China Mines/Burns More Coal While Bill Gates Cheers, Demands More ‘Carbon Taxes’ For USA



The super rich Bilderberg gangsters tell us, if they make using cheap energy much more expensive people will change over to expensive forms of ‘green’ energy to survive.  This is the official position of all the world’s richest people: let them use expensive energy to survive!  This is the new ‘let them eat cake’ philosophy that drove revolutionaries into executing many European elites.  The Bilderberg gang continues to double down on destructive demands.  Arrest them all.


He continued, “Only by doing that in an aggressive way will the economic costs be brought down enough that we can turn to all the middle income countries and say ‘OK, change your whole cement industry, change your whole steel industry.’”


“The number of companies working on these things is very exciting,” Gates proclaimed.


I say, why can’t we go to all the properties owned by Mr. Billionaire Gates and blow up all the buildings that have cement in them, even if the cement is only the foundation.  Destroy all of these, they are destroying the earth, after all!



In his books, World Economic Forum founder and globalist Klaus Schwab makes clear that the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ or ‘The Great Reset’ will lead to the abolition of private property.  That message is echoed on the WEF’s official website, which states, “Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.”


This is 100% radical, pure communism!  Duh.  Note how not one rich idiot is going to ‘own nothing.’  They want to ‘own everything’.  This way, they are our Dear Communist Leaders living in gigantic palaces and eating as they please and flying everywhere while everyone else starves/freezes to death.


When the world’s ‘richest man’ chortles about how no one (BUT HIMSELF) will own anything.  This is a man ripe for the guillotine.  Speaking of guillotines, in NYC which is headquarters for the insane elites, they removed the statue of Teddy Roosevelt in the late night like the crooks they all are:


Another night attack by ANTIFA Democrats in NYC:


What these monsters mean by ‘racist’ is any white male in the past no matter how liberal.  And Teddy was a liberal from NY, not some Southern Rebel.  Americans are rebelling against Biden now:


The immense difference between Biden’s first year and Trump’s first year is stark: the mainstream media attacked Trump from the very first minute onwards with FAKE NEWS about FAKE RUSSIA COLLUSION.  With Biden, he was coddled by everyone and no one talked about real Russian collusion by Biden and his corrupt son.  That news was buried!  This was in stark contrast with news about Trump which was 100% fake.  Mainstream news continues to deny reality and not report real news:



Mainstream ‘news’ is more about hiding real news.  This is why I cannot show many news stories about my many, many citizen arrests over the years.  These arrests were all studiously avoided by news people in Manhattan who knew me, PERSONALLY.  They adamantly refused to report the news, deliberately.  I used to mock them about this.


Then Ted Turner did report the real news years ago when I was camped out in front of the UN.  HAHAHA.  That greatly irritated mainstream news who complained about this.  Well, CNN won’t report real news anymore and CNN is now going bankrupt.  HAHAHA.  How pathetic.


Note the lady looking at her phone.  This is how people get attacked by crooks who steal phones.  Now on to obvious communist activities by the DNC gang:



The minute one of the DNC gang members turns on the communist leaders of that party, they are annihilated, arrested, abused.  This is how communism works, after all.  Purge anyone who differs with the Dear Leaders!  One thing all Dear Leaders since the dawn of time is to live forever:



They want Eternal Life.  This is the definition of hell.  There are zillions of books, movies, fairytales, religious stories about people wanting to be gods and failing miserably due to this.  As people age, if they don’t ‘age and die’ they stagnate. They grimly hang onto power and are totally self centered and bitter because living forever is a curse, not a blessing.  It is literal hell on earth.


Some creatures live a very long time like tortoises.  But they move very slowly and have very uneventful lives.  They plod along.  Anxious hummingbirds have short but extremely active lives.   They get to fly from beautiful flower to even prettier flowers!  They drink the Nectar of the Gods, after all!  The Golden Touch is a curse and Eternal Life is also a curse.  This is called ‘paradox’, we all wish for what is worse for us in the bitter end.


Mainstream media is cursed. The more they won’t report the news, the more people cease watching them which is leading to bankruptcy which they richly deserve.  Here is Ted Cruz reposting real news about fake news:



Yes, we get little news from fake news which is OK with me.  Why use fake news in the first place?  There is plenty of real news online.  I say, Russian news media has lots and lots of real news about us.  They might not carry news about Russia but I go there to see real news about us, here in the US which has so precious little real news available.




Yes, Biden told his pal, Putin, he can invade Ukraine.  This cannot be avoided or changed via staff in the White House claiming the opposite. Biden said this in public and there it is, forever.  He didn’t correct himself, either, his staff did this behind his back!  HAHAHA. Arrest Biden, arrest his staff.  Send them to Russia.


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18 responses to “China Mines/Burns More Coal While Bill Gates Cheers, Demands More ‘Carbon Taxes’ For USA

  1. TinaB

    “We need healthcare advances because people fear death more than at any time in human history. It’s fairly unprecedented to be jabbing children to protect the elderly, the sick, and those who neglect their health by becoming obese &c. Even if it were a tested vaccine that is actually safe and effective, any healthy society would see that as morally sick and twisted.

    A healthy and functional society would be following this aphorism:
    “These trees which he plants, and under whose shade he shall never sit, he loves them for themselves, and for the sake of his children and his children’s children, who are to sit beneath the shadow of their spreading boughs.”

    The path that current society follows is more akin to the sick and elderly chopping down fully grown fruit trees to starve their children and their children’s children.”

    COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF! EMS this describes you to a tee!

  2. TinaB

    You mentioned “the ELDERLY”? The ones wasting away in care homes that have no idea who or where they are? The ones taking handfuls of “pharma” drugs? The ones being cared for by immigrants?

    No doubt young people want to commit suicide! The example the adults like EMS have set for them is truly depressing. Generations of pummeling our only home into a veritable wasteland / oblivion would not be depressing?

    We have DESTROYED their future and the future of ALL LIFE on this planet and what they shouldn’t be depressed? But hey YOU don’t give a shit now do you? dough head!

  3. Timothy Carroll

    @#1 ( )@( )

  4. TinaB

    “Since without trucks, civilization shuts down within a week, there is no higher priority than keeping trucks running. So it is very important to see if trucks can be electrified, or if a 100% renewable electric is even possible, or there’s no point in using the remaining fossil energy to build windmills, solar PV, nuclear, and other electricity generating installations.

    If trucks can’t be electrified and/or a 100% renewable grid isn’t possible, the remaining fossil energy would be better spent on energy conservation, insulation, conversion of industrial farms to organic agriculture, smaller and more widely spread grain storage facilities,passive solar homes and buildings, lower speed limits, and so on.”

    Might be a tad more important than the color of a persons skin? Nope – not in EMS world! I know she’s much too busy adulating trump & “patriots”: which is much more important and disparaging scientists!

    It’s pure entertainment at this point – no useful information to be found here.

  5. TinaB

    “Terror of what, you might ask? Of the meaninglessness, alienation, and debility induced by the managerial class in its own sick institutions and corporations… in short, the 21st-century America that the managers evolved in and supported — a culture of junk food, junk work, junk art, junk environments, junk government, junk economics, and, lately, junk science… a sickening panorama of systems out-of-control and entering failure mode.

    Confronting the disaster of its own incapacity to sustain a healthy culture and an economy with a future, the managerial class went nuts. Its insane actions now are killing people while seeking to punish those who refuse to walk sheepishly into America’s version of the gas chamber, the Anthony Fauci “vaccines.”

    Goodness me – what to do with all the JUNK?! lol

  6. TinaB

    The Last Days of the Covidian Cult

    “The point is, the “Apocalyptic Pandemic” PSYOP has reached its expiration date. After almost two years of mass hysteria over a virus that causes mild-to-moderate common-cold or flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%, people’s nerves are shot.”

    “And now they are all sick with…well, a cold, basically, or are “asymptomatically infected,” or whatever. And they are looking at a future in which they will have to submit to “vaccinations” and “boosters” every three or four months to keep their “compliance certificates” current, in order to be allowed to hold a job, attend a school, or eat at a restaurant, which, OK, hardcore cultists are fine with, but there are millions of people who have been complying, not because they are delusional fanatics who would wrap their children’s heads in cellophane if Anthony Fauci ordered them to, but purely out of “solidarity,” or convenience, or herd instinct, or…you know, cowardice.”


  7. lou

    Elaine, biden on cars

  8. lou

    3–what does that mean?

  9. Timothy Carroll

    @#8 portrait of tinab = asshole.

  10. Petruchio

    “This is 100% radical, pure communism! ” You can call it Communism if you like, but unlike the Bolsheviks this form of “Communism” as practiced by the likes of Bill Gates isn’t really Ideological in nature. What is this form of “Communism” as practiced by Gates and his kind? A better name for what Gates and Klaus Schwab practice could be called Class Warfare. This “ideology” is one of making the Rich even more Richer AND the non wealthy and already poor even more destitute. That neo Nazi Klaus Schwab comes right out and says it: “You will own nothing and be happy.” Billy Boy Gates aint no Maoist running around waving a Little Red Book in the air. Gates is just “the tip of the spear” of the War on the non wealthy. This is ALL about Class Warfare and Gates is a Class Warfare Warrior.

  11. Zelda

    The fact that they are pushing so hard to “vaccinate” all children, when it is blatantly obvious that there is no medical justification whatsoever, is all one needs to know to conclude that the so-called “vaccination” regime is PURE EVIL.

  12. qbutnoa Joe Biden shows no love for UK with new ambassador as President sides with EU. Joe Biden took a year to confirm his nominee for ambassador to the UK, in a sign he is taking the special relationship for granted as he increasingly shows greater interest in Europe.

  13. snoosebomb

    Lou , not one of these climate screamers can explain what exactly is the Theory of climate change ”. i find even the sceptics over on faceboook just like to make arguments without ever getting down to brass tacks.

  14. lou

    15–One story is Leo D had a jet sent across the seas, to get an item of clothing he had left at home.
    Like the Obamas, flying in separate jets to the same GD place.
    Elaines hero, gay Barry. Mr infanticide.

  15. DM:

    During the Reign of Terror (1793–1794), about 40,000 people were executed or murdered. A guillotine was set up in the Place de la Révolution in Paris

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