Kiev Citizens Riot Against Government As NATO Tries To Start WWIII

Anti-TAX riot in UKRAINE.  The Pettit Bourgeoisie middle class people RIOT in front of their Parliament!  Meanwhile, the EU Bilderberg gang works day and night to howl about how Russia is menacing poor little Ukrainian politicians who are highly unpopular inside Ukraine!  American news has none of this news, I always go to Russian news to get real news and yup, it is real today while US media is mostly fake news as per always.


Psaki is falling apart at the seams now it seems.  She knows she is lying about everything and is struggling to keep up with her own lies and will lie about her lies until she is put out of her misery and can go home again to stew in her own juices.  She really wants to start WWIII to save herself from her own lies.


Some sardonic comments from people who are not falling for the EU/US elite propaganda regime:



Instead of courting Russia, Europe alienated Russia so Russia is now friendly again with China.


Most voters oppose the idea of the United States putting troops on the ground in Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion of the country, according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group released on Friday.

The poll, which was conducted in partnership with the Convention of States Action, found that less than 1-in-5 support putting U.S. troops on the ground if Russia invades Ukraine, while less than 1-in-3 think that the U.S. should provide military advisers, weapons, or supplies.

When asked “what level of involvement should the U.S. have if Russia invades Ukraine?”

  • 15.3% said the U.S. should “provide U.S. troops as boots on the ground.”

  • 23.2% said the U.S. should “provide U.S. military advisers.”


Do notice that the leftists are now whining about vaccinations and studiously avoiding the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION because they hope the invaders will join them in destroying our country.


Thanks, traitors.


Now, we are supposed to worry about Ukraine which is run by lunatics and which cannot come to terms with Russia. The fluid EU borders have been fluid for TWO THOUSAND YEARS. They will remain fluid for another two thousand years.


The EU is HUGE. They can DEFEND THEIR OWN STUPID SELVES now. Instead, they want to TRICK AMERICANS in doing this which is insane, insidious and criminal.


Let the French and Germans die fighting Russians again and again and again and again and again…and more. Like ALWAYS. Sheesh.



NY City famous actor Michael Rapaport posted this:



Just two days earlier, Rapaport posted this rant where he talks filth and squeals like a piggie at Trump and everyone who is a Republican while demanding Biden be more insulting and talk dirty more like Rapaport seems to do all the time:


After cussing out a Fox White House reporter while on his mike, the so called President then apologized.  Good for him!  But this actor won’t apologize to anyone.  He is a moron, of course.  A filthy mouthed moron, typical Biden supporter.


Thanks to insane or criminal Democratic leaders and voters, no criminals are arrested anymore, they can openly steal up to $1,000 in goods or money with no consequences at all.   The twitter poster here hopes the new mayor can ‘figure out’ how to stop criminals.  He and his DNC buddies are stopping ‘criminals’!


But look at who IS arrested!  This brave, good man was arrested for protesting the mass murders in NYC caused by Biden, de Blasio and now the communist DA who releases all criminals there:



Meanwhile in Canada, a well-known Canadian lawyer who discusses cases online, talks about how Canada’s fake liberals are crushing all forms of freedoms of speech and movement and anything, this is a huge dictatorship now:


This angry but very amusing comedian unveils in Midtown Manhattan at 42nd Street, the new official portrait of our ‘President’:



And he rages onwards, no one can stop him now!


The comedian explains how NY City is working hard to drive out all sane, healthy families:



And here is why NYC is collapsing: the New York Times is run by the stupidest, most insane people in the USA today.  Here is yesterday’s top art news story at that awful newspaper: an insane homeless woman is a great artist but she finally died so everyone is celebrating her fine art:


Chicago is also collapsing.  Note how this famous artist makes ‘art’ no better than a 10 year old girl with minimal talent.  Art officially died at the end of WWI.  Classical music collapsed, everything civilized was flushed down the toilet with the usual awful results.


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7 responses to “Kiev Citizens Riot Against Government As NATO Tries To Start WWIII

  1. TinaB

    [ELAINE EDITS THIS STUPID POSTING:] Right-wing Americans are Philistines! That’s WHY—TINA, —you have no culture. TINA AND HER BUDDIES ARE Just a bunch of backward, crass, uneducated inbreds! No refinement whatsoever! AND PROUD OF IT!


    ELAINE: I decided a bit of editing would finally fix Tina’s problems posting here in a sane way.

  2. TinaB

    Tina B is the epitome of a Philistine! She has no idea what classical music even is ffs! One of THE STUPIDEST people on this planet! The leftist female can barely form a sentence ffs!


    ELAINE: I fixed Tina’s rant so it makes more sense.

  3. Zeke

    Hey, idiot

    NATO is not massing troops at the border of anywhere. It’s psycho Dictator (and Trump f-buddy) Putin who is doing that.

    Arrest Elaine for treason.


    ELAINE: Unlike you and your crazed buddies, I know a great deal of the history of the Crimean region. I suggest you look it up! Hell’s bells, NOWHERE in Europe are there ‘traditional borders!’ This is IMPOSSIBLE. For 2,000 years, wars raged all over Europe with ‘borders’ changing CONSTANTLY. Zero stability at all.

    Every 20 years, somewhere in Europe vast wars break out because of border disputes. I will give a hint: these are based on religious/ethnic/ power dynamics.

  4. shawntoh

    Gee Elaine,

    It used to be during your time… “Don’t trust anyone over 30 [years old]” * …

    With the past three posts here by Zeke and Tinab, it might as well be…

    “Don’t trust anyone UNDER 30!”

    Especially if they haven’t been tested for the ability to identify propaganda and have critical thinking skills!

    Kid Rock is a corporate w*gger whore who is just another idiot that stole from black culture and he SUCKS!

    Raheem, a real black rapper, blows KR money-copulator right out of the water with this one…

    Remember the first law of nations is self-preservation!

    Peace. Out.


  5. We see from the deranged rage of leftists, they hate their own country and wish us all ill. They want destruction because they foolishly think their foreign buddies won’t kill or enslave them.

    Also, they are utterly blind to obvious history. All far leftist regimes self destruct. After destroying everything they touch, of course.

  6. lou

    2–funny. EMS should have also shown the unedited, for shits n giggles.

  7. Just put my name in place of her name. Simple change. Easy to do.

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