Yesterday, we, too had the zero cases/zero deaths:



We are all under the ‘mask’ mandate here in upstate NY and people are irritable about this since the disease is nearly or literally nothing up here in the boondocks now.  As the present epidemic fades away, the global warming hysteria is also ‘fading away’ only it is going into the deep freeze which makes it very hard to scare people about being ‘too hot’.


Forget ‘hot’ how about ‘warm’?



California’s Democrats swore up and down that California was in a long, horrible, hot drought that would last 100 years.  So of course, it is now repeatedly cold and very wet.  In today’s case, rain everywhere, floods all over the place and very heavy, epic snow storms in the mountains:


When there is winds over 100 mph, these snow events are called ‘blizzards’ and many feet of snow is expected to fall this winter and will probably bury everyone trying to ski.  On the other hand, this snow won’t melt until after the 4th of July!


Here is the NOAA satellite map of all the ice and snow that covers a huge amount of landscape on the first day of winter:



Do note that most of TURKEY is covered in snow!!!! Greta in Sweden is also 100% in snow, too.  She should be very, very happy that global warming has finally ended.  ALL of Russia is snow covered.  But then, Putin wisely didn’t join in the global warming scam.  After all, real global warming would be great for Russia.  Why on earth would he not want that?


Putin compares Woke Lunatics to a ‘virus’ that is killing people.  ‘Find an antidote,’ he warns:




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33 responses to “Merry Christmas, Omni Virus Peters Out, Kills Few Victims Compared To Previous Covid 19 Victims

  1. Zelda

    None of this data takes into account the lives that would have been save if early treatment and prophylaxis were administered. These treatments are being BLOCKED by people that want you dead. These are the same people that are trotting out forced injections around the globe. Anyone signing on to this will have hell to pay.

    New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently

  2. snoosebomb

    Merry Christmas Zelda, not sure why we bother post here , cept to annoy the meatheads , market ticker is better and there’s a ton of lively discussion @ substack

  3. lou

    off topic


    Pit Bull Mauls 3-Year-Old to Death, Witness Stabs Dog in Bid To Save Her

    Tributes Paid to ‘Hero’ Mom Who Lost Arms, Died Protecting Son From Their Pet Dog

    Judge Rejects Family’s Request to Visit Pet Dog Involved in Fatal Mauling

    Child’s Arm Completely Torn Off in Harrowing Pit Bull Attack

  4. Zelda

    Because young professional athletes having heart attacks is “normal” now.
    NEW – Three professional football players died of heart attacks in the last 5 days.

  5. Zeke

    Aren’t they three Middle Eastern soccer players not in this country?
    With no connection to inoculations?

  6. lou

    8–either way [vaxed or not] it is odd.

  7. Fake news everywhere. Note how people posting scary stuff here don’t explain what they are getting this ‘information’ from.

    As for sudden deaths: I already showed, this happens all the time in the past and has even been studied and athletes are VERY prone to this due to hyperactivity.

    None of this impressed some of my posters here who refuse to read my links or think about things for one minute.

    Also…when things happen globally, you get more incidental coincidences so it appears like there is ‘something happening’ when this is NORMAL. Just no one mentions this previous to this year.

  8. Zelda

    None of this impressed some of my posters here who refuse to read my links or think about things for one minute.

    Right back at ya!

    see #3

  9. Zelda

    Anyone signing on to this will have hell to pay:

    Investigation Has Launched After Three-Year-Old Girl Dies From Cardiac Arrest One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Argentina

    Miriam Suárez said her daughter Ámbar was vaccinated last week on December 15th and passed away a day later from sudden cardiac arrest.

    The 3-year-old had received the jab because otherwise she would not have been allowed to go to kindergarten due to a vaccine mandate.

    Children especially have almost no risk from COVID-19– this is cold blooded premeditated murder.

  10. Zeke

    Argentina? Ya’ have to go all the way to Argentina to get an example?! With several layers of obscurity to prevent verification.

    1st of all, gatewaypundit is not a reliable objective source of news. Opinion and twisted at that; ok.

    Also “post hoc ergo propter hoc” is still a logic fallacy.

    Don’t equivocate chronology with causation.

  11. Zelda

    Dr. Robert Malone Drops Truth Bombs All Over Australian Politicians

    But why pay attention to Dr. Malone, he just invented the mRNA technology. It would be like listening to Magnus Carlsen about how to play chess. No, instead lets listen to people that torture puppies and create and release bio-weapons like Tony “the reaper” Fauci; or known eugenicists like Bill Gates.

  12. Zelda


    Hell. To. Pay.

  13. Belief in ‘news’ that isn’t verified is quite common when people want to spread scary stories.

    ALL vaccination events sees this happen. I have always been of the belief, if someone wants to play Russia roulette with germs, let them. I’m totally OK with that. I, on the other hand, having visited the Gates of Death, a terrible place, I take vaccinations happily and have done very well, thanks to this!

    The present vaccination was never said to be 100% functional due to it being a new attempt at coronovirus controls. It isn’t perfect but is better than the alternative. What will be best will be the new meds that treats the SYMPTOMS so it doesn’t go to the LUNGS which is where 99% of the killing was done by these germs.

  14. lou

    I, on the other hand, having visited the Gates of Death, a terrible place.

    As far as I can tell, no one cares about your Dante like glimpse of hell.
    Like attracts like. Did it put a good scare into you? Goblins, watchers. a joke.

  15. snoosebomb

    ”The present vaccination was never said to be 100% functional ”

    yes it was, i played the tape here

    ”What will be best will be the new meds ”

    that’s just evil crap given the efforts to suppress readily available therapies

    what turned you into a bilderberg tool-fool ?

  16. Zelda

    You can click on a few links and get to the government report about the girl.
    And if you want to say “nothing is proven” about a 3 year year old having a heart attack after being subjected to a mandate for a product that carries warnings about exactly that, again, hell to pay. Good luck with that.

    And how much more “verified” can it get than the scientist that invented the technology?

    This is just a reminder that the people that are pushing to forcibly inject everyone on the planet created and released the virus and enjoy torturing animals and raping children in their time.

  17. I see a lot of exaggerations going on here in the ‘news’. The whining here at my site is pretty obvious. As I keep saying, it is OK for you all to go around with zero vaccinations.

    The idea that this is a good idea baffles me. Just because I agree with some Bilderberg gang stuff doesn’t mean I am stupid, it means they, themselves, do something right once and a while!

  18. Zelda


    When they are not running child sex rings they’re off saving people from a virus they released. It’s totally not depopulation. Got it. Thanks.

  19. lou

    23–Elaine admits the Bilders run things and want us to ‘freeze n starve’ yet she thinks the government is here to help us, with the vax. odd.

  20. snoosebomb

    22; you are honest enough to work within your limitations but those have become obvious , and more so when you refuse to respond

  21. snoosebomb

    from bad cat guy

    ”in the sort of delicious irony we’ve all come to expect from modern day health policy (and doubly so from the boriqua version) we see once more the total faceplant of “jim covid” laws.

    MMM is a puerto rico health insurer. (text below is from a guy who works there)

    they mandated covid vaccination for employees.

    employees sued and won exemptions.

    the company responded by segregating them and moving all the unvaxxed into a separate building.

    then covid broke out in the vaccinated building (but not the unvaxxed).

    you seriously cannot make this stuff up.

    i have changed nothing (except for covering the phone numbers) ”

  22. snoosebomb

    ‘How Elaine Learns From History’ :

    ”it means they, themselves, do something right once and a while!”

    – Vietnam , wrong

    – global warming -wrong

    – y2k – wrong

    – tech bubble – wrong

    – housing- MBS wrong

    – WMD – wrong

    – Afghanistan – wrong

    – obama – wrong

    – Trump coup – wrong

    – any more ?

    – covid !!!!! right ,,,,

  23. Zeke

    – victory over Nazi military – right

    – victory over Imperial Japan – right

    – victory over Soviets – right

    – victory over Communism – right

    – victory in Cold War – right

    – victory over polio with vaccine – right

    – victory in Space Race – right

    – victory landing man on Moon – right

    – victory as incubator of innovation – right

    – victory raising standard of living – right

    – too many victories to enumerate – right

  24. snoosebomb

    and i forgot the biggest fail of all , bilderberg headquarters , the EU

    [ note spell check never heard of bilderberg,,, hmmm , ]


    ELAINE: If you use DuckDuckGo, the gang shows up. Google pretends there is no such thing since Google executives are major members of this organization now and are actually quite powerful within it. This is why Google gets worse and worse over time and censors more and more people and does nasty garbage to everyone including, for the last three years, myself. I show up really nice on DuckDuckGo and hardly exist on Google.

  25. Zeke

    The Bilderbergers are a once a year social gathering cocktail dance the night away gathering – without legal standing or taxing authority but is a convenient straw man punching bag scapegoat for the conspiracy minded barking up the wrong tree.
    The real power is in the unelected criminal FRB Corp. monetary authority but shhhhsh – never mention them.

  26. Zeke, news flash: the people you are talking about in the FRB are..BILDERBERG GANG MEMBERS who attended all meetings all the time since the very first meeting!


  27. Jim R

    Elaine, Zelda, lou, snoosebomb,

    Merry Christmas! — a little late, been traveling w/family —

    Elaine, look at the evidence! We aren’t talking about all vaccinations, only this latest one (all the popular versions are essentially the same). You have chosen to participate in this planet-wide science fair project, but not everyone does. Whistleblowers worldwide are reporting on this one — you do not need to tar everyone with the ‘anti-science’ brush, for merely questioning a few widely-propagandized notions.

    Also, this pandemic (along with the jabs) are brought to you and me by the same Bilderbergers you are constantly writing about! Research outsourced to China to avoid pesky rules and regulations, and financial support sent along with it, Rand Paul has put this in the public record! Look at the evidence!

    As for the virus itself, it is obviously evolving along the same lines as previous virus outbreaks — we have talked about that. Early in an outbreak, a virus can be quite nasty, after which it rapidly evolves into a more ‘civilized’ parasite. In 2020, I did not think it would take so long — but the PTB have managed to keep it going in spite of this tendency. First by incubating it on cruise ships and in nursing homes, then with floods of illegal immigrants, etc., but it has calmed down anyway. It looks like it’s set to join the other four human corona-family respiratory viruses. Long-lasting vaccines may still be elusive, but as far as I know, natural immunity has worked pretty well among those who have recovered…

  28. @32, I found this video clip of Rand Paul questioning Fauci about research funded by NIH. Paul isn’t at all convincing to me – he sounds like someone with no idea how research works.

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