NY City Biden Supporters Scared As Chaos Destroys NY City…They Still Hate Trump!

New York City let illegal aliens and vote cheaters to vote heavily so the city is now disintegrating thanks to everyone else who is ‘liberal’ and voted for insanity.  Now they get to live in their ridiculous hell hole nastiness created by themselves.  They hated Trump and Giuliani and get Mad Madame Mao destruction…serves them right to hell!  I find this very funny, actually, not for the dead cops or crime victims but then, the DNC rules that hell hole place just like California.


So, this week like previous weeks, we see illegal aliens killing citizens and the Democrats fix this via importing endless violent illegal aliens:



This fits the definition of ‘treason’.  Also, fighting to protect foreign borders while refusing to protect our own borders is also called ‘treason’ which has the death penalty.  I want to see Biden and his entire gang arrested and charged.  This is so utterly blatant, this criminal who stole the election via ballot box stuffing and giving ballots to illegal aliens, he should be arrested immediately.


Biden is also obviously brain damaged!  Keeping him in power endangers everyone all over the earth.  Here is a typical example of how brain damage can lead to homicidal, out of control behavior:



This poor man went entirely insane and ran off to kill total strangers in their home.  No homes are safe anymore due to the Democrats refusing to have even the slightest law and order.  Here is more about the illegal aliens running riot and killing citizens deliberately:



The fact that the traitor in the White House is secretly moving illegal aliens of military age who are nearly all males into every community in the USA and then pretending no one knows why we see a vast crime wave when this interacts with the resident black populations that are mostly out of control, too and we get epic crime waves.


Mainstream news won’t report any of this but Fox News does now that the far leftists were kicked out last year:


The source said the reporting only scratches the surface and that the mass releases have been happening discretely since February, that ICE fugitive operations teams are essentially nonexistent and that ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation (ERO) has become what the source called an “unofficial travel coordination agency.”


This is NOT ‘discreet’ this is ‘deliberately concealed so no one can witness this criminal activity by Biden’s goons.’


“Between [releases] and the vaccine mandate the morale is at the lowest,’ the source said. “Imagine going to the office to make phone calls all day to coordinate travel for someone who just came in illegally, some of them with criminal records.”


I don’t blame to staff who are forced to do this.  This is why all despotic governments must be overthrown by people like the man who is scared to be directly quoted.  You have to decide it is time to remove obvious criminals who win crooked elections.


The ICE source told Fox that the agency is now releasing migrants with misdemeanor crimes such as assault, DUI, drug possession and illegal re-entry, and only withholding those with serious felonies.


I consider ALL these ‘misdemeanors’ to be ‘serious’ crimes!  When allowed to run out of control we see lots more violence and thefts and chaos until entire cities are, like we saw in many DNC hell hole cities recently, are looted and put to the torch and people murdered openly and no one is put in prison even for murder.


A little boy in San Francisco who was shot dead by two violent 18 year old Hispanic males: both young men are not going to prison for more than a short stay due to the DA refusing to convict obvious violent murderers if they are ‘young’ and as per most of the time, also ‘black’!


The father of slain 6-year-old Jace Young is lashing out against liberal San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s “broken” criminal justice system as his son’s convicted killer could serve less time in prison than the age of the boy who was shot to death.


That little boy was very young.  Six years old!


When gunfire rang out on July 4, 2020, in San Francisco’s Bayview District as neighbors were outside for a fireworks show, bullets struck 6-year-old Jace Young, who was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.


Investigators quickly identified two of the assumed four gunmen, then-17-year-old Deshaune Lumpkin and 18-year-old James Harbor. But months would pass before Harbor was arrested on Jan. 6, and more time would go by before Lumpkin was apprehended on Aug.11 – over a year from when Young was killed.


It took a YEAR after the killers were ID’ed to catch them.  The utter failure of all DNC criminal justice gangsters is obvious.  They want crime and chaos because when cities go into chaos and crimes, the Democratic party wins all future elections!


Why?  Obviously, law abiding citizens flee these terrible ‘cities’ that are actually criminal holding pens so that the Democrats can wield power without ever facing real citizen voters.  This is why all DNC hell hole cities want to have recent illegal alien invaders vote, too!


We can’t run away from all this, right now a gang of traitors run our entire country and are trying to start WWIII:



Now for some stupid news: Disney is run mainly by far leftists, sexually confused adults, people who hate real women and real men and so Disney is heading towards bankruptcy.  Here is their latest attempt at driving away their customer base:


The M&M communist crew also eliminated all feminine attributes of their ‘green’ character making her a full male except for Minnie Mouse eyelashes.  The chocolate M&M character who is a ‘female black’ person still wears high heels and has the eyelashes but ‘she’ is has longer legs than all the ‘male’ characters!  This is so obvious to see.


Leftist women want to be ugly but still have ridiculously long fingernails, etc.  They are all quite insane.


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6 responses to “NY City Biden Supporters Scared As Chaos Destroys NY City…They Still Hate Trump!

  1. lou

    Soho, I worked there. DeNiro owns or owned a place there. Father n son de nrios. I was there.
    5 million dollar condos.

  2. shawntoh


    Here’s a prediction…

    Next Disney will have Mickey wear kilts!

    Yup. He’ll be male Scottish looking in drag! Maybe Disney will have a new ratty looking character with multiple genders! Why not? Besides…

    Minnie NOW needs to join a Joy Division cover band and perform in her new outfit doing a tribute to the late Ian Curtis! Yeah! That’s the ole ticket.

    I liked Disney when I watched it on TV in the ’60s… I found this old Disney gem where you find ole Donald Duck in 1959 enlightening us about the magical aspect of the pentagram in MATH-A-MAGIC LAND! Of all things! Check it out here…

    “Donald Duck Teaches Pythagoras, Pentagram, Fibonacci Sequence, Architecture, Art, Nature, Infinity”

    Y’all thought I was mad, eh? Well, I may be mad but at least I ain’t that stupid to dismiss. Unless Madame Elaine sez so!


    P.S. Remember… Minnie looks cute singing “Love Will Tear Us Apart”! That’s for sure if don’t get WWIII

  3. shawntoh

    I like that clip, snoosebomb. The man speaking is practical about science. I’ll add this…

    “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”

    — Frank Zappa

  4. There is ‘deviation’ and then there is ‘chaos’.

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