Did Twitter’s Staff Sabotage Tweets? I Get Nearly Nothing When Clicking On Any Twitter Sites


But Twitter is down now.  I tried to access it and not only doesn’t nothing show up, I have to kill the page and find a new one because it stops the ‘go back’ option.  The page simply dies.  I tried for two hours and nothing comes up at all.  I did Twitters in Europe and nothing shows up.  I strongly suspect the Twitter twits in California are sabotaging Twitter at their home base.  I don’t know if only I am not allowed to use Twitter. I don’t belong to Twitter.  I do know that something creepy is now happening because the entire global Bilderberg gang suddenly announced that Elon Musk is Public Enemy #1 now, worse than Putin!


Titter is definitely down now. before this morning, Twitter employees decided to punish Senator Ted Cruz.  Here are two tweets that were censored for no sane reasons.  I keep trying to enter Twitter but nothing comes up and indeed, it erases the history of previous posts on my computer screen which is very odd indeed.


Here is a far left wing rag tracking Ted Cruz and slavering for him to be banned:



I just googled ‘Twitter is down’ and got this:



After ten minutes, I got this:


After another four minutes:



So I clicked on Trump Jr.’s twitter page and got this:



This creature of unkown sex (I might guess female) posted this about her new job with Biden which involves her harassing everyone online who don’t echo leftist propaganda points:



The Democrats are now scared witless and now they can’t ban everyone from Twitter, they are destroying everything in their grip, they won’t let go, they will attack Elon on every possible front from now on, he just whacked them right across the snout!  Foaming at the mouth, all Bilderberg co-conspirators are now on the warpath against Elon.



The reaction was swift, just before Twitter went down, conservatives and libertarians hit back at Biden and his lunatic leftist buddies online who are screwing up the internet while screaming, everyone else is at fault.  Here is a tweet from several hours ago:



The communist kiddies are fleeing rapidly because THEY ARE DESTROYING IT.  They will eventually have no one running it and will laugh about this.  This is why anyone doing business with crazy leftists should assume they are going to be very vile, dangerous and destructive.  Elon Musk can’t fire them yet, he should and definitely now, will fire them but it will crash until he gains total control over it now.


Two days ago, this happened:



Right on the heels of the top lawyer for Twitter who hates Musk and wants him gone…Twitter vanishes.  This looks a lot like a bunch of leftists committing crimes.  We shall see.


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12 responses to “Did Twitter’s Staff Sabotage Tweets? I Get Nearly Nothing When Clicking On Any Twitter Sites

  1. snoosebomb

    no problem here , a few weeks ago i signed on so i could bug a climate loony, My password was *uckofftwits , but it never worked so i changed it to welcomelon. it works now but i have little interest

  2. Twitter seems functional again. I am rather paranoid right now. The Bilderberg gang just announced they want to patrol all the internet all the time like CHINA is doing at home. Those disgusting creeps!

  3. qbutnoa

    A very dangerous time:-
    1) theguardian.com: UK to send 8,000 soldiers to eastern Europe on expanded exercises. ‘British army also deploying tanks in joint action with Nato and Joint Expeditionary Force. Exercises alongside American troops are also taking place in Poland.’
    2) pravda.ru: Poland announces major military drills, sets military convoys moving east. ‘Poland’s Ministry of Defense said that the participants in the exercises would train their skills in the missions to redeploy allied forces, coordinate cross-border actions and cooperate with host countries.’
    3) dailymail.co.uk: Russia warns Europe to take threats of ‘a response’ seriously and accuses the West of inciting Ukrainian attacks – a day after Putin hinted that he WILL use nukes. ‘Maria Zakharova told a weekly briefing in Moscow that the West is ‘openly calling on Ukraine to attack Russia using weapons received from NATO countries’ while warning: ‘We do not recommend testing our patience’.’

  4. Zeke

    @ 1

    ” ….. few weeks ago i signed on so i could bug a climate loony.”

    You are a very psych woman. Whenever one’s motivation is to irritate someone else – that person is mentally (and morally) ill.
    To present or advocate one’s point of view is one thing and ok.
    But when one’s motive is just to needle another human being, that is sad and repulsive.
    Seek help.

  5. snoosebomb

    anybody remember the british ‘ belgium babies ‘ propaganda WW1 ? we used to be taught this .

  6. Pete


    Posters of babies on bayonets.

    NATO can deploy far more fighter aircraft.
    If they control airspace they can bomb
    Russian units in Ukraine or Russia.

    Putin will nuke NATO bases.
    Can’t stop hypersonic missiles.

  7. lou

    I am rather paranoid right now. /

    You should have been that way when the vaxxed started dying from the mrna shots.

  8. Zeke

    The ice shelf is always melting ~ at the edges ~ and sliding into the slightly warmer ocean water. With more ice growing behind it.

    The vaxed and unvaxed are always continuously dying. It’s what people do – from time immemorial.

  9. Zeke

    Causation is another matter.
    Nobody died from, i.e., as a result of, the shots.

  10. Zeke


    Japanese did that with Chinese at onset of WWII.

    Propaganda? The first casualty of War is Truth.

  11. Everyone does propaganda during wars.

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