Basketball Owner Sobolik Says, ‘Who Cares About Uyghurs’ Being Annihilated By China Communists

Anti-patriotic/pro-Chinese Dictators, basketball which has been falling off a cliff in popularity continues to sneer about how deals with China are more important than anything because it is money, money, money to them.  What is most painful is how liberals go lock-step with each other and thus, say and do things that are fascist or vile.  They are all so weepy about nearly anything and then turn around on a dime and are cold, nasty and outright evil when they don’t like the victims for political reasons.  This is why they generously let violent criminals out of prison to run riot and don’t shed a tear but get very angry at anti-Biden people and put these in prison with no trials!


The entire liberal system is now in rapid collapse.  Signs of this are everywhere.  People are realizing that liberals are not liberal at all, they are ideologues who would cheerfully put people in concentration camps to ‘re-educate’ them violently!  All far left governments do this uniformly.  I hammer on this point because liberals refuse to acknowledge this tendency.  They think, only conservatives go overboard (and yes, this also happens) but can’t comprehend how they go overboard even worse.


Ted is correct, the super rich hate citizens in all countries.  They are ‘elitists’ who want to simply be richer and richer.  Oddly, they also believe fervently that we are all going to roast to death due to driving cars, etc.  Which is why they all drive gas guzzling monster vehicles, live in palaces and sail on yachts and fly private jets none of which cause ‘global warming’.   Ted Cruz reposted this:



Yes, Germany is playing footsie with Puttie.  And even funnier, is attacking the USA for not stopping ‘global warming’ enough.  And inside Germany, boasts about being ‘green’ which is a total lie, of course.


Trump’s son is having fun online laughing at the Democrats as they release fellow child molester politicians from prison:



Now on to the New York Times, the slimiest newspaper on earth.  Yesterday’s editorial was funny as hell due to whining that Biden isn’t able to impose insane rules and laws on the country with impunity.  NY City does this to all of Upstate NY which makes that big city a place we all hate, now.



The headline is an utter lie.  Obama created a huge market crash.  Trump pulled NY out of that crash via doing smart things.  The coronavirus event caused markets to close so they crashed.  Duh.  Biden took over and is desperate to push markets open but they can’t so they won’t so everything continues to be bad while he wants to spend super amounts of money doing nothing useful:


The conversations I have with the Biden administration’s economists are very different from the conversations I had with the Obama administration’s economists, even when they’re the same people. Now the discussion is all about what the economy can produce and how fast it can be shipped. They need companies to make more goods and make them faster. They need more chips so there can be more cars and computers. They need ports to clear more shipments and Pfizer to make more antiviral pills and shipping companies to hire more truckers and schools to upgrade their ventilation systems.


Yes, we need more CHINESE stuff that should come to our ports!  Meanwhile, trains stuck at the Port of Los Angeles are being systematically looted by neighbors there who steal whatever they can by breaking into the containers on trains.  Also, these ‘economists’ are not economists, they are leftist radicals.  They are giving the same ‘advice’ as always which leads to economic collapse like we see in all leftist countries.


Some of these problems reflect the Biden administration’s successes. (Read my colleague Paul Krugman for more on this.) For all the talk of supply chain crises, many of the delays and shortages reflect unexpectedly strong demand, not a pandemic-induced breakdown in production. Supply chains are built to produce the goods that companies think will be consumed in the future. Expectations were off for 2021, in part because forecasters thought demand would slacken as people lost work and wages, in part because the fiscal response was massively larger than anyone anticipated and in part because when people couldn’t go out for meals and movies, they bought things instead. Overall spending is more or less on its prepandemic trend, but the composition of spending has changed: Americans purchased 18 percent more physical goods in September 2021 than in February 2020.


This very stupid man,  Ezra Klein, is roughly my generation.  He saw the 1970’s rampant inflation.  He knows what inflation looks like: 18% more was spent to buy stuff that cost 18% less a year ago!  This is called ‘rampant inflation’, you dummy!


Now the Biden administration fears that its supply problems will wipe out its demand successes. In recent remarks, Biden took aim at those who would lower prices by breaking the buying power of the working class. “If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions,” Biden said. “You increase the supply of cars by making more of them, or you reduce demand for cars by making Americans poorer. That’s the choice. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people in the second camp.”


These dolts all know how inflation works.  When we have inflation, building cars or houses COST MORE so the profits are LESS if buyers can’t buy!  During the 1970’s rampant inflation, I began buying abandoned properties and rebuilding these or my associates paid me to do this for them.  The people at the low end of the economic scale couldn’t buy any properties no matter how cheap so we had a pick of places to buy and renovate.


Heating costs in the Northeast were high and poor people couldn’t afford to heat their homes!  Landlords, suffering from rent control that denied any inflation was happening, abandoned their properties which were looted and burned or turned over to people like me to turn them into private homes, not rentals.


He’s right, but this is a practical fight, not just an ideological one, and the Biden administration is making its own mistakes. His administration is suffering right now from directly mismanaging Covid supplies. It did an extraordinary job in its first months, flooding the country with vaccines. Today, any adult who wants one, or three, can get the shots. But vaccines aren’t the only public health tool that matters, and there was every reason to believe the Biden administration knew it. The American Rescue Plan had about $20 billion for vaccine distribution, but it had $50 billion to expand testing and even more than that to retrofit classrooms so teachers and children alike would feel safe. Where did that money go?


This NY Times moron pretends Biden, not Trump, set up the entire system for inoculating everyone.  It ran really well, the way Trump set it up!  Once Biden’s gang got their paws on it, it began to falter and then fail.  Now, it is ridiculous.  And where did all that money go once the rip off gang took over America?


HAHAHA.  What a surprise!  Too bad the NYT can’t figure out the obvious here.  Tulsi Gabbard, a sane Democrat pushed out of her own party explains:



And here is California’s solution the healthcare woes: double taxes so they can give free healthcare to all illegal aliens.  This is NY DNC solutions, too.  They all want to do this: double our taxes after letting millions of invaders enter illegally!  And then let these invaders vote with no ID, great.  Arrest all these Democrats who are traitors.



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14 responses to “Basketball Owner Sobolik Says, ‘Who Cares About Uyghurs’ Being Annihilated By China Communists

  1. lou

    what is the name of the ugly Indian billionaire? I recall his story, he is a bitcoin billionaire.

  2. Ken

    Historically, democratic political systems do not last long. People learn that they can vote to give themselves money from the government, and eventually the government goes bankrupt.

    Because the US has universal suffrage, people who do not pay taxes are able to vote to give themselves money taken by the government from the people who do pay taxes. Allowing illegal immigrants to vote allows them to join the ranks of the non-producers who take from the producers. This will accelerate the eventual collapse of the US.

    Many people see this trend as leading to civil war. I do not. Instead, some states will eventually seek to secede from the union. Without armed conflict. Passive resistance. A la Gandhi and MLK. Perhaps simply stop paying federal taxes. Once a couple of states succeed at this, and their citizens find themselves better off on their own, the trickle will become a torrent. That will be the end of the US as we know it now.

  3. Nina

    US care for muslims seems to be very dependent on where those mulisms live. If they live in China the US suddenly cares a lot, but if they live in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, or any other country the US has bombed, starved and sanctioned, the US doesn’t give a sh*t. Typical disgusting US hypocricy.

  4. TinaB

    EMS are you referring to these “invaders”?

    Types of Jobs That New Immigrants Take
    – Hospitality Jobs. The hospitality sector is the most attractive for immigrants in the U.S. Many immigrants have found employment as dishwashers or cooks in this industry. …
    – Agricultural Sector. …
    – Construction Industry. …
    – Health Care.

    Get rid of them already! Then you “privileged white people” can clean up your own vomit & feces, cook your own food, GROW your own food, transport your goods all around the planet, clean your own home, care for your own children & aging loved ones, do your own landscaping, build your own buildings, etc. OR you can pay one of your ilk a FAIR wage for them to do it for you.

    Invaders make up almost 40% of the healthcare workers….. careful now you aging, sick US citizens. Watch how quickly you shut your mouth when you have to depend on them for your care! HAHAHA!

    I’ve been telling you for months now to stop buying Chinese products. Simple. But you just continue to “blame” god know who for YOUR own decisions. Mirrors are not your friend.

    “Immigrants today play a crucial role in the U.S. workforce. Although 17 percent of the overall workforce is foreign-born, certain industries are much more dependent on immigrants.

    Nearly one quarter of workers in the construction industry are immigrants, for example. About a third of immigrant workers do not have authorization to work legally in the U.S., and these immigrants are also vital to the American economy. As it grows, the number of jobs will expand at all skill levels.

    Immigration policies should facilitate finding workers willing and able to fill jobs requiring lower skill levels, not make it harder. As important as immigrants are to today’s U.S. workforce, they will be more vital in the future. Between now and 2035, all growth in the U.S. workforce will be entirely due to immigrants and their children.”

  5. lou

    Tina, the canadian ‘green’ who wants millions more footprints on USA. how hypocritical.


  6. Timothy Carroll

    @#4 ( )@( )

  7. lou



    Nothing to be concerned about here…just the US military staging war games against fictional “domestic freedom fighters” in the hills of North Carolina.

    They are really hoping some group, somewhere, goes kinetic so they can drop the hammer on them (first) and then on the rest of the country by extension…

  8. Zelda

    US intelligence says US Russia planning false flag operation to justify Ukraine invasion

  9. Zelda

    It’s coming:
    60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1976)

  10. amigauser

    How many countries has China invaded?

    An american secretary of state(maddy albright) considered a half a million iraq kids dying, to be a price worth paying, Has a chinese politician ever said anything like this?

  11. qbutnoa

    “How many countries has China invaded?”
    For whatever reasons, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, India, USSR.

    “Has a chinese politician ever said anything like this?”
    AFAIK, china politicians dont say things like that in public.

  12. lou

    12–you forgot USA. how much land have they bought?
    how many chinese are here?

    That idiot Carter [a pal of elaine or her pop] ‘carter to chinese czar
    ‘let people leave china’.. many million do you want?

  13. qbutnoa

    “12–you forgot USA. how much land have they bought? how many chinese are here?”
    Indeed, lots and lots.

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