Liberals Continue To Assist Murder Of Police Via Not Stopping Violent Black Criminals


New York City has strong gun laws.  When Giuliani ran the city, he stopped gun crimes by having the cops check out the main gun users, inner city blacks, to disarm them when they carried illegal firearms!  The gun murder rate dropped from record levels to near zero thanks to this.  Black criminals complained loud and long and black politicians and white leftists demanded no more searches for illegal guns and voila; the murder rate for gun killings shot through the roof…again!   The new black mayor, as per always for leftists, blamed the guns and not the gun users for this.  He wants guns to disappear without stopping and searching obvious criminals to stop the guns!  Good grief.


Here is a 1983 government study which admits blacks kill each other at an astonishing rate…only to blame this on ‘white racism’:


Today homicide is the leading cause of death among young Black men, and contributes significantly to the shortened life-span of the Black male. In about 80-90% of the cases, the Black victim was killed by another Black, and about 52% of the murder victims were acquainted with their assailant.


This study was from almost 40 years ago! Nothing good has changed since then. The problems this liberal writer working for the government wrote about is getting worse and worse while police are reduced in numbers, hemmed in by rules and laws and punished whenever they fight violent black males or shoot violent blacks who are using guns to kill!


Just as we accept that suicide victims are psychologically impaired, we must acknowledge that a murderer is similarly impaired, and Blacks — for both environmental and political reasons — are likely to reflect emotional predispositions that allow them to more readily become a homicide statistic.


Back in 1983, liberals considered black males to be brainless killers who were too emotional! HAHAHA. They are ‘predisposed’ to be childish and violent! Poor white dudes can be very violent, too. But the kill rate is much lower, they most often would go for fisticuffs, not shooting everyone in the vicinity. Since many poor whites no longer live in our cities, they live in the countryside where many of them hunt for food, for example.


So they learn good aim. City blacks don’t so they just spray bullets all over the place. I have known and worked with rural black males who had to hunt for food, too and all of them were excellent marksmen. They had to learn to do the ‘one shot/one kill’ early in life like the rest of us.


Projected self-hatred facilitates blind rage and gives the perpetrator of the violent attack a sense of legitimacy and justification. In addition, Blacks have been indoctrinated by a criminal justice system which places higher value on a white life than on a Black life.


This was false in 1983. The reason white victims who were shot got more action was simple: people demanded this! In the black community, people would NOT COOPERATE with the cops so nothing happens! When I lived in the black community, I went after criminals and my associates who did many citizen arrests with me were nearly all wonderful, strong black men who had families and were furious about the high crime rates in their community!


While psychological study of homicide offenders and victims is difficult and not easily quantifiable, it is important to explore such variables in Black community violence. Programs focused on crime and violence prevention, therefore, must do more than alleviate socioeconomic ills in the the Black community. They must pay attention as well to negative psychological dynamics in the Black experience that contribute to internecine victimization. The Black community in particular is in dire need of homicide prevention centers with programs of prevention, research and treatment.


The black community is not helpless. They do all this massive crime stuff because…in liberal cities run for blacks, CRIME PAYS!!! This is so simple, it is ridiculous. ‘Homicide prevention centers’ are called POLICE STATIONS. I and my black associates basically took over the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn and suddenly, crime stopped. Amazing, isn’t it? The police worked with us and we worked with them and voila: crime fell drastically within our ‘borders’.


None of the people doing this work, our people in our group, was even middle class, we were all ‘working stiffs’.  Today, no one is patrolling NYC anymore.  Here is a gun shooting news story from yesterday’s New York Post:

He only had to post bail to get back into the streets and rearm himself.  HE SHOT A COP.  The bail amount wasn’t very high to begin with, either.  NYC communists like the DA who is a communist, do this deliberately.  They want black criminals running wild, shooting people because this causes all the non-leftist voters to flee dying cities.  DUH.



This attempt at ‘sneaking’ the failed election rigging bill stinks.  Using dirty tricks and biased wording to peddle a voting bill that allows people with no identifications to vote is anti-American and pure communism.  Allowing illegal aliens to invade and then vote the same month they invade is insanity.  And TREASON.


The TSA announced they will allow ARREST WARRANTS held by illegal aliens so they can use this as identification when flying in or out of the country, openly!  HAHAHA.  Good gods, this is so insane. When I was a teenager, I illegally crossed borders in Europe repeatedly during the student uprising in 1968 but I did this via swimming rivers or climbing mountains in the Alps, etc.


Now, in the US under DNC rule, aliens don’t have to bother with any difficulties.  This is TREASON.



Black lawmakers who want lawlessness in their own communities and thus, get re-elected over and over again as whites flee all DNC run hell hole cities, they walked out of the legislature in Mississippi because they are being denied the right to force-feed white children with stories about how all whites are racists and blacks are eternal victims of white racism.  Racism happens with all humans, blacks are often very racist and only in the last several years have white victims of black racism begun to win court cases because it is obvious that white males in particular, can be victims of racism!


The DNC has decided to totally go to war against white males who aren’t Jewish.  Jews will be next, though!  Jewish Senators like Schumer have played along with black racists who hate Jews and he will be on the chopping block once they gain enough power.  White Jews are now fleeing NYC so Schumer’s base is vanishing, fast.  They are going to Florida, I believe.


Liberals run wild in California, destroying everything in their paths:



And…global warming continues as it snows in the Deep South!  Good lord, this is so insane.  It is a warm 12 degrees F here on my mountain at sunrise which proves we are roasting to death and need liberal policies to stop this hot weather all over North America except for LA and San Diego.



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13 responses to “Liberals Continue To Assist Murder Of Police Via Not Stopping Violent Black Criminals

  1. Zeke

    Why haven’t “conservatives” and Repubs stopped the killings?
    Are they inept? Impotent? Callus?
    Nobody tied their hands behind their backs?
    Maybe they prefer complaining and grievance culture to actually doing the hard work of really doing something.

  2. TinaB

    Well whaddayaknow? More BS from EMS! I tried googling “snow in the deep south” and low and behold I found 1 link and no hysteria, no warnings, nothing, nada, zip, zero! Not on ANYONE’S radar!

    BUT I did find this:

    Is there a heat wave in the Arctic?
    Scorching Siberian Heatwave Confirmed as Hottest Arctic Temperature Ever Recorded. … The sweltering heat – equivalent to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit– was seen on June 20, 2020 in the Russian town of Verkhoyansk, marking the highest temperature ever recorded above the Arctic Circle, the World Meteorological Organization said …Dec 15, 2021

    What is the warmest the Arctic has ever been?
    100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
    United Nations Confirms Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in the Arctic. The United Nations (UN) has officially confirmed the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic. On June 20, 2020, temperatures reached a scorching 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk.Dec 17, 2021

    A Scorcher in Siberia and Europe
    “One of the hot spots parked over central and eastern Europe. On June 23, ground stations in Moscow measured an air temperature of 34.8°C (94.6°F)—the city’s hottest June temperature on record. Helsinki, Finland, also saw its hottest June day on record (31.7°C/89.1°F), and national records for the month were set in Belarus (35.7°C/96.3°F) and Estonia (34.6°C/94.3°F).”

    38 C temperature in Siberia smashed Arctic heat record, UN agency confirms

  3. TinaB

    Do we really need Arctic ice?

    What happens if there is no ice in Arctic?
    A 2015 study concluded that Arctic sea ice decline accelerates methane emissions from the Arctic tundra. One of the study researchers noted, “The expectation is that with further sea ice decline, temperatures in the Arctic will continue to rise, and so will methane emissions from northern wetlands.”

    EMS – the female version of trump – is the QUEEN of verbal gymnastics!

  4. lou

    3–not much grows in the arctic.

  5. TinaB

    Rickards: Bad News, I’m Afraid

    The “Factory to the World” Is Closing Down

    “One major concern is China. China is currently pursuing a COVID Zero policy. This means that China has zero tolerance for even a single case of COVID.

    If COVID appears, China will isolate the individual, do a massive track-and-trace operation and then forcibly remove entire neighborhoods to quarantine camps outside the city limits for mandatory lockdowns of 14 days or more.

    If more than a few cases are detected, China will follow the same procedure but on a much larger scale. They will relocate hundreds of thousands of people if needed and shut down entire cities. This has already happened in Xi’an, a city of 1.5 million people and a major manufacturing center.”

    I told you it was a bad idea to trade your good paying union jobs (factories) with benefits, vacation and pensions for cheap 52″ TVs! Geesuz is that rocket science?

    You privileged white people who WANT all these useless material things AND you want “other” humans to make them for you for FREE!!!! WHEEE!!!! Just so you can live a useless, sedentary life of luxury! All you did was replace your “black” slaves for Chinese ones…. hahahahahahahahaha! Dummies.

  6. TinaB

    WTF? “Gun murder rates were nearly zero? Really? Are you wrong again?

    Year Murders Year Murders
    1980 1814 2001 649
    1981 1826 2002 587
    1982 1668 2003 597
    1983 1622 2004 570
    1984 1450 2005 539
    1985 1384 2006 596
    1986 1582 2007 496
    1987 1672 2008 523
    1988 1896 2009 471
    1989 1905 2010 536

    1990 2245 2011 515
    1991 2154 2012 419
    1992 1995 2013 335
    1993 1946 2014 333
    1997 770 2015 352
    1998 633 2016 335
    1999 671 2017 292
    2000 673 2018 295

  7. Jim R

    In other news, there’s an anti-mandate rally in DC today.

    Speakers include Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone.

    By Elaine’s contorted insane logic, Dr. Malone, who invented this mRNA technology, is “anti-vaxx” … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. snoosebomb

    @ 6, liar , or just stupid ?

    republican mayor of New York City (1994–2001)

  9. lou


    The Bail Project paid $1,500 to bail Marcus Garvin out of Marion County Jail on charges of felony battery after he allegedly stabbed a man at an east-side convenience store in December 2019. Garvin was free on bail and wearing a GPS ankle bracelet on July 24 when Marion County prosecutors say he stabbed Christie Holt to death at an east-side motel on July 24. Garvin was charged with murder on Aug. 3.

    Also in January, the group paid a portion of the bail for Travis Lang who had been jailed on a cocaine-possession charge. On Oct. 1, prosecutors say Lang shot Dylan McGinnis to death and wounded a woman in a car on the east side. Lang was charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery and other crimes.

    In April, The Bail Project paid a $750 bail that freed Deonta Williams, who had been jailed on a felony burglary charge. Williams, 20, is accused of making a fake 911 call to lure two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers to his location before he stabbed them in an unprovoked attack. Prosecutors charged Williams with attempted murder.

  10. Petruchio

    I love the way the Radicals operate. They use the same playbook over and over and over. They work tirelessly to plant a seed, promising that “Oh No, we are only teaching a theory promoting Equality. Or some other term to describe it as being harmless. Then when abuses occur, these same folks will apologize profusely, then promise it won’t happen again. But of course it does. And the Black people in the video should quit saying that their opponents don’t know what CRT is; none of them know either.

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