Turkey Starts Real Diplomacy Between Russia and Ukraine, US, EU On Sidelines



According to the Daily Mail, Abramovich is not a member of the Russian delegation, he is sitting in on the sidelines at the negotiations.  But all over most ‘news’ in the NATO countries he is supposedly one of the top players in the Russian side?  I doubt this.  He is an internationalist with lots of loot.  Turkey, on the other hand, which is hosting these discussions, is a big player because Turkey has fought Russia over the exact same territories a century ago!  History is a bloody bitch.  Do note that the USA isn’t involved in these negotiations.  Reasons why are easy to see.  Our ‘leader’ can’t even remember what he said one day ago.  Useless for negotiating anything.



Biden denies saying what he said yesterday.  He seriously cannot remember his own name.  The nation cannot go on and on while being ‘led’ by a brain dead lunatic.  This is impossible.  And highly dangerous.  Not to mention, more and more treason news shows up as documents clearly show how Biden and his son roamed the world collecting bribes.



Meanwhile, the economic typhoon continues to gather strength.  Here is real news from Asia:  https://japantoday.com/category/politics/Gov’t-to-compile-new-economic-package-to-soften-impact-of-rising-crude-oil-food-and-other-prices



Japan showed the US how to lie about inflation.  Japan claims they have near zero inflation as the Fed in the US pretends the same.  Raging inflation is studiously ignored by both top banks.  This is very destructive and can’t go on forever.





Due to raging inflation the yen is falling in value against other currencies and is doing this vis a vis the dollar.  This is how Japan keeps up manufacturing trade surpluses with the US but when US goods like food and fuel shoot up in price, this pinches Japan very, very badly.  And they can’t export out of this so easily.


We went through this during the 1980’s/1990’s with Japan, the exact same problems.  Nothing is ever fixed because our own government is run by people collecting bribes from foreign powers.  I still am enraged that the minute President Reagan left office he flew to Japan to collect a $2 million bribe, the biggest still in history if we take inflation into account here.





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3 responses to “Turkey Starts Real Diplomacy Between Russia and Ukraine, US, EU On Sidelines

  1. qbutnoa

    As I understand it, nobody from the west was invited to the pow wow. Roman ‘dead eyes’ Abramovich has his (financial) nuts in a western vice, he is there as a spy for the west.

  2. qbutnoa

    express.co.uk: ‘No idea who they are!’ Nigel Farage warns of ‘massive cost’ as 100k migrants may enter (UK). They will be 90 percent young men, undocumented young males at an increasing massive cost.

  3. Jeffrey

    Imagine sending Blinken to help negotiate. He did so well with Chinese in Alaska.

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