Young Black Lawyer Beauty Queen Suicide Jump From Giant Manhattan Condo Tower


This unmarried, 30 year old beauty queen black female killed herself by jumping off of one of the ugliest condo buildings in the world, this huge, cold monstrosity on 42nd Street that replaced elderly brick Victorian tenements built for dock workers 150 years ago.  Now, gigantic glass towers rear upwards to the high heavens, intimidating and impersonally cold blooded tributes to making quick money in real estate.  This poor female who wanted to be the prettiest woman in America was pandered to all her life and yet could not find a man to marry and instead, found herself on the corporate treadmill, trying to justify her ‘work’ while really wanting love.


Women trained to view themselves as ‘eye candy’ have a terrible time growing old.  ‘Old’ in beauty that is skin deep dwindles after crossing the 30 year frontier.  Most of us sane women don’t even notice crossing that barrier since most of us used to be married before that age and have children which mess up our bodies to a fair degree.  This poor girl had to pretend she was forever young because she was pretty!


But men know she is on her last legs now, as far as ‘child bearing’ goes.  This is a very deep force with men.  They might not recognize it openly but Mother Nature is hyperaware of this.


This poor woman thought she would bag the top males who would shower her with immense wealth so she spurned any and all men who tried to harken her were tossed aside.  She wanted a billionaire!  These go for much younger girls or girls who are very, very famous.


Alas, pageant winners are no longer famous.  Ever since the pageants went leftist, men left the pageants.  The winners talk about feminist power and the men go elsewhere for females to entertain them.  The beauty pageant is pretty much dead.  Only women are interested, anymore and that is also declining.


The dead beauty queen was obviously quite deranged and filled with fatalism, look at what she published this last year:


Each time I say “I’m turning 30,” I cringe a little. Sometimes I can successfully mask this uncomfortable response with excitement; other times, my enthusiasm feels hollow, like bad acting. Society has never been kind to those growing old, especially women. (Occasional exceptions are made for some of the rich and a few of the famous.) When I was crowned Miss USA 2019 at 28 years old, I was the oldest woman in history to win the title, a designation even the sparkling $200,000 pearl and diamond Mikimoto crown could barely brighten for some diehard pageant fans who immediately began to petition for the age limit to be lowered.


A grinning, crinkly-eyed glance at my achievements thus far makes me giddy about laying the groundwork for more, but turning 30 feels like a cold reminder that I’m running out of time to matter in society’s eyes — and it’s infuriating.


She desperately wanted to be worshipped like a goddess instead of being a normal human being.  She felt she was ‘running out of time’ because she, herself, set the clock.  Not us.   Now on to the monster building she lived in and killed herself violently instead of taking pills, she flung herself from the balcony in the middle of the building below:



This monstrous, mindless, Mordor-ish building was built in Hell’s Kitchen!  This may be where she jumped:



It is an ugly, modernist minimalist building with not one inch of decoration or humanity.  I used to restore Victorian houses for a living. These are breathing, beautiful, feminine buildings with generous proportions and interesting details.  This building is brutal modernism stripped of anything remotely human or feminine.  Here is a scary music video used to sell condos in that deranged building:



Here is a tour of these over-priced apartments.  Note that the kitchen/living room/dining room are one room unlike my house:



This luxury apartment’s bedroom is smaller than my bedrooms!  It is also relentlessly ugly, all surfaces are sharp edged like knives.  Cold and hard is the style here!


This poor lawyer who was a lovely female traded her sex and love for worship as a strong, independent woman. She didn’t need no man!  Yet this poor woman went into ‘beauty pageants’ to be crowned ‘most beautiful’ when she was a twisted, emotional mess inside!  She paraded around in sexually provocative clothing while running away from any man who might marry her.


Marriage in the black community has collapsed to near zero now!  This matters, a lot.


It appears she did pro-bono work to help black men who are criminals get out of jail.  I used to do this, too, but I did supervised releases and I was in charge of tracking them and keeping them honest.  This pretty girl simply wanted them free to do as they pleased and we all know the result of this!  Chaos!  Manhattan is a magnet for building suicide jumpers:



This guy designed the suicide machine talks about how amazing this thing is:



This Vessel is designed to augment the many modernist monster buildings that surround it.  ‘This building should be praised and not condemned’ says the narrator of the above video.  People can walk all the way up to the top of this thing and then contemplate the monster modern buildings surrounding it, all glass and all impersonal.  The human feels like a tiny ant trapped in a wasp’s nest!



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18 responses to “Young Black Lawyer Beauty Queen Suicide Jump From Giant Manhattan Condo Tower

  1. lou

    more like BROWN than black.

    According to Taki Mag,
    The irony about Neil Young’s “protest” is that Young himself has a history of spreading medical disinfo. In the 1980s, he went on a bizarre crusade against gays working in public places, because he thought you could get AIDS by touching something a gay person had touched.

    “You go to the supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fucking cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.” Real quote according to Taki.

  2. lou

    BEAUTY QUEEN? On a 1 to 10 scale she is a ‘5’.


    Any Nordic beauty makes her look like a run of the mill Puerto rican.

  3. Zeke

    I think we can guess where lou is this weekend:

  4. Petruchio

    I used to work (22 years) for a Fortune 500 Company. It actually was in the top 100-150 Companies. This Corporation was very focused on “Headcount reduction”. For years. Before getting “outsourced” myself, the Company had groups you could join in order to deal with the prosect of getting outsourced. I remember one group had these two women in it. These were “Career Gurlz”. And they were facing the prospect of getting bounced out the door. These two Women had bought in to the Career Girl philosophy. And so they went into their Careers full force; it was #1 in their lives. Then Reality hit. These good little Career gurlz found that THEY were just as expendable as Men are to The Corporate State. And just by listening to these Women talk and the way they acted you discovered a VERY serious Anger problem. I mean a level of Anger where Counseling by a Professional person is a very good idea. A Of course not all Career Gurlz who get some Reality rammed down their throats turn bitter and have serious Anger issues, but some DO. These two did. Point is, like Fools, and like the Black Beauty Queen in this article, they bought in to this Career First lifestyle choice. Then Reality hits and they find out you can work 55 hour weeks EVERY week at your job and the Corporation will STILL show you the Door. Men found out this Reality first so Corporations found their Next Suckers with the Women in the Workplace propaganda.So then you have Women in their 40’s who aren’t married and past their prime discovering that your Employer is not your friend or Ally.

  5. lou

    from a site called
    2 comments there

    Not all of them. The military services were forced. Now, according to leaked data from DMED, the DOD’s own reporting system, we have a horrendous uptick in cases of myo and pericarditis and a whole host of other complications, that have probably weakened our military.
    Heart attacks rose 269% in a 10-month period.
    Pericarditis rose 175%
    Myocarditis rose 285%
    Pulmonary embolism rose 467%
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation rose
    an astounding 1,175%
    HIV rose 590%
    Presentations with complaints of heart pain rose over 1000%.
    It goes on and on. I’m assuming these sorts of numbers are being seen in the civilian population, as well.

    January 31, 2022 at 12:23 pm #
    I know many were forced. As a nurse, it is a bit harder for me to find work, unjabbed. My heart goes out to all. I’m still kind of shocked by the number of efforts along “free pizza” lines, though!

    I have 2 sisters left and both have taken the jab. One because she’s fearful and kind of stupid, the other because her children wanted it, and she figures if her children die from it, she has no life. My stupid sister, a jeweler, thinks she knows more about contagion than a nurse of 36 years. My coerced sister regrets the jab because she, with no heart problems, ever, spent an entire month on a Holter monitor, due to runs of tachycardia and a very labile blood pressure.

    This is not to mention the rash of pulmonary embolism, stroke, and arrhythmia cases I have personally seen since January 2021. Or my jabbed colleagues who catch the bug, come to work, and spread it around to vaccinated patients. Stupidity, hubris, and malfeasance, everywhere I turn.

  6. lou

    I can hear the old witch now, ‘those idiot non vaxers’.

  7. Peter C.

    Lou beat me too it affirmative action,deep down she knew that’s why she won anything.

  8. Kerry

    I highly doubt this person is dead. They needed to sacrifice a “character” from the board to represent an astrological energy. They do this to mess with our subconscious because our subconscious knows these symbols even if our waking mind doesn’t.

    That whole scenario you dreamed up about it says more about you than this fictional entity.

    For one thing, it is a man all day long. Just look closer at the beauty shot it put on the instagram. It shows the male double prong ADAM’s apples.

    The LIE is in the name. And these fiends had to mock CHRIST (Kryst in the name).

    They are all laughing all day long.

  9. Why have a wide variety of health ills gone upwards?

    I will explain the obvious: ZERO HEALTH CARE FOR A YEAR during the beginning of the virus event. I suffered a major tooth problem that would have been minor if we had normal services but for nearly half a year: NO DENTISTS.

    The same with everything. Lack of healthcare and so forth leads to a cascade of symptoms after the shut downs and pushing all surgeries to a YEAR later in many cases, for example.

    This is so easy to understand, hysterics will not think about this possibility at all due to a need to blame everything on vaccinations as per always.

  10. I also remember the Hong Kong flu which hit young people very hard, a real killer germ. No one talks about this today! I wish we had vaccinations back then for such germs. It wrecked significant parts of my body, badly. Nearly died.

    People who fear vaccinations more than diseases are naive. They don’t know the Gates of Death like I do.

  11. Ken

    Kerry @9,

    I don’t see a protruding Adam’s apple on her. To me it looks like a normal trachea on a woman who intentionally starved herself.

  12. Jim R

    Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the Honkening:

    Are they anti-vax? NO! THEY ARE ANTI-TYRANNY!!

  13. Jim R

    #2 lou,

    I agree. She’s a ‘5’, and won by affirmative action. Sad story, she will soon be forgotten.

  14. I used to work just two blocks away from where she died.

  15. lou

    15–yes, sad, she had it all and had to free the poor black killers.


    They are under a forced delusion. I suggest it is not just the msm but also reinforced by the self assembling nano tubes in the vaxxines, as show here on yesterdays thread.
    The nano receivers, or little rectangular boxes found in the uninjected pure vax of all stripes, from moderna to sinovac are probably already assembled in these poor peoples circulatory systems.

    Most terrifying was seeing the video of Russians ‘cupping’, post vax to remove the poison. The blood came out and turned into a pudding like substance nearly instantly. Would appreciate a medical opinion on this.

    Further, the embalmers coming forward who have encountered, ‘obstructions’, in the veins of the newly dead and video of a gigantic clot, over a foot in length coming from the nose of young woman on MEWE vax injury site.


    FYI, I have a health science degree from a university and have taken a few nutrition classes, far more education in that field or fields than EMS.
    She likes to insult people who disagree with her.

  16. No, I point out the lack of real information and you get mad.

    So far, most of the ‘terrible results’ are UNCONFIRMED. And the ‘bad stuff’ is all sorts of things, millions of things…which is ridiculous. These shots won’t cause a tremendous number of UNRELATED events. Any time you vaccinate 2 BILLION people you get what is called ‘happenstance’.

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