Bilderberg Gang Exempts EU Global Warming Taxes On Private Jet/Yacht Fuels, Tax Only Public Use Jets


The World Economic Forum which is a front organization founded by and run by the Bilderberg Gang has announced we all have to eat INSECTS because there will be no food for us!  They want to eliminate all cows because cows ’cause global warming’ which means, during the Ice Ages, when huge herds of elephants and cows of various sorts roamed the earth, it was…cold?!  HAHAHA.  The Forum announces we, except for the biggest CO2 creators in China, are doomed unless we cease using all fossil fuels…EXCEPT for the very rich!  Read how they will cut back:


Private jets will enjoy an exemption through classification of “business aviation” as the use of aircraft by firms for carriage of passengers or goods as an “aid to the conduct of their business”, if generally considered not for public hire. A further exemption is given for “pleasure” flights whereby an aircraft is used for “personal or recreational” purposes not associated with a business or professional use.


So…we are all going to roast to death unless we eat only insects and have no more milk and we can’t fly in anything except if we are very rich and own our own aircrafts and there will be no tax on fuel used for FUN TIMES at resorts all over the earth!  So, pleasure use=no tax, business use=no tax.  Regular people flying somewhere=heavy taxes aimed at eliminating all flying if you are not the super rich/super powerful.


Non-governmental organisation Transport & Environment (T&E) called the proposal “generally good”.


“The downside, though, is the commission is considering exempting cargo carriers that are often US-run,” said its aviation director Andrew Murphy, who noted “multiple” solutions for taxing jet fuel used by cargo carriers that “tend to use older, dirtier aircraft”.


Note how the super rich/super powerful think it is perfectly OK to live in gigantic, multiple palaces, fly everywhere on earth, anytime, consume anything, anywhere while we peons are expected to eat bugs and walk everywhere like in the good old days!


The tax would add about $42/metric tonne (t) to the price of fuel oil for bunkering, considering the current euro-dollar exchange rate. A 20pc charge on CO2 emissions would add about $60/t to the cost of fuel oil, at current ETS CO2 emissions prices.


Obviously, all of Asia has near zero fear of roasting to death especially since it is rather cold, freezing is more likely over the years.  Europe isn’t overheating, either.  Here, where I live, it is -6F which is very, very cold indeed.  Hard to roast to death here, too.


Fuel oil for bunkering averaged $577/t on 1-13 January in the European bunkering hub of Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA), Argus data showed. At that level, the aggregate tax and CO2 charge would raise fuel oil for bunkering by $102/t, or 18pc in ARA.


Distorting fuel markets with oddball taxes causes all sorts of problems that global warmist lunatics ignore:


Some ship owners might modify their routes to spend less time in EU waters. Vessels entering and exiting EU waters will not be able to avoid the CO2 charge. But they could avoid the fuel oil tax by fueling in ports outside the EU.


Best solution: don’t use any EU ships for anything!  That removes all the CO2 problems caused by EU shipping!  Pure genius.


Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby — who was indicted on federal perjury charges Thursday – has previously praised and been supported by Vice President Kamala Harris during her rise as a progressive Democrat in Maryland.


Now she goes to prison, I hope.


“When we march and we shout about what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system, we better understand that we gotta march and shout with our paychecks – and all of the work that we can do to actually make sure that somebody like Marilyn Mosby gets reelected into that office, to not only get convictions, but have convictions,” then-U.S. Sen. Harris said during a fundraiser in Los Angeles in 2017.


This ‘criminal justice mayhem’ is 100% terrible things happening in DNC hell hole cities or things being done by hellish DNC gangsters who have no regard for civilization or the rule of laws or anything.


“There are a lot of people who are highly critical of her,” Harris continued, “because she heard the voices of the people and said, ‘Even if I can’t win I’m going to do the right thing.’ It’s going to be rough … She cannot fail and I know she will not fail.”


Harris should be put on trial, too along with her ‘boss’, the senile ‘President’.  Both have popularity deep in the cellar, lowest popularity rating in the last 100 years.


I find this news rather ironic:

The EU needs Russian fossil fuels…badly.  They no longer care that Putin runs Russia.  They know they are going to crash and burn if they don’t get their paws on Russian fossil fuels.


Meanwhile, they continue to yap about ‘global warming’ and how peons have to pay for this by eating bugs and walking everywhere as if Europe is now Cambodia under the rule of crazy Marxist Maoist Revolutionaries.



David Axelrod is a long standing member of the Bilderberg gang.  Yes, he attends most of their secret and public meetings.  He is also utterly insane, they all are.  They think they are invisible but increasingly, they aren’t invisible.



Yes, gangs are openly looting TRAINS in California.  Everything is now being looted in California.  Sane people are fleeing California as illegal aliens pour in and guess who is doing all this?  Take a wild guess!



And this is what Biden is doing about all this.  Arrest Biden and his buddies.


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5 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Exempts EU Global Warming Taxes On Private Jet/Yacht Fuels, Tax Only Public Use Jets

  1. TinaB

    Dear silly EMS just so you know I will screenshot every single “threat” that you make to me and others. You are in no position to be making threats of any kind! CAPEESH! Careful what you wish for.

    What “fights” are you even talking about? So proud of yourself for running around like a total lunatic shooting guns at people!!

    You’re a barbarian! WE GET IT!! No need to keep reminding us over and over and over. We get it!

  2. lou

    the bitch is back

  3. TinaB

    The powers that be want a borderless planet and YOU are not going to stop them. Unfortunately your new “enemy” is technology.and ain’t all the guns on the planet gonna stop it! Get it?

    You really should read “The Vaccine Movement” and pretty much anything Paul KIngsnorth has to say. He is leaps and bounds smarter than you will ever be. Or try Ted Kaczynski – his IQ is 167 far higher than yours that you brag about endlessly.

    You are living in your past glory days! HAHA! You know you should really talk to your doctor – they have “medications” for these types of disorders and they are very effective!

  4. Timothy Carroll

    @#2, Even “dumb bitch” is grossly too complimentary for TinaB. I prefer to think of her as a herpetic wart on the asshole of humanity.

  5. lou

    3–what about Ted? was he an MK ultra victim?

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