JP Morgan Bankers Under Subpoena By Grand Jury Examination Of All Biden Foreign Bribe Deals


It is finally, three years too late, beginning: the investigation of all those sweet deals the Biden clan and buddies made with COMMUNIST CHINA and many other foreign entities!  This is core to the treason charges that must be pushed to remove an obvious Chinese communist agent from the White House.  I have been yelling about this for a long, long time!  Biden knows his goose is now cooked.   He should resign while under investigation, this is TREASON.


A President who is being examined for making sweet deals with violent foreign powers who make daily MILITARY threats against our allies in Asia is treason.  How obvious does this have to be?  The mainstream Bilderberg news ignores all this and push hard for war with Russia over the Crimea situation.


As I point out, Crimea has been in contention between Russia and Turkey and Western Europe for eons!  It is never ending and nothing to do with us.  Europe has to grow up and use diplomacy from now on.  No more wars.


China, on the other hand, is going all over Asia threatening everyone and anyone and demanding we cease being involved there.  This is quite different from the Russia situation. This is OUR problem!  We have to deal with it.  And our ‘leader’ is a traitor who has taken millions in bribes from the hostile Chinese dictator, Xi.


The specific individuals named by the subpoena are Robert Hunter Biden, James Biden, Devon Archer, and Eric Schwerin.


Business names listed out by the subpoena are: Owasco, Skaneateles, RSP Holdings, RSP Investments, RSTP II Alpha, RSTP II Bravo, Seneca Global Advisors, Aqaba International, Rosemont Seneca, Burisma Holdings, Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity, Robinson Walker, Hudson West, European Energy and Infras Group Limited, Bladen Enterprises Limited.


Out of curiosity, I picked out the Chinese communist operation that used Biden’s face and connections to infiltrate the US economic and political systems:


BHR Partners (Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.) is a private investment fund founded in 2013 by Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., and is 70%-owned by Chinese investors, including the Bank of China Limited. Two U.S. organisations, Thornton Group LLC and Rosemont Seneca Partners — the latter organization being co-founded by Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden — were 30% minority stakeholders.[1][2][3][4] The fund’s focus is on mergers and acquisitions, and investment in, and reforms of state-owned enterprise.[5]


BHR was established specifically for the purpose of capital injection into Sinopec Marketing Co., in accordance with the laws of the PRC. Its registered address is China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and principal place of business at Unit 3101, 31/F, Tower 2, China Central Place, 79 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.”[5]


BHR was one of twenty-five investors to take part in the capital injection of Sinopec Marketing Co. and their investment of approximately (US)$1,700,000,000 dollars was the 7th largest of the group, giving them a 1.68% shareholding interest out of an available 29.99%. As part of the approved agreement, Sinopec retained 70.01%.[5]


Only after the NY Post ran stories about the Biden/Communist Chinese connections did Hunter and his buddies back out of their sweet deals with foreign powers:


Hunter Biden announced his intention to resign in October 2019 so as not to complicate the U.S. Presidential aspirations of his father, Joe Biden,[10] Chinese records showed he was no longer on BHR’s board by April 2020. Biden’s attorney said in November 2021 that his client no longer held any direct or indirect interest in BHR.[1]


There is zero mention of this news at the fake news giant, the New York Times.  Their front page news is…Africans want to recycle plastic!  Trump is ‘losing his grip’ on the Republican Party’s RINO crew…hahaha.  Russia and US ‘face off at UN’!  Oh no.  And the top news story is…Covid 19 as nearly always!  It is fading in some places and surging in other places, duh.


Not one peep about news that, decades ago, the NY Times would rush to the front page every time.  This utter blindness to any real news that irritates the political ambitions of the SJW gang who run the paper now, is obvious to outsiders who can see them groping around, unable to tell a donkey from an elephant.


In stark contrast, in London, no less, the Daily Mail has reality headlines every day and today’s top US story is all about the massive number of angry truckers sick and tired of the liberal obsession with stopping the coronavirus via shutting down everything and vaccinating everyone.



The virus mutates faster than variants of the vaccinations can be created.  the Daily Mail which is way over in Europe has this headline about Trump backing the truck drivers in their fight against liberal dictator Trudeau:



NO FREE SPEECH OR ASSEMBLY for anyone in ‘liberal’ Canada!  The leftists hate workers acting up and crush them whenever possible and then wonder why the working class people don’t like them.


People are so fed up with the useless restrictions on living in Canada due to ridiculous covid rules they have demonstrated for days in the coldest cold wave of the year.  It is below zero F every night and days, no warmth at all.  Only very pissed off people would demonstrate so often and for so many hours.


Also, during the entire epidemic, in the US and Canada, far leftist communists were allowed to riot, loot cities, kill and burn.  They could march whenever and wherever they wished while citizens were forced to stay home or wear masks. Also, few politicians or leftist rioters wore masks except when they wanted to conceal their faces while looting.


Last bit of news: a 4.1 quake between LA and San Diego happened yesterday.  The epicenter is on a parallel fault line that runs right through LA and is next to the San Andreas Fault where it has been locked for 165 years and is ready to explode into a major earthquake event.


Back to Canadian news: the truckers scared Trudeau and his gangster buddies.  So Nova Scotia ‘liberals’ decided to forbid truckers from protesting.  Like all communists, they hate being harassed about their dictates!  So time to arrest anyone who dares to dispute in public!


The local government issued “a directive under the Emergency Management Act prohibiting protesters from blockading Highway 104 near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border.”


The news says ‘blockading’ but it really is about how citizens drive to the highways and overpasses to CHEER the truckers.  How dare they do this!  Leftist riots: OK.  Citizens waving the country’s flags and cheering the working stiffs: pure evil!


The directive specifically states supporters of the Freedom Convoy and another protest, the Atlantic Hold the Line event, can’t gather along Highway 104, on the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border. The directive states that “allowing people to gather in those areas would put themselves and others at risk.”


Oh…so the communists are telling citizens, they are going to arrested and huge financial fines in order to PROTECT THEM!  HAHAHA.  Total communist thinking here!


Those who disobey face fines between $3,000 to $10,000, while corporations face fines between $20,000 and $100,000.


The communists rub their hands and sneer, ‘No one will dare protest our fiats now!’  Good grief.


Someone sent people with Nazi flags to the rally so the media could falsely report the demonstrators are really Nazis.  This happens all the time in the US.



And as always, Trump’s sane messages are totally ignored by mainstream media and many GOP ‘leaders’ ignore this, too.  They are utterly out of touch with their own voter bases.  The mainstream media is desperate now to do to Trump what they do to me: hide everything!  HAHAHA.


They can’t do this so easily, anymore.  Trump is all over the internet now.


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4 responses to “JP Morgan Bankers Under Subpoena By Grand Jury Examination Of All Biden Foreign Bribe Deals

  1. lou

    Tina, you missed being FURST!

    meanwhile as leftist try to steer the debate,

    According to Taki Mag,
    The irony about Neil Young’s “protest” is that Young himself has a history of spreading medical disinfo.
    In the 1980s, he went on a bizarre crusade against gays working in public places, because he thought you could get AIDS by touching something a gay person had touched.

    “You go to the supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fucking cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.” Real quote according to taki.

  2. Zelda

    PCR scam finally exposed, data suggests COVID deaths massively exaggerated:

  3. Pete

    Meanwhile in Trukistan LOL

  4. Full uprising in Canada against Trudeau’s covid nonsense. Trudeau says he is sick with Omnicrom now. Good, good!

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