Bilderberg Gang Desperate To Drive Us Into War With Russia


The first casualty in war is the truth.  All sides lie.  I grew up knowing this since childhood.  I remember vividly how I figured out how to use my father’s shortwave radio system to listen to Eastern European news stories and this way, learned many things like when Russia and China had a battle on the border during a year we were told, both were allies out to destroy the West.  During the entire Vietnam War, we were told, Russia and China were allies when the Chinese were not allies and the North Vietnamese were supported by Russia, not China.  Media giants and our government is utterly unreliable when it comes to any real news.


Mr. Obvious gives a good review of how we can’t trust any news when the Great Powers confront each other:



We now see the West ‘punishing Russia.’  So how are the NATO bosses going to do this?  By punishing rich Russians?  HAHAHA.  This is what Putin wants.  For some reason, we have been told stories about how Putin and the super rich internationalists Russians which is false.  Russia being punished by elites via preventing rich Russians from moving money around the world…HELPS PUTIN.  They have to keep their money in the country now!  Ahem.


Seizing the banking of middle class truck drivers in Canada is easy to do and it harms them greatly.  Doing this to someone who has a huge military system with nuclear bombs is insanely stupid.  The elites attacking Putin are the exact same stupid jerks who went after TRUMP tooth and nail and who to this day are denying him access to the internet, to money systems, suing him left and right, investigating him over and over and over again over nearly nothing…suicidal, they are.



Chine stepped in to remind us we sent our entire industrial base to the Chinese.  The diplomats and leaders who lived with me in the US to learn about the US systems…I knew their plans long, long ago and warned President Bush Sr. what the plans were and was laughed at and now here we are, exactly as I warned the President back then.


This is all so stupid.  It is ridiculously easy to foresee things when someone has brains.  The Bush family, for example, wanted MONEY and POWER so they ignored obvious warnings.  The CIA knew the Chinese plans! They thought they could double play that game forgetting that industrial bases are hard to move around, suddenly, the stupid jerks.


The US and Canada are having economic problems caused by covid rules and draconian actions that don’t stop germs, stopping our economic systems instead.  Slowly, things started to get more and more free again when our Bilderberg rulers decided WWIII was a fine way to deal with pesky citizens who refuse to follow orders.  Their hopes of scaring US public into war mode is failing, polls show most people oppose this rush to war.


The ones who do want wars are crazy leftists.  Young leftists are sufficiently stupid to not know who gets to die in these wars. I won’t forget!  They think, they will have ‘student deferment’ while working stiff kids get to die like in the Vietnam War!


Speaking of war, as our rulers let armies of aliens invade our borders and gives them money to do this, our own truckers are causing problems and the elites want to stop them violently, too like in Canada:



The National Guard in DC is run by a female.  In Europe and North America, females are taking over male jobs that involve fighting.  This weakens us greatly.  Women of child bearing age should not be put in wars or lead men in wars due to the simple fact, you kill one woman, you kill half a dozen future fighters, too, etc.  The price you pay is very, very steep over time.


Note that this female also isn’t wearing her mask!  The whole ‘mask’ thing is rapidly collapsing in the US due to the stupidity of it.  If you are paranoid about germs, go right ahead and wear a mask.  Forcing others to do this while the elites don’t do this is dangerous.  People will eventually revolt.


The other person running this city is this leftist female:



When leftist mobs rioted day and night in DC and burned buildings including a church, destroyed businesses and wrecked cars and beat up Congress people and their wives….the mayor did nothing.  These clowns are traitors, of course.  Goes without saying, ‘Arrest them all.’



Yes, Biden is senile and he trusts the Chinese who paid him a lot of money for this.  Arrest Biden, of course.


Meanwhile, Republicans remind the Democrats why US public has the right to bear arms:



In Ukraine, the desperate government is handing out arms to the public a tad late.  I saw quite a bit of propaganda about the Dear Leader in Ukraine, fighting:



So, it was old stuff they peddled as news.  This is why we can’t trust any information flowing out of governments during any wars, any time.  They all do this.



And here is real news from Canada:



They are desperate to drive us into a war with Russia because they are at war with us at home!


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  1. Pete

    Chechen commandos are a couple blocks away.

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