Democrats Desperately Try To Destroy USA But Some DNC Vote With GOP So This Fails Miserably!


CIA agent Ray Epps continues to be protected by the corrupt Democrats after he was caught on camera, cooking up the DC riot last January.  We now have many videos showing him instigating a riot!  He is the only person who was found ‘utterly not guilty’ of doing this while he is the ONLY person caught on camera, doing exactly this.  He won’t appear in Congress to discuss his employment situation (CIA) even as Republican Senators demand he come before Congress to talk about his urging others to invade and attack Congress!  YouCan’tTube held up this video showing Ray Epps crimes for three days.  Finally, they let Liberal Hivemind publish it.


Trains are being systematically looted now by gangs who are arrested, released and go back to looting again and again since open looting has been legalized by the communist DA and Mayor of Los Angeles.  Businesses shipping through LA are now rerouting their businesses to avoid these looters who are enabled by the DA and Mayor.  Arrest both men!  Of course, no one is going to arrest these criminals who are running California off the cliff.



These crime waves in NY and California are 100% due to both states that are major ports for commerce overseas are now run by insane lunatic Democrats who want ‘open borders’ and who are importing millions of illegal aliens into the country who are diseased and who then flow like a tsunami into both port cities.  The utter chaos is 100% due to DNC incompetence and support of invaders attacking our country and infecting millions of citizens.


The cities with the highest death/disease rate in America are the ones where illegal aliens are pouring in to get on the welfare train.  NY City is by far and away, the most ravaged by the Omni germs and leads in deaths from this variant of the disease.



In all this massive chaos the liberals are totally focused on destroying our economic systems due to ‘global warming.’  We are in a global warm cycle that is cycling quickly into a global cooling cycle.  I have proof of this at home: this last weeks and into the next weeks, we will be most of the time barely above zero F!  This is extreme cold!!!


China is using coal at a mad rate now.  The US is cutting back to zero. China’s economy goes up and the US goes down.  It seems we are in the grip of insanity here.  Here is example of insanity:



The White House cannot figure out who is a potential Muslim terrorist despite terrorists going in and out of prisons in NATO countries and then coming here to do terrorist acts!  This is pure insanity.  The most recent import terrorist came here from England as soon as he was released from prison there to attack us here, instead!  This is obvious terrorism, the attacker let everyone know clearly, he was doing this for Muslim terrorists who are in prison, demanding they also be released!


And at every possible turn, the globalist international Bilderberg gang operatives in Congress try desperately to destroy the USA.  They are using every possible hook and crook to destroy our country.  The opening of our borders to any invaders especially diseased invaders is what the Democrats work hardest at doing. They also think we are roasting to death when deadly cold comes wave after wave, it will barely be above zero F on a SUNNY DAY here in upstate NY this coming week!


This is utter insanity!  And treason…arrest them all.


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8 responses to “Democrats Desperately Try To Destroy USA But Some DNC Vote With GOP So This Fails Miserably!

  1. Zeke

    Typical partisan political hackery by Elaine. Yawn.

    She is utterly insane. And treasonous, arrest her.

  2. TinaB

    I hate to break it to you EMS but it is after all ah…. WINTER? HAHAHA! You are going to back flip your way right off of the flat earth!

    I have to save it is very funny! I do laugh out loud when I see what you write. Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

  3. You stupid little monster.

    You are so stupid, you can’t see how stupid you are. You, not me, go around screeching you are roasting to death. Simple solution for stupid people: MOVE TO UPSTATE NY. Then you can freeze to death, properly.

  4. And Zeke, you are also very stupid, too, in tandem.

    What really bothers me is how stupid people screech they want to save ‘humanity’ and then they are cruel, mean and nasty and demand other people die of freezing or starving to death because they find this funny.

    All communists freeze/starve people to death while laughing. This is what they always do. Without exception.


    This is Tiny Brain Tina and Zeke’s world view:

    Mass killings under communist regimes occurred throughout the 20th century. Death estimates vary widely, depending on the definitions of the deaths that are included in them and the political perspectives of those performing such tallies. Estimates account for executions, deaths from man-inflicted or man-aggravated famines, as well as deaths during forced labor, deportations, or imprisonment. Some authors argue that mass killings in communist states may be described, in whole or in part, as democide, politicide, or classicide. Furthermore, some of those events may constitute genocide or crimes against humanity.

    The three largest contributors to the death toll are the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, and Democratic Kampuchea (modern-day Cambodia), with other states[a] making up a small fraction of the death toll. In the Soviet Union, the Stalinist period (1927–1953), which included the Holodomor famine and the Great Purge, saw the majority of killings. In China, the majority of killings occurred under the rule of Mao Zedong (1949–1976); the total number killed varies by tens of millions depending on whether the Great Leap Forward and the ensuing Great Chinese Famine are counted. To what extent the famines in either country were attributable to their leaders, political systems, or to communism as an ideology is debated. In Cambodia, under the rule of the Khmer Rouge and its leader Pol Pot, the Cambodian genocide killed nearly a quarter of the population during 1975–1979.

  6. TinaB

    “they are cruel, mean and nasty” EMS are you looking in a mirror? You are projecting again! TSK! TSK!

    BTW how is your dear leader trump doing these days? What a loser he is! Always has been, always will be. COMPLETE FRAUD!

    Hey did you get your NFT from melania yet? The grift is real and endless!

  7. Communism and mass deaths went hand in glove since day one. When Venezuela went communist, it, too, had mass starvation. This runs alongside communists doing ethnic and religious cleansings, too. The fascists do the cleansing nonsense, too.

    Note how the ‘liberals’ and their communist buddies destroy cities and cause mass populations that need government food to survive. This leads, when they control everything, to mass starvation once they get rid of all the ‘capitalists’ and the middle class which is their goal.

  8. lou

    Elaine, Tina is in Canada, yes?
    Its 50 degrees in los angeles.

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