Kerry And Boss Biden Continue To Hysterically Warn Us About Warm Weather As We Freeze

Every year, I am told by the experts to expect a warm winter and I will no longer need to heat my home.  Nearly every year, it gets colder and colder.  This winter we had the same insane assurances, we will be too warm and it is spectacularly cold.  In between the occasional warm day we get brutal cold waves.  Cold waves push and concentrate temporary warm weather before settling in for a week of icy conditions.  Instead of understanding how this works, we have an army of trained young ‘climatologists’ who are like communist kids everywhere: they spew the party line all the time and ignore any incoming data until everything collapses around them.



I prepared for a bitter winter some time ago.  I watch and feed wild birds.  They hung out sort of late this winter not bothering to flee during December then suddenly, they all took off and swift as possible, flew southwards.  During that month, we had prevailing winds coming out of the southeast and birds ride the northwest winds southwards when commuting to their winter quarters.


The birds who remain for the winter like my chickadees have had a hard time of it.  Every dawn, they anxiously wait for me to bring out the feeders for them.  Several times, they have flown into the house and I have to shoo them back out again.  They want to be warm!


Here is my NE forecast just two weeks before spring officially begins:



Not only is it going to be like a cold January for the next week, even longer forecasts show this continuing onwards!  According to other forecasts by other groups, by March 13th, we will have a cold high of 39 F and a low, a wintery 25 F night.  That is not normal for well into March.   March 13th is only a few days before the March 20th Spring Equinox!  We are set to get some days above freezing by then which I would greatly appreciate.


This is so ridiculously cold.  And it makes nearly no news at all since we are being told, this week, by Biden and Kerry, we have to stop using fossil fuels or we will roast to death.  Here is today’s freeze map:



It extends all the way to Mexico!  Only a sliver of the West Coast and a corner of the Gulf/East Coast is above freezing right now.  Nearly 100% of New Mexico and over 50% of Arizona and Texas are freezing right now!  Funny, how global warming seems to miss huge hunks of the earth, frequently!



Half of Arizona is snow covered!  It is also into Mexico and Southern California by San Diego!   Deep into Texas, too.  This is not ‘nearly springtime’ maps we see here.  These look like January maps.  True, we didn’t get as much snow as we have during even worse snow winters but this is due to the extreme cold.  Extreme cold tends to be very dry, snow happens most when it is slightly below freezing.


Here is Forbes Magazine talking about the looming winter which they were told, was going to be THE HOTTEST EVER!


While 2022 is forecast to be one of the hottest years on record, with temperatures rising 1.96 degrees over pre-industrial norms, last year ended with winter storms that put 24 states under weather alerts, triggered avalanches and flooding and disabled power grids. Extreme winter weather in the U.S. is caused in part by warming in the Arctic, according to a study published by Science last year that found climate change could stretch the “polar vortex,” a weather system that normally traps cold air in the globe’s northernmost regions.


Every weather prediction map I have posted at my site over the years trend towards being 100% wrong.  They are utterly worthless now due to ideology which requires things be hotter and hotter no matter what.  It is quite annoying, I don’t know why anyone bothers to look at these anymore.


Now on to the most important weather map for predicting the weather: ocean temperature anomaly maps:



YIKES!  See the deep blue blob right next to the Northeast US coastline and Canada that extends all the way to the North Sea???  This is insanely colder than usual upwelling of the ocean’s depths!  Note at the equator we have a strong La Nina upwelling, too.  and next to Australia who saw some snow in summer this year, is another super cold blob of water, too.  Even in the Atlantic Ocean on the same equatorial plane as la Nina, we have a small la Nina, too.


Here is proof that came in four minutes ago, showing cold weather and flooding in Australia where it is normally warm and fairly dry this time of year:



This is super easy to predict: the NE US/Canada people will have a very cold spring!  Period!  I want all the ‘experts’ working for NOAA fired.  They are too stupid to work in something as important as weather prediction work.


One giant problem with global warming ideology is, they blame everything on earth as ‘global warming’ as we see in the article I posted here which falsely claims, the severe cold is caused by warming which is insane.  No mention is ever made by these lunatics about how Siberia was virtually free of any glaciers during every Ice Age!  Every Ice Age covered nearly all of Canada!  Why is that?


Oh, the Ice Ages always start at Hudson Bay, not the North Pole!  I figured this out many years ago and occasionally I write about it here on my blog.  I figured this out way back in the super cold 1970’s.


I found this amusing map below online.  Something most people posting stories about the last Ice Age is how the topic of ‘where the glaciers grew the most’ is mostly avoided.  That is, the normal place for most ice if the earth cools down normally would only be in HIGHER ELEVATIONS.


But look at the map here: 80% of the glaciers happened in FLAT LANDS of Greenland and Canada.  Note how Alaska’s flat lands had zero glaciation but all of Canada and all of Greenland was under a mile thick ice sheet.  Virtually all of Asia where it is also flat, had nearly no glaciation, either.  I often point this out as one of the most troubling issues with the Ice Ages: how all of these are concentrated in Canada with the rest of the world getting much less glaciation than Canada.,-341

And here is a nice map showing how the last Ice Age was centered over the Hudson Bay areas.  Humans and animals all came and left North America via the land bridge from glacier-free Siberia that had near zero glaciation:



Right now, our rulers want us to be hysterical about winters being ‘too warm’.  This isn’t working very well due to everyone freezing.  So what do our rulers do?


Double down on warming warnings and demanding we freeze/starve to death to ‘save the planet from warm weather’ which is evil and insane.  Time to visit Heller:



YouCan’tTube won’t let him publish his videos about global warming failures and the lies we are told.  Anyone posting anything contrary to the elite ideology has a banner attached warning people about ‘climate change.’  I am very worried about ‘climate change’ because it is getting colder, not warmer!  Sheesh.


Our elites are the ones who deny ‘climate change.’  They are stuck in this ‘global warming’ business.


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7 responses to “Kerry And Boss Biden Continue To Hysterically Warn Us About Warm Weather As We Freeze

  1. TinaB

    Nice try EMS! A+ for effort! You do realize that they did not have the instruments in 1920 that they have today to measure and record data? Like as if the increased carbon released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels has NO affect whatsoever on the climate – no not one bit – right? smh Now your tripling down?

    “But Milankovitch cycles can’t explain all climate change that’s occurred over the past 2.5 million years or so. And more importantly, they cannot account for the current period of rapid warming Earth has experienced since the pre-Industrial period (the period between 1850 and 1900), and particularly since the mid-20th Century. Scientists are confident Earth’s recent warming is primarily due to human activities — specifically, the direct input of carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.

    So how do we know Milankovitch cycles aren’t to blame?

    First, Milankovitch cycles operate on long time scales, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. In contrast, Earth’s current warming has taken place over time scales of decades to centuries. Over the last 150 years, Milankovitch cycles have not changed the amount of solar energy absorbed by Earth very much. In fact, NASA satellite observations show that over the last 40 years, solar radiation has actually decreased somewhat.

    Second, Milankovitch cycles are just one factor that may contribute to climate change, both past and present. Even for Ice Age cycles, changes in the extent of ice sheets and atmospheric carbon dioxide have played important roles in driving the degree of temperature fluctuations over the last several million years.

    Then there’s carbon dioxide. During past glacial cycles, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere fluctuated from about 180 parts per million (ppm) to 280 ppm as part of Milankovitch cycle-driven changes to Earth’s climate. These fluctuations provided an important feedback to the total change in Earth’s climate that took place during those cycles.

    Today, however, it’s the direct input of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels that’s responsible for changing Earth’s atmospheric composition over the last century, rather than climate feedbacks from the ocean or land caused by Milankovitch cycles.

    Since the beginning of the Industrial Age, the concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere has increased 47 percent, from about 280 ppm to 412 ppm. In just the past 20 years alone, carbon dioxide is up 11 percent.

    Scientists know with a high degree of certainty this carbon dioxide is primarily due to human activities because carbon produced by burning fossil fuels leaves a distinct “fingerprint” that instruments can measure. Over this same time period, Earth’s global average temperature has increased by about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), and is currently increasing at a rate of 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) every decade. At that rate, Earth is expected to warm another half a degree Celsius (almost a degree Fahrenheit) as soon as 2030 and very likely by 2040.”

  2. TinaB

    Snap out of it EMS! We are in UNCHARTED TERRITORY! Please do tell me when in history the planet had 8 billion humans on it? Insignificant? Really?

    COP 26: The planet is in ‘uncharted territory’
    “Record greenhouse gases and global heat have pushed the planet into “uncharted territory”, the World Meteorological Organization says in its provisional State of Global Climate 2021 report issued yesterday at the start of COP 26.

    The repercussions for current and future generations are far-reaching, the WMO says in a summary, with the rise in global sea-levels, for example, accelerating to a new high this year.

    Even with a cooling La Niña early in the year, 2021 is expected to be at least the seventh warmest year on record, while the past seven years are on track to be the seven warmest on record.”

  3. Peter C.

    quoting COP26???lolololololololololololololol.
    Still freezing in southern BC winter storm warning snow falling Wish it would warm up a degree or 2.
    Somehow here in BC we survive temperature swings from minus 20 C to plus 40 C…that’s 60 degrees!
    I lived beside the ocean for 20 years,never so an inch of sea level rise,High water mark on docks never changed.Weird eh?

  4. Peter C.

    P.S. Your climate change models in fact all models are wrong.

  5. qbutnoa

    “…Record greenhouse gases…”
    That was caused by all the private jets flying into Glasgow.

    “…with the rise in global sea-levels, for example, accelerating to a new high this year.”
    I live on the island of Britain, There has been no rise in the sea level, if there was I would have noticed.

  6. snoosebomb

    not one GW ‘r can explain the theory they propound

  7. As it gets colder and colder and I write about this all the time, the ‘global warming’ Bilderberg gang collapses rapidly. Stupid people still try desperately to convince us, as we freeze, that it is too warm. Eventually, this will lead to them all being lynched by enraged mobs.

    I am puzzled as to why they can’t shift gears anymore! I also find this immensely amusing to watch, knowing from history, how this ends.

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