Baltimore Black State Attorney Female Is Now Being Investigated For Covid Aid Fraud

Democrat fraudsters in government or Bilderberg gang types, looted billions dollars from covid 19 relief funds.


As per always, this happens the most in DNC run hell hole cities and states that want endless money to steal so they can run riot and then get rich, quick.  Crime runs rampant and as per always, the politicians are also criminals and I keep calling for them all to be arrested but right now they control our media and government so they got away with open looting…until now.  Now we have a revolt brewing and it isn’t the ANTIFA/BLM scammers and looters, it is angry citizen voters fed up with the Democrats in general.



The general urge to “help people” has also created abundant opportunities for subtler forms of fraud. Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney in Baltimore, is charged with allegedly falsely claiming COVID hardship to make an early withdrawal of $90,000 from her retirement fund to make down payments on two vacation homes in Florida. Mosby earns $248,000 a year.


Since the media aren’t terribly interested in stories that reflect badly on Democrats, you’ll have to poke around to find the alarming truth about just how much stealing is going on in the Age of ’Rona. A novelist who truly took the measure of America this year could write an insanely funny comic novel about all the grifting: Catch ’22. The law firm of Arnold & Porter is compiling details in a database called the CARES Act Fraud Tracker, and every entry looks like a juicy story suitable for splashy treatment in Vanity Fair.


The Democrats don’t want to investigate themselves, of course.  Nor do they want their voter base examined, either.  They want to put all Republicans in prison but this is falling apart, fast, as the DNC crimes proliferate and crime rates in all DNC cities and states shoots upwards.


According to a Heritage Foundation analysis, 40% of pandemic unemployment benefits — $357 billion in total — went to people who weren’t actually unemployed.


Here is the far leftist looter governor of California, Newsom the Gruesome, apologizing for calling train looter gangs ‘gangs’.  ‘That is not a pejorative’ he then says, he can’t use the proper word to describe gangs of looters because…surprise…these gangs are all blacks like the people standing next to him who don’t give a hoot about black gangs looting California.



Newbie baby called these gangs ‘organized groups of folks.’  This gives the image of an old folks home with elderly running rampant in wheelchairs.  California is being systematically looted and destroyed.  Criminal gangs and illegal aliens are the allies of the Democrats who stay in power via driving out middle class working citizens and gerrymandering everything so the DNC wins nearly all elections.


The fact that millions of taxpayers are now fleeing the state just like in NYC pandering to the same criminal/illegal aliens and we get a collapsing economy, courtesy of the liberals.


Watch the Joker, Kamala Harris, laugh when asked about covid 19 running riot again:


CBS reporter seems utterly used to Kamala laughing like a hyena when asked about people dying.  Movies about psychopaths shows these people laughing when thinking about or talking about dead people.  Watching adults ignore obvious psycho behaviors is…terrifying.


Fauci has been running wild yelling that Senator Rand Paul is creating ‘death threats’ which is hilarious considering that Fauci has been making ‘death threats’ on us all.



Like myself, Rand Paul has been vaccinated to protect himself and like myself, he thinks inoculating children is ridiculous.  And like myself, he is 100% against research like the Wuhan secret lab, is deadly dangerous and should stop.


Now for some comedy:  CNN is going to ‘fight fake news’.  I assume, CNN will commit suicide now.  But no, they are so fake, they can’t even see how fake they are, anymore.  What is worse is, CNN used to be the only news service in the 1980’s which carried real, unedited news.



And now on to Manhattan news: Chuckie Schumer’s top aide hates gays and calls them ‘faggots.’  Oopsies!


And the latest news in global warming: it is zero F right now where I live and will be -11 F tonight.  And below zero repeatedly this week, too.  As usual, ‘global warming’ isn’t global at all.


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22 responses to “Baltimore Black State Attorney Female Is Now Being Investigated For Covid Aid Fraud

  1. TinaB

    The record low for New York state is −52 °F (−47 °C), set at Stillwater Reservoir on February 9, 1934 and at Old Forge on February 18, 1979.

    Geez EMS why is not MUCH colder since you say there is an iceage coming? You would think there would be RECORD BREAKING COLD no?

    “One of, if not the, worst heat wave in the region’s modern records impacted the Pacific Northwest of the United States and western Canada during late June 2021, not just breaking records but smashing them over an incredibly hot four-day period. And unlike the heat wave across the Southwest United States in mid-June, this time the dangerous heat was felt across a region not known for such extremes.”

    But EMS there HAVE been record breaking HOT temperatures PLANET WIDE! What is commonly referred to as – wait for it – GLOBAL! Do you ever read anything that isn’t written by right-wing nutjobs? You truly live in a bubble!

    More than 400 weather stations beat heat records in 2021

  2. TinaB

    “If politicians really wanted “to keep their citizens . . . happy” we wouldn’t have an entrenched geriatric class of professional politicians who should have left office decades ago. And the people would not have to contend with so many forms of oligarchy — primarily corporate, pharmaceutical, media, healthcare, and military.

    We would have term limits both the Senate and the House of Representatives — all local, state, and federal governments.”


    Remember the Beverly Hillbillies? Just stab a stick in the ground and “black gold” spurts out! THOSE were the days and they are OVER!

  3. lou

    mosby made news a few days ago. Im surprised Elaine didnt post as the tale broke.
    Mosby, Fredie Grays fiend, I mean friend.

  4. qbutnoa

    I read the previous writings of your climatologist Maximiliano Herrera, this is what I learned :-
    To hot = global warming.
    To cold = global warming.
    Heat wave = global warming.
    Cold snap = global warming.
    Drought = global warming.
    Floods = global warming.
    Temperature swings = global warming.
    Climate = global warmimg.
    Weather = global warming.
    He is not a climatologist, he is a globalwarmingologist.

  5. Zeke

    @ 4

    You know there’s a difference between “to” and ‘too’, right?

  6. qbutnoa

    Too hot = global warming.
    Too cold = global warming.
    Fixed it for you 🙂

  7. Zeke

    You didn’t fix it for me.
    It was your error.

  8. Zelda

    To the extent ritual sacrifice of children to Moloch is “ridiculous”, uh, OK. . . I guess?

    Meanwhile, the Bilderberg media isn’t going to be able to hold the dam of mass psychosis against reality indefinitely:
    World premiere: Covid vaccination under criminal investigation in England

    The crimes cited are:

    misfeasance in public office
    misconduct in public office
    conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
    conspiracy to administer a poisonous and harmful substance to cause severe injury and death
    gross negligence manslaughter
    corporate manslaughter
    conspiracy to commit murder
    crimes against humanity
    false imprisonment
    multiple breaches of our human rights
    war crimes
    multiple violations of The Nuremberg Code 1947
    multiple violations of The Human Rights Act 1998
    (Treason will also be added).

  9. Norm

    Everyone has to understand about climate change. If it get a little colder than normal then that’s just local weather. If it gets a little warmer then normal then that’s man made global warming !!

  10. lou

    9–first the words were ‘global warming’
    then ‘climate change’
    then ‘extreme weather events’.

  11. snoosebomb

    Unlike most states, Massachusetts provides raw numbers for infections in vaccinated people, instead of hiding them and offering only “adjusted rate ratios” that claim to compare infection risks in the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

    On Thursday, Massachusetts reported 85,000 infections, 900 hospitalizations and 170 deaths in vaccinated people for the week ended Jan. 15 – almost half of all Covid deaths over that period.

    Even more importantly, Massachusetts also acknowledged those figures underestimate the real totals in the vaccinated because its reporting systems miscount some of them as unvaccinated.


  12. snoosebomb

    re: tinaB

    i guess they will power up with this ;

    built some years ago no one has ever seen it turn , and it is never talked about .

  13. snoosebomb

    the west needs Putin to save us from communism

  14. snoosebomb

    the decline of the west; Somali pirates , last time i looked i thought this problem was solved it is never mentioned any more. Easy to fix , put some guns on ships , but nope , you can now invest in Somali pirates , the insurance companies just pay .

  15. qbutnoa

    Don’t forget climate emergency.

  16. lou

    French rugby player down – age 29.

    How can sports supporters not be noticing? It’s not like there aren’t a lot of supporters, and they can usually tell you everything about everybody in their favourite sport.
    No cause of death, obviously.


    300 and some pro athletes dying or myocarding or jamming to the reno person yesterday.
    They said, ‘but millions of vaxxes have been given.’ good come back!
    I said, ‘the norm is 1 athlete p/year dying.’ (Out of my a$$).

    End of convo.

    List of athletes…

  17. lou

    Robert Breck Denny Jr., the writer, actor and Groundlings performer best known as just Breck Denny, died Monday. He was 34.

    Family members said Denny, who was amassing a run of impressive credits in TV series such as The Shrink Next Door, Ratched and Curb Your Enthusiasm, died of a rare spontaneous splenic artery rupture in Santa Barbara.

  18. PLANET WIDE we have been also having RECORD COLD, too.

    The blindness of stupid people who can’t bother to go outside to see what is going on is amazing to see. People living near the equator are also unable to tell if Ice Age conditions are happening due to living where there has never, ever been Ice Age conditions. These conditions are 90% up at the northern hemisphere where North America and Eurasia get lots and lots of glaciers. Zero glaciers at the equator except in high mountains.

    So tracking how warm it is where it is warm even in Ice Ages is ridiculous. To understand if we are in danger of anything, we look at North America and Eurasia.


    By the way, Australia never had glaciers, either even though it is very close to the South Pole. This Ice Age stuff is mainly North Pole in nature.

  19. About athletes suddenly dying, from 2016:

    The objective of the study was to examine mortality trends and causes of death among professional athletes from the four major sports in North America who died during their playing careers. 205 deceased athletes who were registered as active when they died from the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Baseball (MLB) were examined. Results were compared with the Canadian and U.S. general population. The leading causes of death in players reflected the leading causes of death in the Canadian and U.S. general population (i.e., car accidents). Descriptively, NFL and NBA players had a higher likelihood of dying in a car accident (OR 1.75, 95% CI: 0.91-3.36) compared with NHL and MLB players. In addition, NFL and NBA players had a significantly higher likelihood of dying from a cardiac-related illness (OR 4.44, 95% CI: 1.59-12.43). Mortality trends were disproportionate to team size. Overall, death in active athletes is low. Out of 53 400 athletes who have historically played in the four leagues, only 205 died while active (0.38%). Future examinations into the trends and causes of mortality in elite athlete populations will create a better understanding of health-related risks in elite sport.

    From 2015:

    Young footballers are dying from heart problems at a higher rate than was previously thought, according to doctors who oversee the cardiac screening programme for the Football Association.

    Their evaluation of 20 years of screening young footballers at the age of 16 who are on the verge of a professional career also shows that most died about seven years after a heart check that showed no problem.

    In the light of the findings, the FA has increased the number of cardiac assessments that young footballers are given from one to three, at the ages of 16, 18 and 20.

    There have been a number of shocking deaths among young football stars, including that of Cameroonian international Marc-Vivien Foé, 28, who played in the Premier League.

  20. Cyclists have the highest death rate and that dropped during the virus event due to not peddling all over the place for a year.

    The real problem here is, hysterics are jumping to conclusions due to seeing sudden deaths happen when this is ignored, normally, only if a super star collapses, does anyone notice.

    But now, everyone is everywhere looking at everyone and every death is a shock and a surprise.

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