New World Order Bosses Bilderberg Gang Gagging RT News: Only Propaganda Now


Right now, RT news is still on YouTube but it being YouCan’tTube, it may vanish any minute now due to our warmongering rulers cutting off all contact with Russia.  Like in the Cold War, they think this will work. It won’t work instead, it alarms everyone that information is being concealed from us.  I suspect Russia is winning this fight and thus, has to be hidden from view.  No surprise to me!  I used to write underground news stories in the Vietnam War era thanks to getting international news from shortwave radio.  The lies told by our government never ceased to amaze me back then.  And now, it is typical for them to do this.


CORRECTION: Now RT news is back online again!


I will note here now that at no point is the UN doing anything.  As per always, the UN is useless.



The Bilderberg gang is erasing all Russian news from the internet.  They do not want us to see reality from the other side.  This is very obnoxious of them.  This is pure police state tactics.  They also tried to erase all the news about the Canadian truckers that was real news.  I have lived in this sort of situation in the past when our rulers cut off all access to foreign news, during the Cold War.  This is why I used shortwave radio to hear news overseas long ago!


Here is what you get when you try to access RT News now:

So to the editor of the English edition of this news service which I use frequently because it is pretty fair, you get this from his Twitter account:



Rumble still carries RT news:




Shutting down information during crisis events always has a bad ending.  This means one side wants only their stuff shown so they can more easily lie to everyone.  Instead of letting us figure things out after looking at everything, they decide to go with the ‘shut up or else’ line that leads to lying and tyranny.  The Bilderberg gang news always lies about nearly everything these days and can’t bear having any competition for viewers to figure things out, themselves!


Click here for TASS, the Russian news service:


MOSCOW, February 27. /TASS/. Since the beginning of the special miliary operation in Ukraine the Russian forces have wiped out more than one thousand military facilities, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media on Sunday.


“Russia’s armed forces since the beginning of the special military operation have hit 1,067 military facilities in Ukraine,” he said.


Specifically, he mentioned 27 command and communication centers, 38 air defense systems: S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa, and also 56 radars.


“On Sunday alone, seven air defense systems, including one S-300 near Kramatorsk were destroyed. Three Bayraktar TB-2 drones were shot down in the suburbs of Chernigov,” Konashenkov said.


Since the beginning of the operation Ukraine has lost 254 tanks and other armored vehicles, 31 planes on the ground, 46 multiple rocket launchers, 103 field artillery pieces and mortars and 164 special military vehicles.


Rupty News out of Russia is still online, so far:


This is an example why we need Russian news.   Bilderberg news announced that Russians messed with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.  That was false news.  In war, we get this sort of thing.  The mainstream news here pretended that the nuclear power plant was out of control again when it wasn’t.  Here is a good video about fake news:



Looking at the dates for various pictures and videos often show these are not from the war right now.   This is a good video examining the fake news stories.  Insuring good news stories requires having competing stories, not censorship.



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27 responses to “New World Order Bosses Bilderberg Gang Gagging RT News: Only Propaganda Now

  1. Tacitus

    Russians have had at least 8 years to think about this:

  2. John Culhane


    That is broadly in line with my own thoughts for quite a number of years. These events started during the Bush II years that led to the ignition of World war III – Syria was just a dry run to test new tactics and weapons, our political elites in the Western are governed by hubris and arrogance Russia and China have spent the time studying them. Ultimately the winner will be China (not necessarily Xi), Russia will expend resources fighting WW III, victory will come in time, stay out of it for as long as possible then march in when the others have exhausted their resources.

    @Elaine. The climate change directives are all about trying to force China to comply with the technocratic politicians directives. They will lose that one as well. Remember China put John Kerry in the back of a bus when he tried to push his nonsense on them.

    Cold and hungry people don’t care much for the opinions of elites frolicking in the sun. Right now here in Ireland we are the end of the supply lines, and have only experienced the indirect consequences of European climate directives in the form of higher energy prices and the restrictions of being able to source a reliable diesel car, the motor trade will only offer battery electric vehicles or petrol hybrids which are underpowered and expensive to run. Farmers are looking at a shortage of fertiliser and eye watering prices of they can get it and the green monsters are targeting food production because cattle belch. For us on this island the rest of this decade will be defined by inflation, shortages and high unemployment with a very high probability of sovereign debt default.

  3. John Culhane

    Sometimes even Alex Jones is right on the money.

  4. Zeke

    @ John Culhane

    Ireland will be just fine.

    Blocking of RT as an agitprop arm of international murderous criminal Putin is a result of Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine.

    After a country invades another – it just can’t be ‘business as usual’.

    And remember; never forget – Alex Jones claims the Sandy Hook school massacre was a false flag theatrical event.
    Alex Jones’ excuse in court was that he was “insane” and no one in their right mind would believe him.

  5. Zeke

    The U.N. was thwarted because Russia, being a member of the Security Council vetoed motions by the General Assembly to condemn or sanction Russia for its aggression!

  6. Zeke always takes the side of the Bilderberg gang. HAHAHA. Fool!

    You better read today’s story I posted here a few minutes ago. Learn some real history! Don’t fall for propaganda regimes.

    Ireland will not be ‘just fine’. All of the EU is beginning to collapse as Maoist agitators demand end of modern farming, no more cows, mass starvation…all communist regimes starve millions of people.

  7. lou

    6–Thanks. Europe needs power and not green power from windmills
    while getting around in Teslas [coal powered at that].

  8. Zeke

    The boogie man Builderburgers are a social dancing group without either – legislative authority or – taxing authority.

    What part of that don’t you understand?

    I know that runs counter to your narrative and your craven need to uncover a super secret cabal pulling the strings behind a curtain and fog machine.

    As Sgt. Friday used to say: “just the facts, ma’am”.

  9. Now I know you read nothing I post here!

    Talk about stupid. They don’t ‘tax’ us, they RULE us. They control everything, everywhere, at least, they try to. They certainly control YOU.

  10. Zeke

    I’m not “ruled” by them.

    How are YOU being “ruled” by them.

    Details needed.

  11. They depend in deliberate stupidity to ‘rule’ you openly, note how you cannot see the obvious.

  12. lou

    11–why do you communicate with him?

  13. Zeke

    ems + low IQ lou – – it is you who cannot see the obvious. You avoid answering direct questions.

    You are dumb, silly, and foolish all in one and are a Trump/Putin worshipper.

  14. Zelda

    Here’s a pretty good explanation of how this stuff works. Hope this helps:
    Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

  15. Zelda

    Here is a link to a handy chart that roughly outlines the global power structure:

    “Bilderberg group” is just a colloquial phrase to categorize what would be found under the rubric of “policy makers” at the top of the chart.

  16. Zeke

    @ 15

    I pretty much agree with that sentiment and chart.
    Kind of depressing but …..

    As George Carlin used to say; “it’s a big club ….. and you ain’t in it.”

  17. snoosebomb

    14 ,zelda , very good article !

  18. Oh dearie me, so a chart doesn’t show the SECRET side of the Bilderberg gang! HAHAHA.

    Sheesh. I really would love it if people actually read what I post here. Instead, I get insults from ignorant people who think they are smart.

    Excuse me, unlike the brains here, I actually lived and hung out with…the Bilderberg gang itself! Duh! I lived with all sorts of people including powerful German industrial families, for example, or Greek shipping bosses, etc.

    Most Americans have no idea how the world operates inside and outside the US which is why so many are so easily fooled.

  19. Zelda

    You really are an obnoxious, condescending bore.

    I noted that the chart was a “rough outline”, not a be-all end-all guide to the secret operations of the Illuminati.

    On the contrary, people do read what you write, and marvel at how you can be so ridiculously stupid given all of your professed credentials.

    For the past 2 years, we don’t need the likes of you to tell us about the “secret” side of the Bilderberg gang. Their operation has been right out in the open.

  20. You obviously do NOT read my stuff. The only person to penetrate the SECRET side of the Bilderberg gang secret meetings was Alex Jones.

    Here is the BBC reporting a recent secret meeting which I wrote about when it happened:

    A secretive group of elite power brokers is meeting in the US state of Virginia for closed-door discussions over four days.
    The Bilderberg Meetings have 131 participants from 21 countries in Europe and North America, the group said in a press release.
    A couple of top advisers to President Donald Trump are to attend the forum, 30 miles (48km) from the White House.
    The shadowy group is a lightning rod for conspiracy theorists.

    Notice the words ‘CLOSED DOORS’. Zelda can’t read or comprehend simple words but I hope others here are better at reading skills.

  21. Secret Bilderberg Meeting Ends—US Media Totally Blacks Out

    This is from 2012, the best news site online, Culture of Life News:

    The Bilderberg gang is leaving Chantilly. Their concealment by the US media remains nearly total but in Europe, there is much more Bilderberg news as the secrecy for this nasty elitist conspiracy operation has collapsed. This latest Bilderberg conspiracy meeting was to decide how to kill off Syria’s leader and how to enslave Europe. And perhaps, how to get rid of Ron Paul’s followers who were mainly the ones besieging the front gates at the hotel.

    Here is CNN not covering the news: Queen attends jubilee thanksgiving service without prince –

    Stories from Europe from last year! Can’t be current news! Also from 2008 is this ABC story: Bill Clinton: All These ‘Paranoid’ People ‘Scream at Me Everywhere’ where old Wall Street Stooge Bill complains about someone yelling ‘1991 Bilderberg’ at him. This happens to be the meeting when Bill was selected to be the next Democratic candidate for President. Bush Sr. was also fine with them, they just had to insure that ONLY their candidates ran. This is why two Skull and Bones Bilderberg gangsters, Bush Jr. and Kerry ran against each other. It didn’t matter much who won as long as it was a Bilderberg/elite rich man.

    While the EU Presses Russia on Syria as West Supports Rebels and of course, Putin isn’t part of the Bilderberg gang and they want HIM to resign, too, Syria kicks out U.S. and other diplomats and Pakistan Catches US Diplomats With Illegal Arms while the UN Threatens Sanctions Against Critics of New Yemeni Govt.

    The EU/US/Israel/Japan axis continues to roll merrily onwards…off a cliff. The economic situation created by the Bilderberg gang continues to deteriorate greatly. At this latest Bilderberg meeting, they invited Chinese officials who happily went to check out their new property since they expect to own every one and everything eventually.

    Deep in debt, Noda rolls the dice: The fifth prime minister in four years just had the debt rating drop right out from under him as Moody’s, S&P and Fitch all have cut Japan’s credit ratings this year. Japan can’t fix anything especially its wrecked nuclear power plants. And its child birth rate problems.

    And American youth go deeper and deeper in debt with high interest rates on student loans: Students Pay SLM 9.25% or JPMorgan 10.25% for College Loans, meanwhile, JPMorgan Trading Loss May Top $4B, Could Still Grow. They are going to rape our children to keep themselves in palaces. Durbin Says Private Student Loans `Haunt’ for Lifetime which is true: this is slavery. Turning all our children into debt slaves is going to kill our economy. They won’t be able to buy much of anything in particular, a house, if deep in debt. They can’t start families, either.

  22. Zeke

    Elaine, high interest rates are not the problem. High interest rates are practically non-existant.

    It’s low interest rates that are the problem. Do you even know how the criminal so-called “Federal Reserve Bank” fraudulently suppresses interest rates?

    Low interest rates entice people into more indebtedness encouraging ‘debt peonage’.

    With wide ranging effects throughout the economy. As Max Kaiser used to say: artificially ‘fixing’ the interest rate obviates the essential free market element of ‘price discovery’.

    EMS, you should suspend your drivel until you get an education in economics.
    You think you ‘know it all’ and your hubris won’t allow you to admit otherwise.
    Your articles, even reading every word, show your abysmal lack of understanding.

  23. Zeke

    To those wondering about inflation, I remind you that for 20 months, Jerome Powell, Chair of the criminal FRB – –
    was furiously pumping and printing $120 Billion / month in order to increase inflation.
    Only recently did he say that he would “taper” his fraud because maybe inflation is not as “transitory” as he was saying.
    The criminal so-called Federal Reserve Bank is the source of the inflation we are experiencing.

    Try to keep up.

  24. lou

    The Federal Reserve Bank is the source of the inflation we are experiencing.
    well, yes. inflating the money / debt and the result is what commoners call
    inflation = price inflation.

  25. I did that article long ago. Since I wrote it, interest rates were deliberately cut off from inflation statistics for POLITICAL REASONS. I figured my readers would figure this out but obviously, not.

    I repeat: THE FED ARTIFICIALLY REFUSED TO LOOK AT INFLATION STATISTICS to keep the money lending flowing!!!


    Gads, people here whine about the strangest things.

    Lou, the Fed reflects the POLITICAL scene. Everyone at the top wants to spend like fiends while not paying the price. It is now collapsing, obviously.

  26. lou

    the Cantillon Effect.
    Lou, the Fed reflects the POLITICAL scene. Everyone at the top wants to spend like fiends while not paying the price. It is now collapsing, obviously.

    Well 4 men made a trillion dollars in a year as many were squeezed.

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