Harry Potter Kid Actors Give Creator Rowling Cold Shoulder, Claim Better Than She


The leftists hate the author of the Harry Potter books.  She dared to say that men are men and women are women!  Imagine that!  There is this battle for reality going on now.  No one on earth is better known than the author of the Harry Potter tripe.  The push to demean humans based on race/sex identity politics is causing a total collapse of liberalism.  As things get stranger and stranger on the far left, the alienation of the vast majority of people is growing greater, too.  After all the good things done in order to help blacks, gays, women, etc. is now hitting this wall due to all the good parts of this being turned into bad parts to be eliminated.






When Biden signed the trans bill the first day in office, he unwittingly set off a time bomb as trans ‘women’ who are really men flooded into all women’s private spheres in this mad dash to get all the goodies, fast.  Unable to stop any of this mayhem, all women’s areas of protection are now under full assault and this invasion will be worse by the hour due to all the goodies that can be collected by men pretending, mostly temporarily, to be ‘women’.


There is NOTHING ANY female on earth safe from this since men are better than nearly everything due to evolution.  Women were rewarded our evolutionary spot via giving birth as much as possible and protecting our children as much as possible.  All males remained in the gene pool if they were strong/fast/smart.  To the victor goes the spoils!   To access females, the male has to have enough powers to have females wanting to have babies with them and females, universally, want strong children coming from strong men!


This is true of all female creatures large and small, reptiles, fish, mammals, birds, etc. want strong, handsome, smart, talented fathers for their precious children.  So evolution turns all males into competitors needing higher levels of skills than their companions, the females.  Successful females are the ones who feed and hatch and carry and protect their very precious babies!  This is a high skill, too, but not competitive.  It requires being sensible, alert, caring and loving.


when J.K. Rowling pointed out this fact of reality, the leftists went nuts on her and began viciously attacking her hoping she would be a coward and not stand her ground.  Others, before her, gave way and did the coward dance for this mob of self righteous lunatics but not Rowling.  So they then decided to ‘de-person’ her in classic 1984 style.  By the way, all our youth are required to read that terrible book in school and I fear they learned how to be Big Brother and Big Sister from it!  Not the reverse!



After this blew up in their faces, the Hollywood elites suddenly switched gears and ‘invited’ Rowling via putting in a video from an earlier event so she wasn’t entirely absent.  They did NOT invite her to appear live on stage with the spoiled brat actors who became famous because of her!  They were taken aback by the blowback.  They thought the whole world thinks like themselves.


This pretense of ‘forgiving’ Rowling is now being shoved through the news systems today.  All the leftists are now claiming, she was NOT banned from the show.  They pretend this was all fake.  She was there!  Only it was an old video they popped in at the last minute due to the uproar.  This is doubly evil, they are desperately rewriting history in 1984 style, pretending the past didn’t happen.




One notably absent Harry Potter figure? The author of the books the series was based off, J.K. Rowling.


Rowling, who has come under fire in the last two years for her controversial gender comments on Twitter, was not interviewed for the special and will be shown in only archival footage about the movies.


“The thing that scared me the most was the implication that the most meaningful thing in our life was done,” Radcliffe says, “and there’s something so joyous about seeing everyone, and be like, ‘It wasn’t though.’ “


Note how the young actress presumes this movie making was made out to be ‘too big a deal’ and it is really ‘ho hum’ for these ‘actors’.  She did land a few more, often embarrassingly poorly acted, roles after that movie mess!   The other kiddies fared far worse.  Harry Potter, himself, landed a movie roll where he played a rotting dead body which was quite appropriate.


“When things get really dark, and times are really hard, there’s something about Harry Potter that makes life richer,” Watson says, as the key trio of friends talk in the Gryffindor common room in the trailer.


“It’s a strong bond that we’ll always have,” Grint agrees as they embrace.


So, these brats have a ‘strong bond’ but not with the creator who made this entire goofy thing possible.  I always greatly disliked the entire Harry Potter garbage.  In the books and the movies from day one, these ‘magic kids’ get spoiled rotten and eat tons of candy with not downside, for example.  The books are schizoid in the extreme.  The true evil is Hogwarts, itself.  Even the name is evil.


Good grief, something this blatant should have been sensed from Day One.  The ‘magical’ people are monsters, all of them, utterly irresponsible, too.  Sending little but middle aged Hobbits to Mordor is nasty but sending little children who are under the age of 12 to Mordor is child abuse!  Sheesh.


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14 responses to “Harry Potter Kid Actors Give Creator Rowling Cold Shoulder, Claim Better Than She

  1. RRW

    I personally loved the Harry Potter movies; my daughter loves them as well, but she loved the books more. It’s sad that the recent events for them have been so woke signaled. My daughter and I are true feminists in that we believe in the progression of women in all areas of life without misandry. We know that men and women are different, and we both celebrate the differences. My daughter does believe she is a T.E.R.F since she believes trans women are eliminating true females. She isn’t against them; live as they see fit, but don’t think you are a real woman she says. I agree with her as well.

  2. snoosebomb

    Is all fiction ‘tripe ” ??
    . The reason we have fictions with horror is they prepare us for the real world. Not so much now as the modern world has been cleaned up . Think of it as a mental vaccine! haw haw !

  3. lou

    I m Glad I never read her books or saw the films.

  4. snoosebomb

    ”the revisionist history around vaccines is getting pretty extreme. let’s be VERY clear:

    yes, they were promised to stop spread, contagion, and provide herd immunity.

    yes, those promises were made by the same “experts” currently claiming “vaccines were never supposed to stop spread, just reduce severity.”

    yes, they were so committed to this that they literally changed the definition of “herd immunity” to EXCLUDE natural immunity.

    (of course, they then changed the definition of “vaccine” as well to make this look like less of a failure)

    and yes, all the unprecedented lock down and mask up policies were pushed explicitly as “only necessary until we get the vaccines.”

    despite the massive PR offensive underway to deny this, these are the facts.”


    & when ”stevemzek ” shows up to deny all this Gato has a collection of all the evidence

  5. Zelda

    It’s December 30th, 2021 and the real news is that the records in the Maxwell trial have been sealed by the criminals.

  6. @4, there are things about vaccines and the US public health response to covid that you could credibly criticise. A lot of things that were done are questionable in retrospect. But you don’t seem to want to do that. You just want to cherry pick bits of information from a bunch of different studies, lie a bit, and generally do whatever it takes to support a conclusion you’ve already decided on.

  7. Zeke

    @ 4, SoB , you were the strident nut-job who called ‘masks’ – “tyranny!”
    You stopped making that claim.
    You still claim that ‘this’ was promised or ‘that’ was promised. Who promised any of that?

    This is a new situation that we are all trying to come to terms with. It is developing and unfolding and we are all on the learning curve.

    Except you; you claim you know it all. But really know nothing but want to squat on the sidelines and make goofy nicknames and criticize others who are making efforts.

  8. lou

    off topic but noteworthy. 3 year old [according to daily mail] sold by mom.

    left her at playground for a long time.


  9. snoosebomb

    LOL ! i come for the news and stay for the comedy !

    meanwhile ‘ SAFE & EFFECTIVE ! ‘


  10. shawntoh

    Bravo Elaine!

    I’ll add this to the mix… The H. P. TRIPE IS HYPE!

    An the H. P. books DON’T live up to the hype! Gimme that old style children’s tales…

  11. @9, Snoosebomb, if you put that news story together with the study Berenson was talking about (but use the study itself, not Berenson’s analysis) they make a lot of sense together.
    The vaccines were already significantly less effective at preventing Delta infections, the study found. And your news article says “In August, as the delta variant surged, the [CDC] warned people who are at risk of severe illness despite being vaccinated not to go on cruises.” Omicron infects vaccinated people even more efficiently than Delta.
    The vaccines being less effective at preventing delta infections wasn’t publicised much. Someone probably decided that since vaccines were still helpful, just less helpful, the risk of giving more ammunition to people like you was greater than the benefit of warning vaccinated people that we were less protected against delta. Reasonable people could question the wisdom of that.
    But you’d probably rather complain that “Fauci promised us great protection from vaccines a year ago, and it wasn’t true!” That’s fine, you can even lie on the ground and kick your feet and scream, if it helps you come to terms with the fact that even people in authority can’t predict the future.

  12. Petruchio

    Hollywood has been pushing Trannies on the General Public for a long time. It’s kind of an Inside joke with the Hollywood elite. This Tranny Agenda reveals the deep HATRED of Women they have for Heterosexual Women. Especially White Hetero Women.

  13. Up until recent years, gay males were great actors. Many famous stars who were men turned out to be gay once it became ‘hip’ to be gay. So now, gays don’t have to hide anything and ‘act’ and now will be very poor actors in future years.

    This is called ‘a paradox’.

  14. lou

    13–you know very well of the casting couch routine. they had to put out to gay men in power.

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