NY City Business Leaders Freak Out, New Dem DA Won’t Prosecute Criminals!

New York City Democrats, after boasting about chasing the Housewife from Hell (me) and Rudi Giuliani as well as Donald Trump from their playground have now elected a total monster to be the Manhattan DA.  This clown, Bragg, brags that he will only put extreme criminals in jail and go after ‘corruption’ which is DNC code for ‘go after Trump over everything and anything’.  This is very destructive and the city already reels under the continuous assault by DNC at home voters who now control the political life of the city many of these ‘voters’ are actually illegal aliens who were allowed to vote when no ID laws were passed.  This insanity will now unfold as the city hurtles off the cliff into complete chaos!



Word is spreading rapidly that this communist Democrat plans to have near zero law or order.  I sparred with Mayors Beame and Koch.  I fled the city before the utterly incompetent idiot, Dinkins, took over and handed the city entirely to the mercy of violent radical leftists and thugs in general.  Crime ran totally out of control.



In 1980 is when I chased a cop killer in Park Slope.  Even the NYT had to admit I did this.  After great efforts and many, many arrests crime began to decline in my neighborhood but then I left due to crummy schools.  Crime shot upwards, literally, as drug gangs fought for territory.  Giuliani took over and things returned to the ‘good old days’ of the 1960’s.  The graph here doesn’t show the violent upward turn murders took this last three years as the DNC embraced importing illegal aliens wholesale and no law and order anymore.


This week a gang of young thugs went underground to run riot there.  They beat up a middle aged woman and shoved her onto the tracks and a HERO jumped down to save her, got her out only to DIE when hit by the train!!!!  I am absolutely furious about this, I made the biggest arrest, ever, years ago when I got an entire subway car of young thugs arrested at the West 4th Street station!  The city has been driven into total chaos by my evil former neighbor, dem dar bastard, de Blasio.

Gangs of third world kiddies are running riot in our cities now thanks to DNC open borders/pandering to criminal gangs that are destroying the cities, systematically.  This is DELIBERATE!  These cities become hard core DNC voter bases which they milk for power while living in palaces in safe, ‘white’ nearby neighborhoods.


The Daily Mail in London has lots of news we don’t have here in the US due to most of our media being a bunch of criminals.  Biden orders schools to open but the Teacher’s Unions refuse and they fund DNC campaigns and are HUGE funders of these campaigns so all the spit and spittle over this is pure farce.  The politicians pretend to be doing something while doing nothing which sums up the DNC rule in general.  This is why our country is falling apart now.


The business of Biden and his son doing business with despots in order to collect bribes continues, too.  Arrest Biden and his son, good grief, this is so very obvious by now even stupid people can see this.


Finally, the GOP is acting.  About time!  Two years ago, the DNC gang snuck in the illegal alien voters.  Now, they legalize their treason!  This is treason.  Inviting invaders to vote is treason.



Democrats are resigning in record numbers while the leaders double down on the ‘we need no voting rules or laws, anyone can vote anywhere, anytime and anyplace at whim!’   They want to kill the filibuster so they can pass insane laws that destroy our country.  We are rapidly coming to the breaking point here, I see it pretty clearly.  Even liberals are turning on the traitors.  Even they can finally and dimly become aware that all the goodies they are being given by liberals are vanishing rapidly.



I remark on this fire in dying NYC because an ILLEGAL ALIEN from Africa started it just like the infamous fire in England that killed many more aliens there, recently.  The family that started the fire left the door to the hallway open as they ran off so the fire shot outwards and killed a large number of people.  This is what happens when people used to living in mud huts end up in modern buildings.


This is also not uncommon.  Once, my parents were flying in northern India way back in the early 1960’s when a family took out a grill and began cooking their dinner!  Luckily, the fire was put out instantly by the stewards.



Gowdy gives the final word about this coup attempt by fake liberals who want a dictatorship.  He doesn’t say ‘arrest them all’ so I will say that: ARREST THEM ALL.

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  1. Timothy Carroll

    You can have a civil, law abiding, orderly society, or you can have negroes. Pick one.

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