Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Attacks Businessman Who Complained About Blatant Daytime Looters Attacking His Business


The Democrats run our country…off a cliff!  Chicago is a typical example of a city run by a black regime: high crimes run rampant as blacks loot, rape and kill with impunity!  These places rapidly become barely habitable and live off of the taxes paid by outsiders, either the state funds them or the Feds fund them.  These cities go down the tubes due to businesses fleeing because of blatant crimes.  This time around with the DNC running all levels of the government, we see blatant, in the middle of the day looting of businesses while citizens can’t defend themselves.  Chicago is a blazing example of black politicians enabling and encouraging open looting of taxpaying businesses.


After being openly looted, a luxury car dealer went to a meeting with the black female mayor who is a communist.  He complained about the lack of policing and courts malfunctioning totally.  The mayor meeting with the enraged business owner, walked out on him.  Oh boy, this reminds me of meetings I had with NYC mayors!  Boy, they hated these meetings because they couldn’t pull the wool over my eyes, I gave them direct orders as to how to fix things…or else (get arrested by Giuliani, of course).

Days after $1 million smash-and-grab, Lightfoot walked out of meeting with “idiot” luxury car dealer — then a city inspector showed up with a ticket book


The mayor snarled she was going to get revenge against the business owner and immediately an inspector showed up and rained tickets on HIM and his business!  Wow.  Talk about grounds for a major lawsuit!


After two men smashed a display case in Joe Perillo’s Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars showroom and escaped with over $1 million in luxury watches on December 11, the well-known car dealer appeared on local and national TV news programs, demanding that the city and county take immediate steps to curb crime.


“It’s only a fool who keeps doing things the same way and expects different results. If the Mayor and Kim Foxx don’t do anything to get control of this, it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse,” Perillo told CBS2.


He was a brave man to do this.  I want to shake his hand if it wasn’t for the coronavirus mess.


The inspector allegedly saw three employees and one customer not wearing COVID masks inside the dealership. She issued a ticket for two violations: failing to comply with the commissioner of health’s mask order and failing to comply with BACP’s order to comply with the commissioner of health’s mask order.


This, from Lightfoot and her cronies running around all the time without their masks on.  They should wear masks, they are all crooks!  Hide that ID, ladies!


Perillo received another ticket for “storing, receiving, possessing, selling nineteen bottles of liquor. One whiskey, champagnes, wine, etc” The fourth ticket alleges two violations: failure to display an incidental consumption liquor license and failure to have a required liquor license.


This will go to court as political harassment.  Worse, the business will now move from the city, too.  Already, many are fleeing.


The inspector wrote a fourth ticket for “interfering with or obstructing the commissioner’s designee in the performance of duties.” According to the citation, the inspector announced an inspection at the dealership’s front desk, and the attendant presented her with the business’ licenses. When she asked for the man’s personal identification or the ID of any of the company’s representatives, he walked away, the inspector wrote.


This is how communists run things…off the cliff.  The city is being systematically looted and destroyed and people killed by the hundreds and nothing happens.  A businessman criticizes the communist mayor, he is harassed and fined and the communist tries to destroy the business with many fines and violations.  All, while the city is being torched and looted by communist supporters!




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7 responses to “Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Attacks Businessman Who Complained About Blatant Daytime Looters Attacking His Business

  1. TinaB

    Well I guess when you’re so distracted by the insignificance of the color of one’s skin, or the political letter that follows their name, or some ideology, or some superiority of ANY kind, you miss the big picture. Sigh….

    The Vaccine Movement
    “The people who are in control – or at least, who aspire to be – are out in plain sight, and have been for years, and most of us either don’t notice or don’t care. We are too busy playing with the toys they make for us.

    Our fear leads us by the hand towards the next stage of our long journey away from Earth and into artifice; away from human freedom and into the digital net.

    Perhaps you think this sounds exaggerated. Hysterical, even. Just a few
    months ago I might have agreed. A year ago, I almost certainly would. But
    a year ago I had not seen what I have seen now. I had not seen the
    smartphone passports, the QR scanners, the meek public compliance, the
    deliberate whipping up of fear and hatred by political leaders. I had not
    seen the mandatory vaccination orders. I had not seen the camps.”

    Click to access VACCINE+MOMENT.pdf

  2. TinaB

    But hey EMS just keep telling us how wonderful it is that we have Rambos like Rittenhouse to save us! That’s right we are so grateful that 17 years olds banish AR15s to protect us! Thank you EMS for setting us straight! Oh how grateful we are that you impart your wisdom (sarc).

  3. TinaB

    One must wonder what Ted Kaczynski is thinking now. hhhmmmm…. Oh dear the tangled webs we weave.

  4. TinaB

    I know you all only like to read what suits your narrative but just curious if you’ve read “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzwell in 1999?

    “Kurzweil predicts machines with human-level intelligence will be available from affordable computing devices within a couple of decades, revolutionizing most aspects of life. He says nanotechnology will augment our bodies and cure cancer even as humans connect to computers via direct neural interfaces or live full-time in virtual reality.

    Kurzweil predicts the machines “will appear to have their own free will” and even “spiritual experiences”.[1] He says humans will essentially live forever as humanity and its machinery become one and the same. He predicts that intelligence will expand outward from earth until it grows powerful enough to influence the fate of the universe.”

    Come on now get out of your antiquated thinking and petty little grievances already – it’s 2022 ffs!

  5. Timothy Carroll

    TinaB-the ramblings of a rather stupid, self-important, petulant, child.

  6. Dear silly Tina: I WAS RITTENHOUSE before he was even born.

    I used a gun to stop criminals when I was a TEENAGER younger than he. More than one criminal SHOT GUNS AT ME. Most famously in LA in 1969.

    You, on the other hand, are a ‘target’. Never forget this. I fought back and won every fight and everyone who shot guns at me went to prison where one of them died, too. AHEM.

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