Giuliani Jr Attacked In Manhattan While Manhattan Prosecutors Flee Office Due To DNC Communist DA Takes Over


Giuliani stopped New York City crimes nearly totally.  The city thrived.  Now, ‘voters’ who are mostly illegal aliens and vote collectors who faked voting by people who seldom vote, rigging the elections in NY and California has led to insane people running things…off the cliff!  In both states, criminals no longer go to prison for crimes and crimes soar as law and order breaks down nearly totally now.  We see lawyers quitting the DA’s office in Manhattan now that a full blown communist radical is in charge and is only seeking to punish citizens who pay taxes or obey normal laws.  And they are going after Trump, of course as well as Giuliani!  Arrest the new DA Bragg.  Put him in prison.  Now.


Former Mayor Giuliani’s son ran for governor.  He still lives and works in Manhattan.  The other day he was walking in Manhattan when he saw a man and a woman arguing in the street and intervened.  I have done this in the past.  It is very dangerous, doing this.


GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani was hit in the face with a flower pot as he tried to break up a fight near Penn Station.


The 35-year-old son of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told The Post he witnessed a man and a woman having a violent confrontation last Saturday on 28th Street as he walked to a meeting with Gavin Wax, president of the New York Young Republicans.


Obviously, crime is now OK and openly happening all over the city thanks to DNC victories at the ballot box.  This chaos is deliberate and cities that are dying are the entire political base of the Democrats.  This is how they gain power: wreck a city, drive out all the white voters and blacks who have families and get married, etc. and lo and behold, it votes forever DNC.


Locals in the area say the uptick in crime has been noticeable over the last five years. The incident was not far from where a violent perv slashed a man who confronted him about masturbating in front of his wife just days earlier.


Not to mention the insane man who pushed a Chinese woman to her death in the subway systems.


“It’s deteriorated,” Thomas Weisse, owner of Caribbean Cuts Flowers & Foliage said. “You have to pay a lot more attention coming to work and leaving work than you used to. The entire city is that way.”


AND the ‘entire city’ voted DNC last election!  You get what you want!  I don’t feel sorry, I am angry about all this.


Weisse says he’s seen junkies shooting heroin just down the block. In October the NYPD issued orders allowing drug addicts to shoot up freely on city streets.


You can do it in public!  Great move there.  Sounds like…California.  They do this deliberately.  People walking through armies of violent drug addicts doing their thing in public, being mugged or murdered leads to DNC victories in elections due to middle class flight!


The Asians in California and New York vote for this nonsense.  Stupidly, they demand law and order and then vote for the chaos party that creates more crimes!  How stupid is this?  Even now, they don’t argue with the new black Mayor about his own ‘people’ attacking and killing as well as robbing Asian people!  Nope.  Not a peep.  So I don’t feel sorry for them at all.  They asked for this and they will get this…good and hard.



Invaders continue to pour into the country.  When caught, they are released so they can do anything, anywhere, anytime and Biden wants them to come and attack us.  He is a traitor.



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14 responses to “Giuliani Jr Attacked In Manhattan While Manhattan Prosecutors Flee Office Due To DNC Communist DA Takes Over

  1. Zeke

    So ….. you’re saying that RePukes are cowards who’d rather “flee” than stay and fight.

    Interesting. Quite an admission on EMS’s part.

    Good to know.

  2. Timothy Carroll

    Zeke-retarded half brother of TinaB-sits alone in his mom’s basement with one hand on his little penis, the other with a dildo up his ass, lays down life lessons for Elaine. Got it.

  3. lou

    black rule is–
    south africa

    a dangerous game

  4. Zeke

    It’s called “projecting” – the attempt to transfer your own pathetic condition onto others.

    Timothy Carroll – the worthless reeking stenching pile of excrement cannot get off its knees to form a coherent sentence – and relies on projecting.

  5. Timothy Carroll

    Zeke-portrait of a frustrated, lonely homosexual having a nervous breakdown when being called out for being a t.r.o.l.l.

    Zeke, it’s 3:00 p.m. Time to change your butt plug, dear!

  6. Zeke

    What is fascinating and TELLING is that that crap is first and foremost on your mind.

    (It’s the furthest thing from my mind.)

    One can logically conclude that you, Timothy Carroll, are projecting your own concerns. You are a sad excuse for a human being.

    And a sicko too.

  7. Timothy Carroll

    Me thinks Zeke (dah Freak) and TinaB are one asshole posing as two cheeks. Out of the closet, my sweet, and into the street. ( )@( )…. 😀

  8. Zeke

    Timothy Carroll

    Again with the projecting. You are an easily triggered troll. Wrestling with your own inability to deal with your repressed homosexuality – from your own posts.
    Even your last name is a woman’s name: Carroll. How f’ed up is that!
    In the military you’d be Carroll Timothy. Maybe that’s the source of your sexual dysfunction.

    Seek psychiatric help.

  9. Timothy Carroll

    I would like to disrespectfully dedicate this to our resident troll Zeke “TinaB”…….put on those go go boots, girl!

  10. Zeke

    “A Boy Named Sue”? No.

    ‘A Boy Named Carroll’ is more apt here.
    No wonder it’s so f’ed up. Sexually ‘confused’ Timothy Carroll.

  11. Everyone is sexually confused. This began in the Garden of Eden and was caused by a snake.

  12. The devil is Eve’s new lawyer. 🙂

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