Biden Father/Son Should Go On Trial Now, Freezing Europe Sees First Reduction In Russian Gas


Hunter Biden crimes are connected directly to daddy Biden and both belong in prison and most Americans now agree, Biden should step down but Congress continues to be communist and keep both free to run riot and destroy our country.   Meanwhile, Cold Canada (it is way below freezing right now as I write here in upstate NY near the border of that country…17F) is terrified of it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age so Trudeau is going to tax the Canadians who are shivering in severe cold this spring, raising the ‘CO2 taxes’.  All those truck drivers who didn’t revolt last month are now regretting this and will soon wish they revolted, too:



I was wary about Zelensky because he is a thug and supports Naziism but now I fear him because he has the eyes and ears of the NATO countries and he thought this was a fine time to call for ‘end of fossil fuels’ right when Putin is very eager to fulfill the death wish of the EU leaders: NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS.



Wow, this is going to be fun to watch from the outside.  I am pretty certain alarmed American citizens will vote out most Democrats this fall and we might be saved from annihilation.  Now time for fake news:


Michael Ryan, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO Policy told Fox News Digital that Russian forces may have run out of momentum and have reached a “culminating point.”


He says a culminating point is when an army runs out of supplies, saying “it just reaches the limit.”


“Most military observers and very senior American army generals believe that the Russian army reached a culminating point. A significant aspect of that is the losses that they’ve sustained,” Ryan said.


OK, being sane, it is time for me to go off to Russia’s news but first, here is Fox News’ top headline right above the above story:



Good lord, the top story of the day is…Russia is fighting and still moving forwards!  The fake death tolls of ‘Russians’ continues in the news, it is always the same number guessing game going on so why doesn’t Fox News contact Russian news sources and see what they say?  I do this daily.


Click here to see Russian news:


A panel of EU and American citizens who had sites online analyzing the Russia/Ukraine war banned by YouCan’tTube chat about all this censorship going on in our online media systems run by communists working for Bid Tech in California, a dying state that is collapsing due to insane leftist messes there.



Here is the interesting story about Russia’s response to NATO’s threats:


Russian natural gas flow through the Yamal-Europe pipeline on the Germany-Poland border fell to zero, Reuters reported on Tuesday.


Eastbound flows from Germany into Poland along the Yamal-Europe pipeline at the Mallnow border point stood at some 1,451 kWh/h by 1100 GMT but in the afternoon fell to zero, Reuters claimed, citing data from operator Gascade.


According to the TASS news agency, this may be due to equal gas flow deliveries in the direct and reverse modes. Gas via the Yamal-Europe usually moves westbound but when Polish customers buy gas from Germany, the pipeline reverses flow.


I can guess why the gas flow reversed to Poland: IT IS COLD.  The global warming isn’t happening is no surprise to me.  It is very cold where I live, what is it like in global warming Europe this morning?  Here is Berlin, Germany’s terrible heat wave this week:



What?  It is still WINTER there, too?  All of Europe is colder than normal, much of North American continent is very cold, too.  Snow in Texas this morning!  What???  This roasting to death business is a total failure, isn’t it?  Our elite leaders lie nonstop about the weather and people think they can be trusted to tell the truth about wars?


They NEVER tell the truth about either!  Here is Germany’s April showers bringing May flowers:



It is going to snow in April!  Good lord.  This is so insane.  I do notice Germans have stopped marching against warm weather!  I bet even French have stopped this, too.  Even in England, the demands for colder weather are no longer all that popular.


How does Europe plan to heat homes this broiling hot spring if Russia turns off the taps tomorrow during snow storms across all of Northern Europe?  There is no plan, of course.




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4 responses to “Biden Father/Son Should Go On Trial Now, Freezing Europe Sees First Reduction In Russian Gas

  1. Pete

    Gotta watch this Elaine.:-)

  2. qbutnoa Ireland: High fuel and fertiliser prices causing untold stress – Deputy Murphy Financial stress is on farmers too, who are put to the pin of their collar due to the price of fertiliser. It’s like petrol to them. They have seen a 300pc increase.

  3. qbutnoa

    “All of Europe is colder than normal”
    Yes, I can confirm this. We were having a nice sunny spring, it barley rained for a period of 3 day’s last week, and at one point, the temperature got up to 18C, I had to take my jumper off. But, that changed last night, the temperature dropped sharply (jumper back on) and there is sleet/snow, They say this will last 7 days.

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