Disease And Murders Shoot Upwards In DNC Hell Hole Cities As Democrat Open Borders And No Punishment For Crimes Worsen


Under Giuliani, aside from foreign nationals let into the US to learn how to fly jets and then flying two jets into the World Trade Center killing a thousand plus people, under Giuliani who is a Republican, the murder rate fell to nearly nothing.  He fixed a very broken city.  In retaliation, the Democrats farmed out votes to illegal aliens and retook New York City and now we have nonstop murders even in broad daylight, in HOSPITALS, everywhere.  Cops are killed and killers run riot and some of these are not caught at all, either.  Arrest all the DNC NYC leaders, they are criminals.


Rudi and I knew how to stop crimes in downtown Brooklyn.  Arrest a bunch of Democrat leaders and scare the rest into being sane!  It worked!  Crime dropped off where I had control of events.  I then moved away and crime crawled back until Giuliani became the mayor and then he swiftly cleared it out again, nearly totally.  His reward?


The DNC gang is still trying to put HIM in prison based on false charges.  This effort is finally failing but this shows who these criminals are and their intentions to destroy us.  Our open borders this last month let record numbers of illegal alien invaders into our country.


Yes, the vast bulk of this invasion are young adult Hispanic males of military age!  They are secretly put on buses and moved to all our major cities.  They are given money and enough to start off their occupation which I presume since they don’t speak English, will be joining violent gangs that deal drugs and kill people.  No shock that our crime rate and murder rate is soaring!


Biden and his mobsters want to give these invaders the right to vote with no ID after being here for one month.  Arrest the invaders and the politicians who are bringing them in!  Arrest the Democrats: TREASON.



And thousands of people from south of the border of the US are being moved into New York and none of them have been vaccinated and NY has the highest death rate from the covid diseases right now with California and Texas nearly as bad so we all get more and more illegal aliens who are diseased.  This is utterly insane as the Democrats demand we all be locked up at home or whatever because of the surge in the germs which coincides with the DNC opening our borders to diseased foreign invaders.



I can’t believe this is happening deliberately but it is so I am adamant we must arrest these criminals now.



Upstate rural NY has very few cases of this disease, so far. But it is here, the members of my own household got sick with the germs recently.  This is absurd.  Everything the DNC is doing is insane.  More insanity that is now being exposed as treason:



FAUCI KNEW ALL ALONG.  He lied to us about the virus.  He was obviously in collusion with his Chinese communist buddies just like Biden and his son.  Arrest them all!!! Thanks to the hard efforts of Senator Rand Paul, we are slowly learning the truth about these traitors.



And here is more proof of Biden treason: the Chinese poured money into all his enterprises.  More news about endless liberal attempts at destroying society and enslaving us all:



The destruction of normal English is continuing as SJW lunatics on the left censor everything, everywhere as they always do when they have the least bit of power.  I was part of the Free Speech Movement and quickly discovered three years later, my biggest and most dangerous anti-free speech thugs were COMMUNISTS and LIBERALS!  Good grief, it was a shock when they tried to storm the stage where I stood in order to punish me for saying things they didn’t want to hear.


For many many years, we were told to say ‘African Americans’ then today, liberals who forced this to replace ‘Negro’ now attack people who say the African/American words are evil and ‘black’ is how you talk about Negros now.  Even stupider, we used to capitalize both ‘Negro’ and ‘African American’ and now, suddenly, we are supposed to capitalize ‘black’, too!



Worse, these same ‘change our name’ blacks demand we NOT capitalize ‘white’ because ‘whites don’t deserve it.’  The problem with any names for people who have darker skin than Prince Harry’s barely dark skinned wife, is that all names are assumed to be ‘insults’ if it give a hint about origins or skin color!


This is called ‘a paradox’ and you cannot solve this while being racist! And many ‘dark skinned’ people are freaking out about racism so any words mentioning their skin color sets them in a rage even as they call each other ‘n…gger.’  This is OK, for some horrible reason.


This way, they can flummox white people who might slip up and say it, too. Then, they feign outrage and horror.  ‘How dare you do this!’ gives childish satisfaction.  This is very bad for political and moral reasons. Either the word should never be uttered or anyone can say it.


Also, this violates our First Amendment rights in a huge, gigantic way.  Now, liberals and ‘blacks’ (sic) are censoring EVERYTHING.  They want zero ‘free speech’ which is very, very unconstitutional and furthermore, have been imposing increasingly hideous, obnoxious speech regulations and rules on the rest of us all over the internet.


Internet censorship is through the roof now!  Globally and historically, no leftist government/dictatorships ever allow ‘free speech.’  The US stands alone with legal rights for ‘free speech’ via our Constitution which liberals openly say, they want to change so they can disarm citizens while controlling all speech very closely so we can’t even think or read or say anything that irritates the leftists which is nearly everything.



Fantastic how Martin Luther King’s own family member is for free speech and secure elections!  Now on to a funny story, Democrats put up an ad where they used the letters ‘BRANDON’ to list Biden’s ‘successes’ which are not really that successful.  Unless raging inflation is their official policy.  Which is probably is.  Here is a very funny final video making fun of a recent DNC TV ad that tries to take away the meme ‘Let’s go Brandon’:



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14 responses to “Disease And Murders Shoot Upwards In DNC Hell Hole Cities As Democrat Open Borders And No Punishment For Crimes Worsen

  1. TinaB

    Not sure where YOU get YOUR data – it took me quite a few searches to find historical data but I did.


    Of course there is no significant change during rudy’s reign. The murders were actually ,,, wait for it,,,,, higher! They actually went DOWN by like half starting in 2000. hhhmmm.

  2. TinaB

    So many angry people’: Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory


  3. TinaB

    Oh no there is no racism in the USA against “colored” people. Oh no – none! EMS you are a white supremacist just as most (95%) of your readers/commenters.


    Gangs of every stripe and skin color and no “whites” are not exempt.


  4. TinaB

    And btw didn’t you have young children to take care of during your violent vigilante reign? Risking leaving your children motherless – really? Guess they weren’t your priority – not surprising.

    Your time would have been better spent learning how to be a “good” person instead of a violent antagonist.

  5. Zelda

    The only “COVID” deaths were from medical malpractice. This is now coming out in senate hearings.

  6. lou

    3–look at crime stats. then know how the government fakes numbers on the latino problem. you do not know about that.

  7. snoosebomb

    A bit of context re tinab,;; here in her home of BC i wake every morning to the cbc ‘the early edition ‘ Stephen Quinn [ gotta keep an eye on the enemy , ] . Every week he has on a raving lunatic woman doctor who has appointed herself as a climate expert ! . This morning she was on about eliminating natural gas provided by our provincial company Fortisbc even thought they had the affrontory to suggest they had a source of renewable gas from biowaste etc. NO NO ! we have to have very expensive heat pumps for every home !! [ brrr] i guess the static windmill atop Grouse Mtn won’t do it ,,

    I can defeat the entire GW narrative using their own definitions but no one cares , the BS narrative will go on forever even though by 2030 they will have 40 yrs of failed predictions to cover up.

    I once had famous climate guru David Suzuki as a biology prof,. and i met him once at the ”Stein festival” up in the mtns . , back in the day i went along with the stuff. i was a supporter because i had worked’ in the north and seen our wonderful untouched wilderness being kept secret for use by industry

    That ‘Stein festival ‘ had an odd moment when our downtrodden native chiefs got the stage and began to speak, Miles Richardson , thanked everyone present and all the ancestors etc , . then he repeated what he had said , ok ,then he repeated it again , then again about 4 times until the audience sitting in the alpine meadow got a bit restless from brain freeze. He saw this , then felt insulted by white people , strange stuff.

  8. Ken

    I don’t know if I am the only one who notices this, but much of the time TinaB seems to be the first person to post comments. It’s almost like she has nothing better to do than lay in wait for Elaine to publish something on her blog. Which, when you think about it, is pretty pathetic.

  9. She is a sad case.

    About Giuliani and the murder rate: 9/11 happened!!! DUH. A complete failure of the CIA to protect us!

    Also, the crime rate didn’t drop in one week, IT TOOK TIME TO HAPPEN. It was at record levels when he came in and when he left it was at record low levels.

    DUH. Only a liberal can be so stupid as to not understand something so obvious.

  10. lou

    8–Jim R [or someone] mentioned this.

    meanwhile I found this at a site banned by facebook,

    @Sick of Orcs
    Reminds me of an article I read yesterday in the New York Post. A Rite Aid pharmacy (on the corner of 8th Avenue and 50th street in New York in the Hell’s Kitchen area) is permanently closing its doors as they’ve lost $200,000 in just two months to shoplifters.

    On another site, I saw a video where a negro just walks into a pharmacy (in California, if I recall correctly), and proceeds to load up two backpacks with whatever he wanted and just saunters out of the store as if it were nothing while the useless security guard just stands there and watches.

    Of course, all the above reminds me of how 25 different pharmacies in the San Francisco area permanently closed up shop for the same reasons.

    Besides the screeches about food deserts, just wait- there’ll be screeches about “medicine deserts” too.

  11. Zelda

    Thomas Renz, attorney for the Frontline Doctors:

    “Here’s your way out, politicians… for those of
    you who have been Covid sellouts, here is your ‘out’, and I want you to hear me. I’m going to put this into as simple terms as possible.

    This data is coming out. We are going to make it go everywhere… I’ve given it to so many attorneys, you’re going to have a heck of a time shutting us up.

    So, your options are you can come out and you can support the American people and you can start investigating and hopefully imprisoning these bureaucrats that have been murdering our soldiers and murdering American people, OR, you can show the American people that you stand on the side of death…

    [ Link blocked by WordPress]

  12. snoosebomb

    Keep on truck ‘n !

  13. Billions of vaccinations and a tiny handful of MAYBE problems! Oh, the horror.

  14. snoosebomb

    13. bilderberg lies

    OAS happening now

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