Arrest Them all: Biden Gang Collected $31 Million From Chinese Spy Front Operations


The proof of outright treason by the Biden gang and their buddies pours in every day.  Arrest them all!  Of course, this is now resetting the stage for Biden’s inevitable arrest for treason.  Top politicians are now calling for Biden to be impeached and this is inevitable now.  There is ample proof of treason!  As our country is flooded with violent illegal aliens who seek to overthrow our government and spread chaos, this was enabled and engineered and then secretly spread to every US city as free agent invaders are positioned to cause maximum chaos which would give the Biden gang the excuse to impose military law and order of the communist sort!  Arrest all of these people trying to pull an obvious coup.



The fact that Biden and his communist buddies secretly flew in invaders is ample grounds for a treason trial.  The leftists like to howl that Trump is a traitor, too.  This is absurd since their entire argument against him was, he was shutting down the border crossings and deporting violent, criminal illegal aliens and he has to be stopped!  And via election thefts inside DNC run hell hole cities, he was thrown out of office and then they tried to impeach him during his last days in office, too!


The communists working with Biden then demonized the patriotic citizens who were invited into the Halls of Congress by staff who opened the doors to them all.  Now, many sit in Soviet-style DC jails with no trials.  Arrest all the communists doing this to our citizens!  More news about the collapse of law and order under Biden’s communist regime:



This video is worth watching!  The border guards openly argued with the communist who was ordering them to let anyone into the country or they will be punished.  After lying to the workers openly, they corrected him so he got very angry and had to threaten them.  But they know this is leaking out and the elite communists can’t totally suppress the real news though they try their hardest.


I remember communist regimes!  I even tangled with the East German communists many years ago, rather rashly and ruthlessly causing the West German state police to arrest and deport me before I could enter East Germany.


Friday, Biden foolishly demanded we learn more of what Trump said to the Ukrainian President years ago:



The communists running mainstream Pravda news systems all show zero interest in the Biden phone calls soliciting bribes from the Ukrainian President:



The President of Ukraine got very pissed off with the US media and Senile Joe Biden and reminds all the crazy communist ‘reporters’ in mainstream media, he knows the truth and Biden is lying, as per always.


Biden is the laughing stock of the planet’s leaders.  They know he is brain dead.  Yesterday, Biden nearly told a fake story about how he was a Big Rig truck driver years ago which is a total lie but he caught himself and muttered, ‘Never mind…’ mid-sentence.  That pathetic creature is the leader of the communist left and they hate him and desperately want to kill him but dare not because even these stupid people are figuring out, they are very, very unpopular.



Biden is so insane now, he wants to dare devil WWIII with Putin while an alarmed Germany, France, Hungary and Turkey (!!!) are going to block Biden’s WWIII efforts!  We should block this, too, via impeaching and imprisoning this fraud pretending to be ‘President’.


This bitcoin business is going bust again:


The bitcoin thing is very destructive, I said this on day one.  It destroys all systems relentlessly and eventually would eat up all resources of our planet just to produce non-existing ‘number sequences’ which is so beyond stupid I am amazed anyone can’t see the obvious dead end this presents!  I am utterly horrified that humans fell for this foul con game!  It is designed to destroy everything it touches.  It is an energy monster from hell.


It pollutes the earth, makes billions of people poorer as they get less and less energy to use for smart things like staying alive and not freezing or starving to death.  I want this fraud stopped, now, but humans are easily fooled by the entities at the Cave of Wealth and Death.


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14 responses to “Arrest Them all: Biden Gang Collected $31 Million From Chinese Spy Front Operations

  1. Zeke

    The “obvious coup” was on Jan. 6, 2021 when traitor Trump urged an attack on our Capitol, the Capitol of the USofA.
    And some six hundred of them are being arrested when identified from the mob and some are being sent to jail.

  2. lou

    The dems are in with china? only 31 million? are the clintons and gores billionaires?


    And Zeke continues his bs, so weak, so dumb.

  3. Zeke

    Low IQ Lou stumbling into a new day misunderstanding all he sees.

  4. snoosebomb

    meanwhile in Canada ,, f*king myopic Merkins ,never look at maps , have no idea. Denninger is like this too, always talks as though the USA exists in isolation

  5. snoosebomb

    i never thought cdns had this in them , now leading the world

    looking at the comments some merkins jealous now they look like pussies in comparison.

  6. US truckers are equally angry and guess what?

    They are DOING THIS TOO now. The end of the DNC is roaring along.

  7. Zeke

    SoB is a barren hysteric in the Canadian tundra ever in search for something to express venomous anger about.

  8. lou

    this is for you all, even sad Zeke,

    The ADL recently changed the definition of “Racism” to that as an act only capable of being committed by Whites.

    The largest hurdle is convincing the Conservative Christians that this Bible connection aka Judeo-Christian values connection is a Lie.

    How many times have you heard the Right say things like “Democrats are Antisemitic!” “We must save Israel!”


    Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat

    All the Jews in Congress are Democrats

    All the media produced by Jews is AntiWhite, Antichristian

    All the Jewish Run Orgs/NGOs actively dismantle, disparage, disrupt, destroy, and deviate the very Society/Civilization that upholds Christendom

    And The most ironic part of it all is that Jesus, the very basis of Christianity, literally warned us of this very behavior commit from this very group of people, and Christians act like he was joking.

    [Eliane knows, she was married to a nose, pun unintended]

  9. Yes, the Daily Mail does lots of work unlike most mainstream media.

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