90% ‘Hate Speech’ Is Anti-White Male Not Anti-Black


Fake liberals love to lie about anything and everything.  This is a prime example.  This should be front page news for all liberal publications and news media.  But it won’t.  So, 90% of all hate speech is aimed at white people and men in general.  There should be civil rights laws dealing with this.  I repeatedly say, the Civil Rights words talk about everyone, all racism is to be not tolerated.  Anti-white racism is just as bad as anti-semite racism or anti-black racism.  Sexes are protected and this emphatically includes all male sexes of any sort including heterosexual males.  Instead, we have this cruel double standard which is slowly turning around and dealing with anti-white/anti-male racism.  VERY slowly…


Just in: the FBI got the identification of the Muslim terrorist who attacked a Texan synagogue: he came from Britain.  Fortunately, the police managed to terminate the terrorist.  The terrorist was in prison in England for 10 years then flew to the US and went to a homeless shelter where he prepared to go to war against the USA.  We still don’t know where Muslim country the man came from.  Here is another dark terrorist in New York City:




This is the  thug who coldly shot dead a young, pretty teenage girl working at Burger King in Harlem yesterday used to work there, himself, before turning into a common crook and a cold blooded murderer.  Note his shirt when he was arrested: a maid sweeping things under the rug which sums up the Democrats running New York City to hell in a handbasket.


Now for funny news: not ONE of the Real Rulers who are also top Bilderberg gangster co-conspirators, not one of these  evil people follow their own rules they set for all of us.  They repeatedly break their own covid rules they impose on everyone.  Here in Upstate NY, we do as we please and have for many months while the ‘liberal’ cities rage and rant and fall apart and impose a zillion rules and regulations.



The Brits are now all in a huff and puff about this.  What Boris did is what every DNC leader did this last two years.  No difference except liberals think this sort of rot is OK.  I don’t hear a peep from them about this.  HAHAHA.  Silly geese.

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One response to “90% ‘Hate Speech’ Is Anti-White Male Not Anti-Black

  1. lou

    Stop asian hate? Stop blacks killing asians.


    Black Lives Matter Norfolk (VA) Edition: Since 1989,

    Almost Every Homicide in the Majority White City Has a Black Suspect.

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