Biden Is Removing Border Parol Agents To UKRAINE Leaving US Open To More Invaders


Over the last 2,000 years, off and on, various enterprising people write histories so we can learn lessons from the past.  I am a huge fan of accessing past stories because one can see clearly how history repeats itself over and over again.  It is quite astonishing to figure this out!  Lessons are never learned!  All empires, for example, follow the same 500 year curve upwards and then into collapse, for example.  When it gets to be a colder climate, many empires always collapse simultaneously.  This happened with the Egyptian Warm Cycle, the Minoan Warm Cycle, the Roman Warm cycle and the Medieval Warm cycle.  These all ended with a Dark Age or Witch Burning Age, etc. as things collapse rapidly.  This is why I hammer on and on about the fake Global Warming business which is turning into a Cold Cycle.  Chaos spreading increases my warnings about cyclical problems humans can’t avoid.


I have a huge question: why on earth is the USA so worried about Ukraine’s borders when our own government run by deranged liberals don’t give a damn about our border which armies of young male invaders are crossing and then spreading destruction in all our major cities?  Young adult males from Africa, South America, Eurasia, etc. are invading our country and our leaders chosen by computer voting or mail in ballots doesn’t lift a finger to stop this…while sending our BORDER GUARDS to Ukraine????


THIS IS INSANE.  And it is treason.


The damn EU has more people than the USA.  They still have plenty of money, too.  They are also very nearby to Ukraine unlike the US.  Unfortunately, our own rulers don’t give a hoot about protecting us here at home so they are happily stripping the few guards we have left, here, and shipping them thousands of miles away to protect Ukraine’s borders.


We are being invaded!  This is TREASON.  Of course, all the media giants who belong to the Bilderberg gang and go to all their meetings are quite pleased with all this.  I am not pleased at all.  If Europe wants to clip Putin’s wings, they have to do it themselves, first.  Not have us do it while they play footsie with Putin because they want to do business with him.


At the CPAC meeting, Tulsi Gabbard finally joined the Republicans.  She is an Iraq War vet who was tricked by tricky Bush Jr. into invading an innocent country that was falsely blamed for 9/11.  That war is 100% a classic war crime along the lines of Nazi Germany invading everyone and anyone.  The US has committed many war crimes in the last two dozen years!  Yapping about Russia doing this is ridiculous so long as our own war criminals run around the earth, conspiring with the super rich to take more power again so they can continue their bloody messes.


In Canada which is now a police state with no rule of law, the victims of vicious suppression of citizens protesting government edicts is now going to court as lawyers are volunteering to sue Trudeau and his ghastly gang who are complaining about Putin being a dictator which I find disgusting and vicious.  Trudeau is exactly like Putin!



During the present war in Ukraine we have lots and lots of ‘news’ much of which is chaotic or outright ridiculous on all sides as always in any wars.  The truth will slowly reveal itself.  I do know first hand how chaos works!  I have been in the center of plenty of chaos especially in Europe in 1968.  I remember how my friends in Czechoslovakia were so hopeful as we planned to celebrate freedom there in the summer of 1968 only I was then arrested and deported and soon afterwards, the Soviet Union tanks poured into Prague and the summer of freedom was cruelly crushed!


The NATO countries condemned this and yelled about this and then did absolutely nothing useful.  The mob of people pouring into the EU illegally are the side effect of NATO/US incursions into many countries, tearing them apart and causing everything to crash and burn!  This business in Ukraine is ‘business as usual’ for Europe which has a very, very….VERY bloody history!  If Europe can have ‘peace for a mere 25 years, that would be miraculous.



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4 responses to “Biden Is Removing Border Parol Agents To UKRAINE Leaving US Open To More Invaders

  1. lou

    kalergi plan,

    The Kalergi Plan: the Ultimate Secret of The Un’S Agenda …
    ufodigest.com › article › the-kalergi-plan-the-ultimate-secret-of-the-uns-agenda-21
    It is called The Kalergi Plan.

    The detailed Kalergi Plan can be found in the writings of Richard Kalergi, the genocidal eugenicist who, in his book “Practical Idealism”, stated that he “wanted to completely destroy the face of Europe” and that “Europeans are to become Asiatic-Negroid mongrels.” The Invasion of Europe Exposed “Boil The Frog Slowly”

  2. Zelda

    Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story – Full


  3. Zelda

    Someone in the CIA helped a bunch of NAZI criminals escape Nuremberg; many ended up in Ukraine causing problems.

  4. They did NOT ‘end in Ukraine’ which was run by the Soviets. The rocket scientists from the Nazi secret caves outside of Jena, some went to Russia and some went with my father to the US.

    All the other Nazis who escaped ran off to South America or joined the new entity, the CIA. HAHAHA. Damn.

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