UN Security Council Useless, SC Members Who Invade Illegally Never Punished In The Past


Funny news here yesterday: Ukraine demands Russia be removed from the Security Council due to an illicit invasion.  Ahem….this means the US should also be removed for repeated lies in the UN to trick people into allowing illegal and illicit invasions, too.  This is ridiculous, of course.  It is OK for NATO to commit war crimes all over the earth!  This is just like liberal law enforcement: leftists can run riot and literally burn down and loot cities while killing citizens and letting aliens invade but everyone else is severely punished especially if they peacefully demonstrate and steal nothing and burn nothing and kill no one.


Ukraine was a mess and has been a mess for years.  Ukraine got this way via bribing US Democrats to assist them in running their run down country in awful, corrupt ways.  Putin’s solution, without saying, is ridiculous and dangerous and destructive.  But unlike the US, Ukraine is on Russia’s border and the CIA wants to put nukes there.  Right now, Russia and Ukraine are negotiating a deal because despite all the propaganda in NATO countries, Ukraine lost the physical battles.  As anyone with brains would figure out.


China and India which have lobbed bombs and shot at each other even this last year, are not going to kick anyone off the Security Council.  This should be obvious to anyone with any brains who keeps track of international political news like I do here.  I remember recent border clashes in the Himalayan mountains.  US media ignored this, for the most part.   Neither country was kicked off the Security Council.  China is very aggressive with its military making warmongering statements, too.


Not one peep from Biden, of course.  Then there is Yemen.  Remember Yemen?  The war there?  Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen?  Iran supporting Yemen?  The fact that there never was a ‘border’ between Yemen and Saudi Arabia?  Look at any maps over the entire last 100 years and you will so no lines there, just various dotted lines that shift every few years!



Australia is yelling about Chinese aggression.  The US is deaf to all this.  I have reported this in the past, China is very pissed they can no longer buy up all of Australia’s resources.  ESPECIALLY COAL.  The US forbids Americans to dig coal because of fake global warming fears.  But China consumes most of the world’s coal and the US allows this because our leaders are traitors.  Now these traitors have destroyed our fossil fuels systems entirely.  Ditto, NATO Europe.


Ukraine better watch out…Europe has no borders and is letting millions of hostile Muslims to invade.  Ukraine was run for a while by the Muslim regime that conquered the Orthodox Roman Empire.  Many very bloody wars have been fought in the last 500 years to force the Turkish Empire out of much of Europe.  Here is the key battle that started the retreat of the Muslims in Europe:



Nearly no one except maybe people like myself, on my father’s side of the family which comes from the German/Austrian border, knows about this literal siege deep inside Europe by the Muslims!  We learn all about Columbus and the invasion of North and South America but nothing about this invasion which happened at the same time!  The Muslims took advantage of the Protestant rebellion against the Popes.  So Europeans were busy fighting each other over who was the ‘real Christian’.


The Austrians won that war and the Turks retreated but not too far away.  Here is a map showing how Ukraine didn’t exist in 1600 at all,it didn’t even have a name as a conquered territory.  It was called…hold onto your hats: TRANSYLVANIA.



Ukraine is, like much of Europe, a political creation in a region that has seen borders shift and change constantly and in bloody ways over the last 500 years.  This will continue onwards due to Europe being fractured linguistically and religiously and is being shattered further by invaders from even more different languages and religions and there is no ‘unity’ here at all.


US leaders worried about this since the beginning of our nation over 200 years ago.  This is why they figured, we will let, say, Catholics in but they have to speak English within one generation if they come from say, Italy.  So our schools were set up to teach English constantly and mainly and this was dropped….by Democrats…recently so invaders who speak Spanish don’t have to learn English.  This is now dividing the country is dangerous ways.


Europe has no unity in language!  England was exerting this since WWII due mainly to the US being the big boss of NATO.  Everyone had to use English around the Americans!  Now, England is out of the EU and France isn’t going to learn German, that is certain, I know this first hand!  HAHAHA.  Nope, Russia is much more united and uses Russian all the time.  The EU has to use translators all the time as everyone insists on sticking to their historical languages.


So Europe isn’t a ‘country’ at all, it is a collection of territories which are being invaded by each other and foreigners and is extremely fragile and on the verge of total collapse.

Adam Kinzinger Gets Punked Again – More Misinformation Coming from the Ukraine Front


And another propaganda picture of the ‘war’ crashes and burns.  There is a ton of disinformation out there as there always is in wartimes.  This is why I have tried to avoid instant reactions to incoming information since none of this is verifiable.  All of yesterday’s frantic stories about Russia losing this war was fake news.  Here is another example from CNN, a fake news operation:

News services are supposed to confirm news not create news.  They cheerfully create fake news all the time no matter what the topic is, these days.


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2 responses to “UN Security Council Useless, SC Members Who Invade Illegally Never Punished In The Past

  1. Petruchio

    We already knew the UN Security Council was a joke, didn’t we? Sanctioning Russia over Ukraine is just the latest example.

  2. Refusal to prosecute NATO leaders for the crimes against Iraq, Syria and Libya is a huge problem, too.

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