Mainstream Bilderberg News Desperately Hides $800 Thousand Legal Fee Hunter Biden Scandal


The Joe Biden/Hunter Biden corruption story continues to grow worse and worse.  Reporting the news about all this still is being censored and ignored by mainstream Bilderberg news operations.  Keeping this buried is harder and harder.  Google is barely operational as a search engine but has a couple of stories about Biden Jr./Sr. corruption efforts, that is, Fox News and overseas.  Not one solitary mainstream Bilderberg news outfit is reporting any of this as per always.  They also refuse to report any news about invaders attacking the US here at home.  We are to worry about Russia and Ukraine, not the USA in the middle of a gigantic crime wave!  Google thinks no news is good news.  Thus, the collapse of access to real news at Google.


Just for laughs, I googled this:



Well, Reuters did report the $800 million for Ukraine!  But now Biden’s $800 thousand story.  The biggest tool in the Bilderberg gang tool kit is censoring real news and never reporting many, many things.



The mainstream Bilderberg media refuses to report the invasion of the US.  The open border is TREASON.  We must arrest the people responsible for this scheme to bring in millions of criminals…as a cartel, not a political party.  When the Republicans in Congress hold a press conference about all this, it is barely reported outside of alternative news and Fox News.  Fox News is far from perfect but it at least has SOME news!


Here is an example of news from the totally messed up state of California showing how the iron grip of the Democrats is utterly destroying that pathetic state where I once lived many years ago and which my family lived in since the Gold Rush:


Parisa Hemmat, a business owner in Oakland, recently left the trunk of her SUV open to show potential thieves that breaking into her car wasn’t worth it, Inside Edition reported.


I wonder who this person voted for in the last few elections?  If she voted for Democrats, she is being punished and I am happy she is suffering.


“There’s nothing in my car, and they can see that there’s nothing to take,” Hemmat told the outlet.  The behavior was in response to a reported increase in vehicle break-ins in San Francisco and Oakland. But local police say it’s not a solution to the problem.


The solution is laughable: vote against the Democrats!  Every city has the same problems if run by Democrats and simply voting against them fixes this!  We proved this in NY when Giuliani stopped a 30 year crime spree there in less than 8 years.  It is ridiculously simple.  NYC is now a hell hole again after the Democrats took over again.  The new mayor was supposed to be better than the obviously communist previous mayor but he is utterly incapable of stopping black criminals so crime continues to soar there, too.


Elon Musk taking over Twitter has communists and leftist hacks howling with rage.  In England, the ‘conservative’ government which isn’t conservative at all is threatening to ban twitter not for censoring everyone like Twitter did so far but for NOT censoring people!  Pure 1984-style reasoning there!  What on earth is ‘legal but HARMFUL’?


Britain’s Online Safety Bill would make it mandatory for social media services to tackle both illegal posts as well as material that is “legal but harmful,” a vague definition that has attracted criticism from some in the tech industry over concerns that it may stifle free speech.


This is utterly ridiculous.  Thank god our Founding People (sic) put in the First Amendment so we can say things that annoy people in public!  England never, ever had ‘free speech’ rights of any sort.  Governments and rulers and the very rich love stopping chatter that irritates them all.  This is how they keep power from the People.


“Twitter and all social media platforms must protect their users from harm on their sites,” a U.K. government spokesperson told CNBC.


Good grief, if someone posts personal information that harms someone physically like we see all the time at Twitter on the left who are allowed to do this to conservatives…you sue them and hit them hard, legally.  One can sue Twitter for transmitting obvious illegal information, too, if Twitter refuses to take it down.  Note the word ‘legal’  here.  Censoring just because someone thinks something is ‘harmful’ and this means anything that annoys this someone…this leads to Big Brother censorship.


“We are introducing new online safety laws to safeguard children, prevent abusive behaviour and protect free speech,” the spokesperson said. “All tech firms with users in the U.K. will need to comply with the new laws or face hefty fines and having their sites blocked.”


England punished a young man who had his pug pretend to be a Nazi.  It was an obvious joke.  But he was punished, anyways.  There is zero ‘free speech’ in England.



Google which is now a Soviet censor operation that hides information and which has a search engine that refuses to search exact words used in the search…is doing more censorship and manipulation of users in a quest to be totally 1984 communist ruling elites, Big Brother/Sister/Eunuch style.  The internet giants are attacking free speech all over the place.  Google is nearly useless now as a search engine.


Google is now a conceal engine.  Google refuses to search for anything.  Type in ‘Bilderberg gang’ and you should get 100 citations of my own site where I park those two words deliberately in many titles and first paragraphs.  None will show up.  This is how I track Google censorship.  Type in ‘Bilderberg’ and you get maybe four or five sites, if that.  I know I am not the only human on earth tracking the Bilderberg gang!


Macron won the election convincingly yet is not at all popular in France:



Angry farmers threw tomatoes at him.  All of Europe is increasing turmoil and the sky high energy costs is a huge reason for this.  I remember the marches against the New World Order demands that Europe cease using fossil fuels!  This triggered a two year long riot.  Now, it is ten times worse.  I expect nonstop riots.  All, while the EU fights Russia by stopping fossil fuels coming into Europe.  Ahem.  INSANE.



Of course, things will be much, much worse now.  Europe is furious that Russia won’t sell them cheap fossil fuels.  I can remember stuff still and I recall just six months ago, the Bilderberg gang said they would drop the coronavirus junk and focus on getting rid of all fossil fuels used by the working class people.  They said, they were going to terminate all fossil fuels for heating homes, for example!  They even said this one month ago.


Now, they are howling that Russia is stopping fossil fuels.  It is cold in Northern Europe right now.  It is very cold here in the northern parts of North America.  It will freeze every night this week and it is almost May.  European leaders should praise Putin for cutting off evil global warming fossil fuels!  He is perfect!


They are evil, they want us to roast to death!  HAHAHA.


Poland’s Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration Paweł Szefernaker said on Thursday that several dozen municipalities, were left without liquefied gas because of sanctions imposed by Warsaw on Russian energy giant Novatek.


And they are saving the entire earth.  Poland should never, ever burn any fossil fuels.  Ditto, all of the EU.  Stop now!


The ministry could not inform the regional authorities about the sanctions in advance, since “decisions to include firms on the list of enterprises covered by sanctions were made behind closed doors,” Szefernaker reportedly said.


The government kept this secret so the people would not freak out.  Now, they are freaking out this morning.


To restore the gas supply, authorities intend to seize the infrastructure owned by the Russian firm. According to Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wonsik, a group of experts is preparing materials for the prime minister so that he can “issues a decision on the basis of the law on crisis management that Polish companies take over the gas infrastructure and supply gas to these communes.”


The Polish solution is to STEAL fossil fuels!  This is insanity.  They cannot do this.  All Russia is asking is, they pay in rubles.  They refuse this so they can’t buy the gas.  Russia isn’t denying them due to anything else.


“An emergency meeting of the Gas Coordinating Group took place today in view of the situation in Poland and Bulgaria. A temporary decision was made to significantly increase gas purchases from Russia through the remaining channels, which will allow Poland and Bulgaria to purchase additional volumes of gas on the European market. The EU is also working with all partners to ensure an increase in gas supplies, primarily liquefied natural gas (LNG),” the source was cited as saying.


The stupid globalists who are supposedly terrified of ‘global warming’ are conspiring to cheat Russia and buy more gas than normal and then re-route it to Poland, for example.  Russia’s rules are, you have to pay in rubles.  So Germany has to pay Russia in rubles and then sell it to Poland.  I see problems with this in the long and even short run if Russia limits gas sales to what was used in the past.


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11 responses to “Mainstream Bilderberg News Desperately Hides $800 Thousand Legal Fee Hunter Biden Scandal

  1. Nina

    Kremlin spokesman doubts Musk will restore freedom of speech to Twitter

    Peskov stressed that Twitter was a global company and some European officials had begun saying already that they would not permit absolute freedom there.

    “There is a big question mark over whether truly full-scale, free range of opinion is possible on the Western social networks. We have very big doubts on this score,” Peskov said.

  2. TinaB

    “That is the problem with incentivized perpetual growth, it is not just that they over populate, it is that they are incentivized to do so by the perpetual growth economic system they live under.

    We know full well the wealthier the family the less kids they have yet capitalism keeps 4 billion in varying levels of poverty while giving 20 people more than the entire wealth of that 4 billion combined, so when it comes to changing things for the better, lets stop with “CANT” and be honest, “WONT” is more accurate.

    If you want better people, you need a better global economic system, one that while changing as I have stated also economically rewards people for not having children, with such a system you could feed 10 billion and reduce population down to 3 billion within a century and no one need fire a shot.

    Wont solve ecological collapse nor climate change we have baked in, but to believe it cant be done would be incorrect,

    to believe it wont be done because such a way does not require capitalism and private profit above all else, and indeed rejects it outright, is more accurate than “cant”.”

    “Too Many to Count: Factors Driving Fertilizer Prices Higher and Higher

    Unfortunately, the fertilizer sticker price farmers in some areas are reporting is up more than 300% and delivery times are anyone’s best guess”

  3. qbutnoa

    1) Katharine Birbalsingh: Girls dislike hard maths, says education adviser. ‘A government social mobility adviser has been criticised for saying girls are less likely to choose physics A-level because it involves “hard maths”. The Institute of Physics (IOP) said it was alarmed by the comments.’
    2) Covid: Discharging untested patients to care homes ‘unlawful’. ‘Government policies on discharging untested patients from hospital to care homes in England at the start of the Covid pandemic have been ruled unlawful by the High Court. The ruling came after two women took Public Health England and the health secretary, then Matt Hancock, to court. Dr Cathy Gardner and Fay Harris said it had caused a “shocking death toll”.’
    3) Terrorists are using their ‘celebrity’ status in prison to set up Sharia courts and punish inmates by flogging – and make false racism and Islamophobia claims against jail staff who are too scared to put them in isolation. ‘The report’s publication comes as Justice Secretary Dominic Raab revealed that jailed terrorists will be blocked from claiming a ‘right to socialise’ under Britain’s new Bill of Rights.’

  4. TinaB

    Looks like MTG is on her way out…. guess that’s what happens when you publicly coerce others to and you yourself participate in an insurrection – I believe it’s in the constitution – and blatantly lie under oath.

    There are videos on HER social media of her saying the things she said she didn’t say. She cannot seem to understand the questions and seems to have significant memory loss.

    Just keep setting those precedents! Won’t be long before EVERYONE follows in her footsteps. smh

  5. Nina

    Biden seeks $33 billion more for Ukraine in “emergency spending”

    “We need this bill to support Ukraine and its fight for freedom,” he said, admitting the price was not “cheap.”

  6. Yup, the communists in Europe do NOT want free speech at all!!! NEIN. NON!

    Those stupid Bilderberg bastards and bitches! They hate free speech. They are vampires and hate mirrors, too.

  7. Kenogami

    Elaine wrote:
    « Macron won the election convincingly yet is not at all popular in France »

    No, Macron did not win: election fraud won.

    On election night, on public television “France 2”, at 21h20, Le Pen had more than 14 millions votes, more than Macron.

    Suddenly, in a few seconds, Le Pen lost 3 millions votes. The pressitutes on “France 2” made no comment at all as if all this was normal.

    Screen shot one hour later, Le Pen had 11558051 votes.
    3 millions votes gone:

  8. Pete


    Sounds like Dominion voting machines.

  9. Zeke

    When your side wins – a great victory.

    When your side loses – it MUST BE fraud – every time.

  10. Jim R

    #8, Kenogami,

    The new word for that is fortified. France fortified the election.

    At least they didn’t have to stay up all night for 2 or 3 weeks feeding batches of fake ballots through the counting machines.

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