Covid Death/Hospital Stats Falls Drastically In North America!


The poor guy who punked Biden by getting that senile, brain damaged lunatic to say ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is being harassed by leftists.  I hope the prankster holds firm.  On the other hand, the fearsome ominous Omi flu flunked out.  Virtually no one in the USA died of this new flue!  Of course, there is no rejoicing, only more panic news set in motion to scare everyone.  So here are the raw statistics from yesterday:



In the entire USA, only 52 deaths yesterday!



Almost no cases and few deaths!  I remember last week when little Vermont which has the lowest death rate, by far, had a few more deaths and all the media giants went nuts, claiming the whole place was ‘dying’.  Then, it totally stopped.  No new cases, no deaths.  I noticed no media giants were yapping about this.  Wonder why!  HAHAHA.


Two days ago, the infection rate shot upwards, rapidly.  But look at the death rates:



It looks ‘high’, sort of, due to the off/on deaths.  The bulk of these are less than 1,000 a day and this last several days, has been very, very low.  But in  Europe, the virus still is deadly though not nearly as deadly as last week:



The total is half of what it was, earlier this month.  Slowly, the rate is dropping even in Europe.  This is due to the evolution of all virus events like the present one: the ‘nice’ germs proliferate and the ‘killer’ germs kill themselves off via killing their hosts.  Also, what is quite ironic (not) is the fact that California and New York, the two states seeing the greatest population flights due to the coronavirus problems, have the highest death rates still, eleven deaths in each state.  There is sheer panic in NYC, for example.


Virtually zero panic upstate NY.  Most people grumble about wearing the masks, still, even though the infection/death rates upstate are nearly nil, now.  Below is a graph showing how people are moving from cold states to hot states during the supposed ‘global warming crisis’ that is awfully cold:



Many in the Northeast and Midwest cold states fled to the West Coast until it became suddenly uninhabitable due to Trump winning an election and then chaos being encouraged and then outright nonstop crime, legalized, making the whole West Coast uninhabitable!  So now, everyone is fleeing to Republican southern states that are hard on crime!  This shows once and all time, the global warming scam is stupid.  Supposedly, people were going to ‘move north’ due to warm temperatures.


This was always false.  The third world types moved north to collect goodies, they hate the cold weather!  Wealthy northerners flee the cold so they can have ‘fun in the sun’.  This has always been true!  I talk about this regularly.






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17 responses to “Covid Death/Hospital Stats Falls Drastically In North America!

  1. TinaB

    A Pyrotechnic History Of Humanity

    Justin Rowlatt looks at the bonanza provided by coal, oil and gas in just the last two centuries. Our modern comfortable way of life is only made possible by burning through a finite stock of fossilised chemical energy. Today we are a fossil fuel society, according to the noted energy historian Vaclav Smil. Fossil fuels underpin everything we take for granted – our long leisurely lives, our material goods, even the crops needed to feed our gigantic populations.

    “without energy there is no economy”

  2. snoosebomb

    ”only more panic news set in motion to scare everyone ”

    just noticed that eh ? ”cassandra ” i’ve been saying it since ‘last yr

  3. TinaB

    Vaclav Smil
    born 9 December 1943) is a Czech-Canadian scientist and policy analyst.[2] He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus[3] in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    His interdisciplinary research interests encompass a broad area of energy, environmental, food, population, economic, historical and public policy studies. He has also applied these approaches to energy, food and environmental affairs of China.

    Position on energy

    Smil is skeptical that there will be a rapid transition to clean energy, believing it will take much longer than many predict.[4] Smil said “I have never been wrong on these major energy and environmental issues because I have nothing to sell,” unlike many energy companies and politicians.[4]

    Smil noted in 2018 that coal, oil, and natural gas still supply 90% of the world’s primary energy. Despite decades of growth in newer renewable energy technologies, the worldwide proportion of energy supplied by fossil fuels had increased since 2000.[4] He emphasizes that “the greatest long-term challenge in the industrial sector will be to displace fossil carbon used in the production of primary iron, cement, ammonia and plastics” which account for 15% of the total fossil fuel consumption globally.[6]

    Smil favours reducing demand for fossil fuels through energy conservation, and calls for having the price of energy reflect its real costs including greenhouse gas emissions.[7]

  4. @3, “Smil is skeptical that there will be a rapid transition to clean energy, believing it will take much longer than many predict.”
    Yeah. It’s easy for politicians to promise net-zero by 2050.
    The Chinese have a few prototype fusion reactors up and running, and are sending probes to the moon. The future is theirs really.

  5. Timothy Carroll

    TinaB….the turd that will not flush…..:(

  6. ‘Green house gases’ are what is KEEPING US ALL ALIVE. In multiple ways.

    Good lord, I note over and over again, these elites claim that the pre-20th century warming is to be eliminated and we return to the Little Ice Age which they have renamed as ‘normal weather’.

  7. TinaB

    Finch – Tom Hanks is Finch, a man who embarks on a moving and powerful journey to find a new home for his unlikely family—his beloved dog and a newly created robot—in a dangerous and ravaged world.

  8. TinaB

    DON’T LOOK UP tells the story of two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. Written and Directed by Adam McKay.

  9. lou

    the NYT, here is another sad “coincidence”: heart attack at 49.
    But no one in the MSM will connect the dots. I cannot recall any year in which so many pro athletes have gotten sick or died.

    here’s another one, from drudge.
    acclaimed Canadian writer-director, 58 yrs old, Quebec City…

  10. Zeke

    Well, we are in a pandemic.
    Might one or both have died of COVID itself?

  11. qbutnoa

    Decisive use of AstraZeneca vaccine may have spared UK from omicron crisis hitting Europe. Article from the

  12. Zelda

    COVID Expert Dr. Vanden Bossche Schools Australian Politicians

    But why listen to Geert Vanden Bossche about how vaccines work? That would be like asking Jascha Heifetz about how to play the violin.

  13. Good GODS…how silly.

    Do you know that in NYC, men often die of heart attacks??? I lived there a long, long time. Lots of POLLUTION there and it is the ‘city that never sleeps’ and is full of noise and filth and distractions and hysteria in NORMAL times!!!

    And yes, guys DO die of sudden heart attacks especially if they live and work in very polluted Manhattan! I once lived on a hill in Brooklyn overlooking Manhattan and would go to work in the City as we call it, and I often wore a mask while in Manhattan DUE TO POLLUTION.

    I hope outsiders who have no idea how a very heavily used city works. It isn’t good for anyone’s health.

  14. People who want to freak out love to pull out all sorts of ‘sudden death’ stories to fearmonger. As I have been proving and have proved today in the news, the coronavirus is causing fewer and fewer deaths per million, vaccination deaths is so near to zero to be zero when we look at BILLIONS of people and happenstance concerning sudden deaths are blamed on the nearest things happening instead of looking at long range stuff to see what ‘normal’ looks like.

    I do the long range stuff for a reason: I am curious, not peddling some storylines. And when I discover new information, I incorporate this instead of ignoring this.

    When there was no vaccinations, the death rates from the coronavirus was immense! It was huge and if you read Tuesday’s story here in my news service, you will see how this works.

  15. lou

    As I have been proving and have proved today in the news, the coronavirus is causing fewer and fewer deaths per million,

    Elaine is a legend in her own mind.

    The virus is just a scare to allow the Government to get complete control over everyone’s life’s.
    For a hundred + years we were told the Flu killed thousands every year then a miracle occurred for the last 2 years no Flu deaths.
    When they report the Virus deaths they just pick a number out of thin air to scare the elderly.
    When forced to prove the numbers they cannot. The last number I saw was 800,000 died of the Virus.

  16. @7, Elaine, you aren’t going to listen to me but oh well.
    “‘Green house gases’ are what is KEEPING US ALL ALIVE. In multiple ways.”
    Yes. Plants do breathe carbon dioxide, and some warming from carbon dioxide is necessary.
    “Good lord, I note over and over again, these elites claim that the pre-20th century warming is to be eliminated and we return to the Little Ice Age which they have renamed as ‘normal weather’.”
    We cannot eliminate the CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere, so you don’t need to worry about that. It’s beyond our technical abilities. There are a few carbon-capture projects, but nobody seriously thinks they’ll keep up with the extra carbon we’re adding every day, much less remove what’s been added by humans since the industrial revolution.
    Net-zero means that we wouldn’t add any more greenhouse gases than we’ve added already. And getting there by 2050 is extremely aspirational. So you can expect to see increasing warming and increasing storms until at least 2050. Perhaps that cheers you up.

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