Wuhan Omni Coronavirus Spreads Far And Wide But Is Weaker Than 2020 Infection

I have a vital interest in the 50 year severe virus cycles that kill millions of people every half century. This particular event is different from the Spanish Flu and Hong Kong Flu events in only one way: we have modern methods now to counteract these intense viral events which may or may not work. So today I will examine what is really going on and why hysteria about all this is useless. There are good lessons to learn, though. The first being, this happens every 50 years because of how evolution works over time.  Do note that the death rate, worldwide, remains flat even as masses are infected with this much weaker form of the virus compared to the much deadlier version in March, 2020.




The New York Times article has been updated so it has the statistics from January 19, 2022.  We can see this gigantic jump in infections but the death rate is roughly the same as at the middle of the viral event.  That is, half as deadly as the first wave which was very, very deadly.  Right now, globally, in Europe, South America and North America, it runs roughly between 2 to 4 deaths per cent which is an epidemic level of deaths since normal annual flues have a 0.1 to 0.5 per cent death rate.


Below is a series of graphs showing the very sudden, quite high spike in covid cases.  The decline in cases is equally fast, too.  The statistics for all this are screwed up due to many people living far from cities not bothering to go get tested and also not needing any doctor’s interventions, the survival rate for this event is very high.  For example, many people in  my little village has had the disease and simply stayed home and drank hot tea, etc.  This is what I did, too.


I also worked at coughing up any gunk in my trachea.  This kept it from sliding into my lungs.  So I had a little bit of lung garbage which I threw up from my lungs via choking up.  I did this after I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu and lying in bed, I would lean over the side and choke up all the gunk while some kindly person would whack me between the shoulder blades to help upchuck the junk in my lungs.


It worked.  Surviving this disease is more likely if one does this but hospitals for some odd reason, won’t do this, they just pump oxygen into the lungs, irritating the lungs further.



The hardest hit states like, as previously, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, etc. already see a dramatic drop in the number of cases and deaths are still up but falling now, too.  There is also false information floating around the internet about how vaccinated people are dying more often than unvaccinated people.  This false information is based on misreading data.



I will explain this: the number of people in high vaccination states like NY or Rhode Island are seeing vaccinated people getting ill from this variant germ.  Since the majority are vaccinated, they will have the most reinfection NUMBERS compared to the 20% who are not vaccinated.  The vaccinations don’t stop the new virus but survivability has improved.  Unvaccinated suffer the full brunt of the disease.  They are fewer in number but per million, a higher death rate.


Understanding how vaccinations couldn’t totally stop deaths is important.  All flu vaccinations since day one, years ago, didn’t totally stop deaths.  The fact is, if one is already very unhealthy, the chances of dying is much higher, vaccinated or not, than people who are healthy.  In the case of the flu vaccination causing side problems: this is probably and discovering who is having problems and why is highly important.  Due to pure politics, the government is reluctant to do this.


The fact remains, the ‘do nothing’ people are triumphant thinking they are smarter than say, me.  This is false pride.  By the way, I pushed very hard for the use of ivermectin and other forms of medication for this disease and I love the results, I used it, myself and it works.  It didn’t stop the disease but made it quite survivable.  I coughed up a lot of gunk from my lungs but didn’t run a high fever at all, was able to eat food (trust me, full blown lung problems from the flu, you can’t eat anything).


Generally, I came out of this without losing more teeth and hair, for example which is good.  Many elderly unable or unwilling to cough up the gunk died.  Coughing is GOOD when you are sick with a germ that makes goo in your trachea!  I took cough syrup only so I could sleep once and a while and I slept less than 5 hours a night because of the need to wake up and resume clearing my lungs.  Sitting upright is important when suffering these sort of symptoms.


Lying down can lead to death.  I wish hospitals understood this better.  This is why bed ridden elderly die of this disease quite quickly.  Also, the government right now is doing everything they can to stop people from using Ivermectin meds.  I used the horse meds and had no side effects and still got sick but it was not deadly at all and I am over 70 years old and many my age did die.  So of course, the government is working hard to prevent people from accessing any form of Ivermectin.  Typical of liberals.



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16 responses to “Wuhan Omni Coronavirus Spreads Far And Wide But Is Weaker Than 2020 Infection

  1. Jim R

    You’ll still die, but the vaccinated will go to heaven…

    Look, once again, I just had the same thing you did, Elaine. The shots you took against the Wuhan strain might have worked — however, they don’t do anything for Omicron. My symptoms were the same as yours.

    In my case, the dogs’ heartworm medication is safe. I didn’t feel the need, been living on vitamin C and orange juice. And an aspirin now and then.

    And now I can see why people lost their senses of taste and smell, and why the ventilators were killing them. The tail end of this thing is a sea of mucus, still coughing it up. You can’t smell anything if your nose is clogged with mucus. The main thing is to stay hydrated, and cough it up. Supposedly, ivermectin also helps with this inflammatory phase, but it isn’t bad enough for me to self-medicate. My doctor can prescribe other things for it if necessary.

  2. lou

    German doctor Dr. Noack: killed just days after releasing this video explaining how the metallic nanoparticules injected cut up and destroy the heart, brain and cardiovascular system.

    He says ”the nanoparticles inside cells destroy the innate defense mechanism of cells and cause blood clots, deadly inflammation, thrombi, and multi-organ failure.”

  3. snoosebomb

    and give the bilderbergs a handshake while you are at it . Thank them for the virus , the virus that dumped Trump , the deaths and ongoing mayhem.

  4. Zelda

    Yeah lets base on our analysis on data published in the NY times; I am sure that will help us get to the bottom of things.

    Except it has been shown that the “official” data is all based on fraud.

  5. shawntoh


    Dougiee Edwards, meethinks

  6. Zelda

    That’s how constrictors work: they release then squeeze, release then squeeze.

    It doesn’t end until the people at the top are in prison.

  7. lou

    Elaine has Fluphobia.

  8. Zelda

    SHOCKING: Analysis of CDC Data CONFIRMS MASSIVE 40% Spike in Deaths Among 18-49 Year-Olds Over the Past Year – Still Unexplained

  9. qbutnoa

    Authorities: Major drug bust in Denver shows Mexican cartels’ reach. An alarming trend in counterfeit prescription pills laced with fentanyl flooding our streets, as well as the continuing nexus between drug trafficking and violent crime impacting our communities.

  10. Yes, the MASSIVE death rate for young people went from near zero to slightly higher which is a huge increase rate that still is very near to ZERO.


    Simple understanding of statistics is amazing. This is why hysteria closes the brain and allows people to believe in really dumb stuff due to naked fear.

    I happen to understand statistics. At no point in time did the death rate of young people come even remotely close to the death rate of elderly with multiple health problems.

  11. And today, the real death rate that did shoot upwards was the SUICIDE rate for young people which grossly outstrips the death rate from vaccines or disease.

    By a million miles. And this was due to the stupid social isolation garbage imposed on young people which I opposed from day one since this disease barely affected young people and this is why I was not for mass innoculations, too.

    I wanted it for the ELDERLY.

  12. Zelda

    And we also have this insanely criminal false narrative that “this happens every 50 years because of how evolution works over time” when we have the documents proving that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab and intentionally released as cover for a world wide corporate takeover.

  13. snoosebomb

    CDC , for the US

    —The provisional number of
    suicides in 2020 (45,855) was 3% lower
    than in 2019 (47,511).

    2019 it was 47500



    added up ,, 45855

  14. snoosebomb

    Elaine you are full of shite ” I happen to understand statistics ”

    tell us about Baysian analysis

    try this one


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