New Multi-BILLION Dollar Yacht For Jeff Bilderberg Bezos!

Over $200 BILLION  Bezos yacht is the biggest on earth when finished.  As we eat bugs he and his elite buddies in the Bilderberg gang will sail merrily all over the earth, spewing vast amounts of CO2 while screaming at us exhaling is destroying the climate.  I say, arrest and charge Bezos with destroying the entire earth by overheating it with his jets and yachts and palaces!  All of the super rich are breaking their own darn rules for ‘stopping global warming’ which means they are earth killers and should be stopped…totally and forever since this will save the entire Earth!


Meanwhile, Biden continues to build stuff around the White House with no explanation:


Note how crime is shooting upwards and onwards in major Democratic cities that are total hell holes now, this is why Bezos and his buddies need these massive ships and castles and aircraft.  The idea that soon, pirates will again roam the Seven Seas and jets be shot down from ground fired rockets doesn’t occur to these lunatic rich monsters.




Many of these monsters have properties in Manhattan which is rapidly collapsing into chaos:



‘Our leaders and experts…suck’: Gutfeld tells the truth.  ‘Word salad is a turd salad,’ Gutfeld sneers:



‘Biden’s incoherence has rubbed off on her…perhaps this is contagious!’ is another G gem.  ‘She caught a new variant, call it Joemocrom.’


Now for some sad news: I used to live in NYC and made many arrests there including on the subway systems.  Today, total chaos reigns there like in the terrible 1970’s and here is the latest case:


Asian men and women were tricked by the Bilderberg gang into demanding the government stop white males from hassling them as if this were any problem at all.  Not one peep from one DNC Asian about black on Asian crimes.  Now, it is getting worse by the hour as blacks hunt down and attack Asians especially older Asians.  Will Asian Democrats tell the truth?  Will they visit the new, useless mayor and demand he stop black on Asian crimes?


HAHAHA.  Nope.  This is all so very pathetic to watch.  Sometimes it takes lots and lots of lessons for people to figure out what reality is.


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20 responses to “New Multi-BILLION Dollar Yacht For Jeff Bilderberg Bezos!

  1. lou

    at that level, whats a few Billion? His ex wife finances climate action ‘charity’, if I recall. she is leftist.

  2. qbutnoa Bird flu kills 2 in China. Bird flu fears as China reports two deaths after five new H5N6 cases as WHO calls for ‘urgent’ action.

  3. snoosebomb

    wuhoo flu # 2 2022 , keep say’n . Malone said [can’t confirm that ] there was hemorrhagic fever near Bejing , big squads of guys in space suits. Beijing winter Olympics coming up .

  4. lou

    note the headline…deranged man.

    lets re title it–BLACK man kills stranger.

    Oh, SF is yellow as is Hawaii..the yellows got what they voted for. tough luck, chinks.

  5. Zeke

    Jeff Bezos is a far right wing conservative Republican. So there.

  6. Zeke, you probe your depths of depravity. Good grief. Poor chap.

  7. lou

    5– Bezos controls the Washington Post & donates gazillions to left wing causes? Are U CRAZEE?

  8. Zeke


    Bezos is one of if not ‘the’ richest man on the planet.

    Whatever amounts he gives away to whatever causes are mere trivial tokens of his vast wealth. Essentially meaningless to him. They’re a sop.
    He’s not trying to effect any real change. Now do you ‘get it’?

  9. lou

    Tim, are you here?

  10. snoosebomb

    wuhoo flu # 2 2022 ;

    In December, there were 2,657 cases of this Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS) reported in Shanxi Province in China. HFRS “is a group of illnesses caused by hantaviruses,” and has been endemic to the province since 1995. The Global Times China reports that “human-to-human transmission is possible but rare, due to its weak viral transmission capability.”

    The China CDC weekly discusses the number of cases as of December 19, 2021:
    “In 2021, of the 2,657 cases reported in the 10 affected cities, 2,522 (94.92%) cases were from 4 cities: Xi’an (1,553, 58.45%), Weinan (475, 17.88%), Xianyang (293, 11.03%), and Baoji (200, 7.56%); and 2,062 (77.6%) cases were reported from 20 affected county-level jurisdictions and city districts.”

    If these COVID vaccines are indeed lowering the ability of our natural immune system, then we will become vulnerable to new diseases that will have a much higher rate of death than COVID. In truth, it is this type of Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus that has always been deeply feared among real disease scientists. Something like this could spread rapidly. Our models on disease, which were provided at the WEC for attendees and those who purchased the live stream, have been warning that we are entering a serious phase and perhaps these COVID vaccines have laid the groundwork for making that possible to allow other diseases to spread more rapidly.


    According to a recently published study that looked at data from 145 of the most vaccinated countries in the world, the results are shocking. This nearly 100-page study entitled “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries” has found that in the US, the vaccine has caused a 38% greater number of Covid cases per million. It has further shown that there has been a 31% increase in deaths per million.

    meanwhile @ Costco cdn get vaxed ‘er else buster

  11. Blaming the recent deaths on the vaccine when the new incarnation of the germs is acting is…stupid. Look, the virus did mutate and…its death rate barely made the statistics change, we have no big hump in deaths like previous events this last two years. Instead of thousands dying each day it is hundreds in the US which is a lot less. Also, this is when many more people got infected including me and had few symptoms like myself.

  12. Jim R

    In other words, your ‘vaccine’ did nothing for this latest strain. All of the ‘vaccines’ were designed to fight the old Wuhan strain. And it’s a good thing you never caught the original strain, it was a bad one. I never got around to asking for that jab, and now it is medically irrelevant.

    I had it last week as well. Couple days of fever, fatigue, and popping vitamin C, orange juice, etc, and it was over. I don’t recommend it as an experience, I’d rather not have any sick days, but I’ll remain in the control arm of Fauci’s giant science fair project.

    Garrison had this hilarious take on a recent podcast kerfuffle, if you’re a Scott Adams fan.. tangential to this thread, but it was funny, anyhow.

  13. snoosebomb

    lol , & all those ‘ stupid ‘ numbers are piling up , haw haw ,,

  14. Zelda

    Behavioral control
    and the end of the American dream.

    Robert W Malone MD, MS

    The link may be blocked; if so it should be obvious why to anyone that searches it up.

  15. snoosebomb

    ”Even in Germany, “A complete vaccination consists of three doses,” said Health Minister Lauterbach of the “Bild am Sonntag.” He warned that despite the low numbers in intensive care units, there are still difficult weeks ahead. These vaccines do not offer permanent protection. They require endless boosters. This is nothing more than a political tool and unfortunately, governments will never investigate themselves and who has been bought to carry out this denial of freedom. Gates himself has admitted that the vaccines have not delivered what he promised. This will go down in history as the greatest fraud of all time. What they are counting on is that all the people who rushed out to get vaccinated will prefer not to admit that they were fooled. They [ ie Elaine ] count on their self-esteem to deny that they did not work.”

  16. Kenogami

    The deaths and injuries from the poisonous fake “vaccines” have started in the US and the UK. Life insurance enterprises have noticed an abnormal increase in deaths that have never occured before.
    Millions of jobs in the US and no one to fill them.

    The next step of the globalist monsters is to start the 3rd world war in Ukraine in order to redirect anger away from them for the greatest genocide in history. Censorship, disorder, martial law will hide the slow genocide from the poisonous jabs in the West.

  17. lou

    16–i have read similar, more deaths in the under 50 group, yes? A lot more deaths.

  18. lou

    Gates himself has admitted that the vaccines have not delivered what he promised…well since he has no medical training, what else is news?

  19. snoosebomb

    ”boosters seem effective (but there’s that word again) but even this seeming efficacy is rapidly dropping and risk ratio is up from 0.15 in week 3 dec to 0.38 in week 2 jan, a 150% change.

    i see 2 likely explanations here and they are not mutually exclusive:

    1. this is omicron, the OAS/vaccine evading variant showing up and taking over. as it does, vaccine efficacy drops like a rock because you are antigenically imprinted for the wrong spike proteins. what had been a help becomes actual harm because a bad response is worse for you than making one up on the fly and omicron is the optimized output of selection by leaky vaccine for vaccine evasion and superspread. we’re now into OAS territory, just as certain gatos told you we would be…

    2. this is bad math and bad definitions being used to hide properties of these vaccines and shift risk. defining as “3 doses” those only those 2 weeks after their 3rd jab is bayesian datacrime, especially when the jab itself is known to cause ~2 weeks of immunosuppression and higher risk.

    the jab itself generates a high risk cohort but then attributes that risk to the cohort before it. it’s like blaming getting hit by a car crossing the street on having stayed on the sidewalk, and the effects can be gigantic. you can hide ANYTHING in that. it’s bad definitions leading to bad math and it’s been widespread practice since pfizer ginned it up to slant their trials.

  20. All this hysteria here and…I got the virus and I got sick and I am over 70 years old and had both vaccinations and…I barely got sick. The gang here in hysterics cannot comprehend what this means!

    IF I got it earlier, I might have died! Now, I didn’t die. Very simple and basic.

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