Pennsylvania Will Now Ship All Illegal Aliens To Biden’s Town

Republicans draft bill to divert all illegal aliens sent to Pennsylvania in midnight flights to Biden’s home town, instead!  In anticipation of this, Biden built that big wall around his beachfront home that is going to be flooded next year by ‘global warming’ which he is also fighting via doing nothing sane, too.  The Democrats have literally gone insane now.  Time to move them all to the Funny Farm.  Their plans to freeze us to death while letting millions of hostile illegal aliens into the country to kill us continues but soon will end once we get rid of the Democrat traitors.


First,Biden build big  fences around his own properties…now he is building a high wall around the White House that looks a lot like Trump’s border wall that the Democrats condemn.


Production in the United States, the world’s largest oil producer, has also been slow to recover from its one-million-barrel-a-day plummet in 2020, as companies and investors are wary of committing money amid climate change concerns and volatile prices. The Energy Information Administration forecasts that U.S. crude output in 2022, while rising, is likely to average half a million barrels a day below 2019 levels.


Not once does the stupid NY Times article mention Biden destroying our energy systems deliberately so we won’t have ‘global warming’ anymore.  We don’t have it right now!  Again and again, we see near zero F temperatures this winter!  This is absurd, the fixation on ‘climate change’ leading to making in much colder is insanity.


ALL revolutions/collapse of empires happen during cold cycles!  The NY Times goes on and on how foreigners are causing high energy prices when it is THEM and their DNC buddies doing this!  How ridiculous that newspaper is.  It should be burned instead of read, at least then, you might get somewhat warm while the snow blows!


Now on to the fence Biden is building around the White House.  He is very angry that news is leaking out and wants more disinformation:


Mainstream media is 100% disinformation that is nonstop and pays no attention to reality.  Naturally, Biden thinks this is normal and anyone who puts out real news is ‘evil’ when one is a communist dictator who creates reality out of thin air and a million lies.


The reason for the wall is due to citizens storming Federal Buildings.  Guess who else is storming barriers, too?  Illegal aliens!  They pour in while Biden fiddles.  His fiddle-dee-dee VP also is playing her own violin, too.



Again, Democrats prevent any reforms that stop illegal aliens voting in our elections illegally:


House Democrats this week blocked a plan that would have required states to remove foreign nationals from voter rolls.


This is blatant treason.


On Wednesday, Democrats voted down an amendment by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) that would have kicked likely hundreds, and potentially thousands, of foreign nationals off state voter rolls.


This is the DNC voter base: illegal aliens.  I keep pointing out the obvious.


All of this could be prevented if states were actually maintaining accurate voter rolls, which has been required by federal law for nearly 30 years. Whether intentional or not, we know this is happening, it’s undermining the integrity of our elections.


This is 100% intentional.  This is why the people doing this who are all Democrats, should be arrested.


This amendment would simply ensure those who are noncitizens, who do not have the right to vote in federal elections, are removed from states’ voter rolls. This is especially critical as my friends on the other side of the aisle push for a federal takeover of elections.


I am happy some of the GOP is finally fighting back though they still won’t say this is treason.  Eventually, they will.


“I Thought It Was Fabulous!” – Pelosi Praises Biden For Calling Americans Who Oppose Democrats’ Radical Election Overhaul ‘Domestic Enemies’ (VIDEO)


Nearly two years ago the world’s oil producers slammed on the brakes and drastically cut production as the pandemic gripped the world’s economies. The sharp pullback came with an implicit promise that as factories reopened and planes returned to the air, the oil industry would revive, too, gradually scaling up production to help economies return to prepandemic health.


NO WHERE in this stupid article does any reporter explain why we have high oil prices!  Not a peep.  Biden created this the first hours in the White House when he used his dictatorial powers to shut down all development of any and all oil production systems.


It isn’t exactly turning out that way. Oil producers are finding it harder than expected to ramp up output. Members of the cartel OPEC Plus, which agreed to cut output by about 10 million barrels a day in early 2020, are routinely falling well short of their rising monthly production targets.


This is 100% Biden’s fault.  Arrest Biden charge him with treason.


And in NY City, a bunch of grifters are arrested after looting healthcare money systems, $100 million dollars!


Two gangs that enlisted trusted professionals to steal $100 million dollars from insurance companies were taken down Wednesday in what the feds are calling one of the biggest fraud busts in history.


More than a dozen suspects, including a New York City cop, were arrested following an investigation by the Justice Department, the NYPD and Westchester County District Attorney’s office, officials said.


Both criminal enterprises would bribe police dispatchers and health care workers for information about car accident victims, who they connected with crooked doctors that performed unneeded medical procedures, officials said in a news release. The gangs would then overbill insurance companies to exploit automobile insurance laws in New York and New Jersey that require them to pay for victim’s medical bills in certain situations.


This is actually an old way of scamming money from healthcare systems.  This is old, old, old…OLD.  The reason it is happening now is, Giuliani isn’t the mayor.


Doctors Rolando “Chuma” Chumaceiro and Marcelo Quiroga then “incorporated medical practices as part of the scheme, prescribed unnecessary and excessive medical treatments and overbilled insurance companies under the No-Fault Laws,” investigators said.


New York lawyer Robert Wisnicki was enlisted to launder money and misdirect law enforcement, according to the feds.


Gulkarov and co-conspirators Roman Israilov, Peter Khaimov, and Anthony DiPietro all face more than three decades behind bars if convicted. Wisnicki faces 25 years in prison while the doctors face 10 years and Aronov five, in connection with the conspiracy.


This sounds like a bunch of Russian Jews.


A second crew, led by Bradley Pierre, ran a similar but more lucrative racket, fraudulently owning and operating five health care companies through bribes and kickbacks to the tune of $70 million in profits over 13 years, according to prosecutors.


I am happy someone is still paying attention to white collar crimes!  About time!



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12 responses to “Pennsylvania Will Now Ship All Illegal Aliens To Biden’s Town

  1. Zeke

    More vile hate spewing partisan political hackery from Elaine Supkis.

    ‘Bad things only happen in DNC controlled cities.’ per EMS.
    That’s because there are no RNC controlled cities. RePukes can’t govern. They are only interested in divisiveness and tearing down.

  2. qbutnoa

    BBC: The Invasion Continues. Migrant crossings, more than 270 people cross the Channel on Thursday, French authorities also intercepted 75 people in three small boats, despite near-freezing temperatures on the Channel.

  3. Zeke


    Your opinion on anything or anybody is worthless.
    Go grow a brain, moron.

  4. lou

    ha ha ha. thanks for the ‘flowers’ of yr evil.

  5. Some people refuse to really read what I write.

    How does the DNC create DNC cities? Why, demand all schools be ‘integrated’ via BUSSING kids out of their neighborhoods! They know the result: everyone moves to the suburbs including middle class blacks! The city schools then become hell hole schools no one dares send their kiddies to unless they are very, very poor.

    Then the DNC sits back and wins all elections in these horrible cities. Meanwhile, the suburbs become increasingly conservative and now are in open revolt after the last rigged election.

  6. And what is increasingly hilarious is how the DNC and the fake liberals think they are fooling everyone who was chased out of the DNC hell hole cities! Good lord, talk about stupid!

    The entire country is going to turn conservative now. Even people in slums are slowly figuring out, their dreams of free goodies is going to pot.

  7. Petruchio

    Another sign of a Failing/Failed ‘Empire’ is insane leadership. Sleepy Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi. Others like Mitch McConnell. It is terrifying to think these folks–and their ilk–are in charge when there could be a Major Conflict in Kazakhstan. And that is just ONE place where a major conflict could erut.

  8. Zeke

    @ Pet

    Don’t forget Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, others …. and Trump itself and its multitude of spineless groveling toadies.

  9. lou

    9–and negro leaders, or half nogs. obama, camel, mosby. lori l.

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