Truckers All Over World Join Brave Canadian Truckers: Defy Global Elites!


The Trucker Revolt is now global.  As the news leaks out online, truck drivers in all countries say ‘YES!’ and they are organizing their own demonstrations against covid lock downs and actions by our rulers who VIOLATE THEIR OWN RULES all the time as I will show here today.  I am just posting a bunch of tweets showing clearly how the elites screw over their citizens in this covid business.  This is a true revolt and so far, unlike the Bilderberg gang buddies in Black Lives Don’t Matter and ANTIFA Infants, these truckers are peaceful protesters…so far.  But I foresee the elites attacking them.  Insane, isn’t it?  Arrest all the elites doing these crimes against citizens!



History lesson: all revolutions start this way.  Not when silly students or illegal aliens protest.  When the WORKERS UNITE against the (most often leftist communist) governments, we see sudden changes happen.  And this is happening now!  The elites will wait until the truckers go back home again and then arrest them all but this will blow up in their faces!  Fury about the physical abuse of the January 6 arrestees who languish in prisons with no trials while violent criminals are let loose to run riot in our DNC hell hole cities: this won’t last much longer!


Time for action is coming rapidly.  Justin Trudeau has decided to declare war on truck drivers who keep the economy running smoothly.  The no good thugs of ANTIFA and BLM could riot and loot and goof off because they don’t work at jobs, they are criminals like the politicians who use them to hammer the rest of us!


Truck drivers actually do good things to keep us alive!!! DUH.



Justin Trudeau who is not true at all, he actually accused the totally peaceful, middle class truck drivers who own their own rigs, of ‘stealing food from the homeless’???  That is insane!  And what flags do I see?  Why, the Canadian flag!  It is all over the place.  They do have banners saying they want to control their own bodies, themselves.  That isn’t ‘racist’.  The only ‘racist’ flag was a provocateur with a Nazi flag who was immediately kicked to the curb by the truck drivers who were quite angry with him.



Only the ANTIFA brats are angry.  The average Canadian is fed up with the coronavirus rules which are very draconian.  Ministers in churches get arrested for opening churches, for example.  Meanwhile, the elites party with no masks, no nothing.  Anyone else is punished heavily.  The PM wants to fine protesters for hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars if they dare do anything in public, for example!!!!


Arrest Trudeau: TREASON.



If this clown wants more ‘Black Lives Matter’ he can move to the Bronx and get killed.  Actually, the BLM gang collected corporate money like crazy and now are buying real estate in high class white neighborhoods!  Arrest them all, I say!



Everyone is making fun of BLM Trudeau.  He is a clown.



As always, every day, every week, every month and every year, Newsom runs riot with no covid restrictions on himself or all his upper class elite buddies.  I hope this clown takes the trouble to read about the French Revolution.  Arrest him, too.


These clowns post their faces on Facebook and Twitter.  They have no idea the tsunami of rage that is rising rapidly all across the planet earth and these clowns think they can secretly meet and plot how to run the world for themselves and make all of us much poorer and starving to death while they live in utter luxury.  Yup, this is their stupid plan!  A…RREST…THEM…ALL.



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14 responses to “Truckers All Over World Join Brave Canadian Truckers: Defy Global Elites!

  1. Kerry

    I would have considered this as genuine IF it wasn’t a play card in Illuminati card game. There are no doubt naive patsies involved in this but it came together too fast. It has sticky fingers all over it.

    They have done this over and over again. They create a movement then subvert it. This will turn into some monster under the service of whatever demon they have chosen as their global savior.

    We don’t need truckers to represent anything. All we have to do is IGNORE the ones who think they are in charge.

  2. snoosebomb

    nothing works like a heavy piece of metal

  3. snoosebomb

    after the election i had given up on cdns as 90 % sheep , so i’m very surprised by this , on the other hand sheep can be led in various directions , which may in this case work against the bilderbergs

  4. Zelda

    Malone got 50 million views on Rogan. That’s what this is all about. The data is coming out. This doesn’t end until Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Gates, Daszak, Bourla etc. are in Prison.

    Look up Convoy Reports on Rebel news for updates. WordPress blocked the link.


    ELAINE: Here is the Rebel News report…

  5. Zelda

    listen to what the towing companies told the Ottawa Mayor.

  6. qbutnoa

    @6 lol 🙂

  7. snoosebomb

    the inner workings , VERY interesting

  8. Every Ice Age ends as the sun bombards the earth with ‘solar tsunamis’ over and over again and these fade away after about 5,000 years to occasional solar surges.

  9. Petruchio

    His last name isn’t Trudeau; more like TrueDope.

  10. lou

    11-funny but he is evil, not just dumb.

    According to the insurers, a 10% increase in the death rate is a once-in-200-years event in peace time.
    We currently have a 40% increase in the death rate for 18-65 year olds.

    Some will be cardiac and cancer victims whose incipient illnesses weren’t detected during lockdown. Those will level off – they will just die a few years earlier than otherwise. You need to provide some alternatives if you insist it’s not the genetic injectables.

  11. They are dying of neglect. I was in tremendous distress due to a stupid molar going bad! Couldn’t get any dentist for half a damn year! Finally talked a kind dental surgeon to operate on me!!!

  12. lou

    Life insurance payouts skyrocket as post-vaccine deaths rapidly accelerate
    In a little-known Reuters story that garnered almost no attention in the corporate media, Dutch insurer Aegon revealed its third quarter, 2021 life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258 percent compared to third quarter, 2020 payouts.
    The difference, of course, is found in covid vaccines.
    Insurance companies are slowly coming to realize the truth about covid vaccines, even as the complicit, murderous mainstream tries to cover up the accelerating deaths.
    The Hershey company, meanwhile, is firing all its unvaccinated employees, confirming that it is an evil corporation that denies faith-based exemptions from deadly vaccines.
    Pure evil is running amok. The corporations are at war with humanity.

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