Petulant Prince Biden And Prince Andrew of England Are Both Criminals And Vicious Little Monsters


Democrats drive NYC off the cliff.  Crimes soar, cops are murdered openly and frequently, chaos is spreading, the subways are extremely dangerous, thefts are nonstop, a million people have fled the city and the death rate from disease has soared ever higher and the DNC continues being as stupid and criminal as possible.  Arrest all the DNC politicians who are doing their utmost to destroy all of America but have been stopped by the Republicans and some brave, noncriminal Democrats in Congress!  Good lord, what a mess these clowns have created with the open borders and zero crime suppression!


About 100 members of the city’s largest business group representing CEOs of finance, retail and real estate spoke with Bragg during a Zoom call moderated by the partnership’s CEO, Kathyrn Wylde.


Their comments were said to be polite but stern. Bragg listened intently and told the group that while he is committed to social justice and reforming the way his office works, public safety is a top priority, Wylde told Fox Business.


This is pure insanity.  The DNC voter base in New York City is illegal aliens and people living in public housing while on various welfare programs.  These people do not want law and order…at all.  So we get near zero law and order and instead have nonstop crimes and chaos.


These business leaders love illegal aliens who make labor cheaper!  They used to not give a hoot about crime, either, due to living in Manhattan or a commute from outside the City.  But now crime is rampant in Manhattan.  Oopsies!


A liberal female is the head of the business organization and she thought the meeting was good and things would improve.  But others beg to differ:


Many of Wylde’s members disagree, which is why she called for the meeting with Bragg after he penned a controversial memo outlining that most crimes in his jurisdiction wouldn’t be prosecuted and if they were, criminals wouldn’t face jail time except for offenses committed with a gun.

Even then, if the criminals who voted for Biden and this gang of crooks uses a gun for a crime but doesn’t shoot, then there is ZERO time in jail!  This is insanity, as I said a month ago.

In a memo that leaked earlier in the month, Bragg directed his staff not to “seek a carceral sentence” except for murders and other extremely violent cases. The memo added that Bragg’s new rule “may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma) and any other information available.”

This memo green lit a massive exodus from the prosecutor’s office as angry DAs resigned in protest.  Then this has begun to happen:

The poor officer shot dead thanks to stupid liberals running NYC off the cliff was only 22 years old!  I was once the only witness who saw the shooter of a police officer in 1980 and led the manhunt for the killer and this cemented my close relationship with the 78th Precinct police.  The killer in the case in 1980 was a black criminal and this was true yesterday, too.


5 officers shot during this present covid shut down massive violence.  This is pure insanity and done by the DNC voter base.  They do NOT want law and order!  They dream of looting the entire city and stealing everything, if possible.  I have also seen this first hand back in the 1970’s when the city was systematically looted day and night.


The new, black mayor is an idiot.  He announced ‘this is an attack on everyone in New York’ yet his party, his buddies, his administration is the CAUSE of this.  He and his DNC buddies created this mess.  We did NOT have the mess when my old buddy, Giuliani, ran the city.  ‘It is time to save our city,’ says this idiot who is part of the machine that has enabled nonstop crime by decriminalizing most crimes.  What a fool.


This guy blames guns.  Nearly everyone upstate NY has guns and nearly no one shoots police officers or anyone, for that matter.  In black neighborhoods, murders are nonstop now.  The mayor doesn’t mention his own DA in Manhattan who has unleashed a massive crime wave even worse than the previous communist mayor’s crime wave!


Talking tough is easy. All NYC mayors do that.  Nearly all except for Giuliani, do something about this.  Instead, they all pander to the DNC voter base which is now mostly outside of the laws one way or another and the last thing they want is law and order.


We know from Giuliani that it isn’t necessary to stop guns from coming into the city, what works like a charm is to prevent criminals in the housing projects and nearby, from wandering all over the place, using guns to kill people or steal stuff!  When they were forced to go around, unarmed, the murder rate plummeted.


I had to go shopping yesterday and was greeted by mostly empty or low levels of goods in many sections of the stores.  YIKES.  Little for looters to loot, eh?


The guy who lives downstairs in my house works as a stock mover for a major grocery store chain’s distribution center.  He has been sick from the covid germs for nearly three weeks and will go back to work tomorrow, if possible.  Many are sick in NY but fortunately, the death rate is much lower than in 2020.


Ray Epps, the old man who tricked young Trump supporters to knock down the fences around the Capitol Building was not charged with any crimes even though there is abundant proof he is the architect of the fence going down and the riot starting.  He is obviously a double agent working for the Deep State.  Naturally, not one Democrat investigating the January 6 event is bothering their little bitty brains about this entire matter.


The Democrats are a criminal operation.  Of course, crime soars whenever they take over cities or states.  California, for example, sees freight trains constantly and openly looted and did nothing because the looters were their voter base!  This inability to have basic civilized law and order is a feature of all Democratic cities and states.  So naturally, they do not want to prosecute and punish the #1 instigator of the January 6 riots.  That man is a secret agent working for the Democratic Party!



The Democrats will not put their own secret agent into prison for his crimes.  I say, put all the DNC leaders in prison, they are the ones engineering and encouraging all these criminals, large and small!



Covid is leading to crazy in all countries now.  In Australia, the world’s top male tennis star was deported because he didn’t have his vaccination papers.  At the same time, a vaccinated player who was sick with covid was let in! Try figuring this out!



And…England gets sane and realizes, lock downs do not stop the disease.  The new germs are very easily transmitted but has a very low death rate per million:



So it is very pesky and nasty but not as deadly per million.  There are more cases but the need for frightful solutions is no longer required and frankly, useless.  Speaking of useless, the entire Brit royals are useless as my ancestors charged back in 1620:


Charlotte Briggs claimed on Thursday that she was ‘left in tears’ by Andrew’s foul-mouth rants, and on one occasion faced his wrath over a tiny gap in his curtains.


Speaking to The Sun, Ms Briggs said the prince yelled at her: ‘Can’t you f***ing do anything right?’ as she ran up and down the stairs to fix the curtains, some of which he was sitting a matter of yards away from.


We’d turn down his bed, remove his teddies, do the curtains and lay out his pyjamas. But he was a bad apple and behaved like a spoiled brat,’ she said.


Earlier this week, former palace guard Paul Page claimed that Andrew had a bed with ’50 or 60′ stuffed toys and maids were given a laminated picture so each bear could carefully be put back in its original position.


Imagine how insane this is, brutalizing servants due to how they put teddy bear toys back into his crib!  This massive, elderly baby should be in prison.  And we wonder why the French royals were beheaded!  The Brit royals should be happy they won’t be beheaded, too.  By the way, my family ended up in the Dutch colony of Amsterdam due to voting to behead a king.  HAHAHA.


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16 responses to “Petulant Prince Biden And Prince Andrew of England Are Both Criminals And Vicious Little Monsters

  1. TinaB

    @Norm – not sure what you’re reading? “not just breaking records but smashing them over an incredibly hot four-day period. And unlike the heat wave across the Southwest United States in mid-June, this time the dangerous heat was felt across a region not known for such extremes.”

    Not a little warmer – not record breaking – but RECORD SMASH*ING!!! Capeesh?

    Btw you do know that humans CAN mitigate cold without electricity – blankets, clothing, fire, etc. However there is NOTHING they can do to mitigate extreme heat. The heatwave we had this last year here in BC would have killed hundreds of thousands if not more without “electric” air-conditioning.

    Are you familiar with wet-bulb temperatures?

    The body cannot cool itself!

    NOW do you get it?

  2. Pete


    Looks like WAR is coming soon.
    Biden is not in charge.
    Who is?

  3. TinaB

    EMS you are such a liar! Not ONE link to record breaking cold temperatures you “mentioned” (lied). I googled many ways and NOTHING!

    Oh but I did find this:
    “Global Climate Report – Annual 2021”

    “Although the monthly global temperatures were above average throughout the year, February 2021 was the coldest month of 2021 for the globe. The global temperature departure for February 2021 was +0.64°C (+1.15°F) — the coolest February since 2014. However, after the month of February, temperatures were at 0.80°C (1.44°F) or higher for the remaining months of 2021.

    Overall, the global annual temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.08°C (0.14°F) per decade since 1880 and over twice that rate (0.18°C / 0.32°F) since 1981.”

    and this….
    Earth’s coldest years on record all happened over 90 years ago

    I mean when you can’t find verifiable EVIDENCE for your bullshit well then you just pull it out of your ass, right?! EVER THE HACK!

    If you were much younger FOX News would be knocking (hell banging) at your door offering you a position as “journalist/reporter”. Do they even have reporters on the ground anywhere?

  4. TinaB

    You might want to familiarize yourself with Terrance McKenna.

    “No one is minding the store”. “That’s BULLSHIT” “The stupor of materialism, the stupor of …. etc”

    Skip to the 4 minute mark.

    ” I think most people who come to know Terence are changed: maybe the immediate change is not remarkable, but I think he makes us deeper people, and this ends up making us better people.”

  5. lou

    Tina, it all depends on who keeps score.

    EMS has noted ‘weather stations’ are in cities or hot areas, not nome alaska. yes?

  6. Zelda

    England did not “get sane and realize, lock downs do not stop the disease”.
    What a childish conclusion, based on pushing this insane narrative that governments are somehow trying to “stop the disease.”

    Criminal investigations have been launched into crimes against humanity, among other things. “England” realized Nuremberg style trials are forthcoming and that the government is going to fall.

  7. Zelda

    COVID is not “leading to crazy”. Sars-CoV-2 is a bio-weapon. “COVID-19” is a PSYOP rolled out as cover for a worldwide corporate takeover.

    Western civilization has surrendered most of the hard won liberty attained in the wake of the Renaissance out of fear of catching a cold.

  8. Zelda

    It looks like the Biden regime is aware that it is about to fall as well so it is trying to start a war with Russia:US Embassy Orders Evacuation Of Non-Essential Staff & Diplomats’ Family Members From Ukraine

    Folks, if you know any active duty service personnel please try to impart to them that their oath of duty compels them to arrest their commanders.

  9. Zelda

    Tucker Carlson “goes there”, Nuremberg 2.0:
    Dr. Robert Malone: There’s Gonna Have To Be A Reckoning, The Science Is Settled On Forced Jabs

  10. qbutnoa

    There have been increasing demands in the UK to lift the covid mandates, the latest covid wave is mild and the numbers are falling. PM Boris Johnson and others around him are under severe pressure, see We are locked down, Boris has a party. So, to relieve and divert from ‘partygate’, the mandates are lifted, it makes sense and is very popular. The criminal investigations you speak of and detail in a post on another thread has little to do with this decision, IMHO. But, I do not doubt there will be legal problems for the government over covid in the future.

  11. Leftists cannot see how nasty they are but note how they try to persuade people: be very nasty, rude, crude and above all, STUPID.

    It doesn’t work.

    Anyways, the sane moves we need to make are simple to see (except if you are insane): we need LAW AND ORDER. We also need basic freedom not to be locked up or locked down by liberals who then, even when everyone was supposedly locked down, RUN RIOT IN DNC CITIES looting and burning and attacking honest citizens!

    This happened for two years now and the vast majority of citizens are fed up especially since Biden and his gangster buddies are letting diseased illegal aliens invade and run riot here all the time and they don’t even have to have vaccinations, too!

    While demanding our children be vaccinated against their parent’s wills.

    This liberal tyranny is collapsing now.

  12. lou

    This liberal tyranny is collapsing now…is it? proof?

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