Covid Deaths Nearly Vanish In North America…Except Arizona Tribes


This is amazing: yesterday, while media spread gross fears of germs out of control, the new virus, Omni, nearly vanished!  Kaput!  Gone with the wind…ter.  Except for one place: ARIZONA and only one part of Arizona, the Navajo Indian Nation.  Several times this last several months, this reservation and the other reservations saw over 70 deaths in one day.  The vulnerability to all foreign diseases is a particular problem for all the desert tribes due to genetic isolation caused by living in mostly uninhabitable deserts.  The common cold was always a bane to the desert tribes, I grew up around the Papago Tribe in Tucson and saw this first hand.



Click here for Arizona statistics:

Click to access rates-of-cov-19-by-vaccination.pdf


One thing I have noticed constantly is how anti-vaccinationists love to lie.  They love to pretend that having no vaccinations is better than vaccinations, for example.  But the death rates of the unvaccinated is huge compared to the vaccinated.  No, the vaccinations don’t work 100% but work a lot better than rolling dice with Death.  The entire US had only 108 deaths yesterday which is wonderful.


Europe is still in the grip of these germs yesterday.  Over 2,000 new deaths!  Here is all of North America’s much lower rate:



Only 304 deaths.  Usually, the North America and Europe numbers are close in total with each other, more or less.  This sudden vanishing of the germs is of great interest to me and I bet, to most experts.  New cases continue to roar along in North America but the impact is vanishingly small now.  Will the fear mongering now stop?  I wonder.  I said more than once that each wave of these epidemics follow the same growth/fade curves.  I got a front seat look at that back during the Hong Kong flu.


Southeast Asia is being hammered now, too:



The first wave hits only a handful of people in the beginning and is often very fatal.  Then it spreads everywhere and still kills but a much lower rate per infection.  Then it cycles in and out of the seasons fading further each cycle until it vanishes for 50 years or more.  Note how Vietnam, which has a death rate of less than 500 per million, had nearly as many deaths yesterday than all of the North American continent!


We can learn many lessons from this epidemic, I hope.  I fear that many will learn the wrong lessons.  This is rather common.  Careful examination of real data and real information is hard to do when people are freaking out.


Talking about freaks, Biden did a speech about the ‘supply chain meeting’ which supposedly was at the White House only his TV studio is in his home, far from the WH.  Oddly enough, it appears that huge container ships are parked next to his home!  Look out of his ‘window’:


Meanwhile, Biden is also very worried about us being warm again.  He wants it to be much, much colder.  And during the ‘new cold age’ he also wants no more coal or wood or anything that burns!



It is unusually warm in half of the US and unusually cold in the western half of the nation with many blizzards and high winds and severe cold.  Same with Russia.  There is no global warming if half of the North Hemisphere is severely cold!  This is utterly insane.


Also, it is impossible to spook people about being warm and how that is bad when many are freezing to death!  Go figure.  It does show us how insane the left has become, dangerously insane.


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2 responses to “Covid Deaths Nearly Vanish In North America…Except Arizona Tribes

  1. Zelda

    The reason people are dying is because THEY ARE BEING DENIED TREATMENT. This is the official policy. In other words, people are literally being murdered by the “healthcare system”. Not to mention we know the numbers are being cooked. Some places have already been forced to issue corrections.

    The point is that whatever protection one gets from the “vaccines” wanes. This is not disputed. And the result is NEGATIVE protection. In other words, these shots damage your immune system. You will never be “fully vaccinated” until you are dead.

  2. Zelda

    Anyone that calls himself “Vox Day” has personal issues; nevertheless he does have moments of insight:

    The basic problem, in my opinion, is that Trump is a Boomer. His skepticism is limited. His understanding of vaccines is limited to “that thing the doctors did that wiped out polio before NASA went to the Moon”. At the end of the day, he’s going to believe whatever “the best” people tell him to believe and do whatever “the experts” tell him to do. And he’ll do that right up until the moment that “the best” people tell him the opposite, and then he’ll perform a 180 that will leave observers gasping in complete disbelief.

    This would explain Supkis as well.

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