Desperate Democrats Melt Down All Over Like Wicked Witch Of The West When Wet

Misinformation Government Agency is the Disinformation Homeland Security Agency that is going to punish people who ‘could possibly descend into violence’ which is about as vague as possible.  We know for a fact, this is simply Stasi/KGB/CIA talk for ‘wrongthink’ punishing political opposition to brutal political parties.  Controlling language is what all despots and criminals love doing.  The fewer restrictions on speech, the more openness in language and systems.


Democrats want dictatorships.  They want to rule via force.  They want no Bill of Rights at all, they want ‘obey us or else’ social systems.  Always, it is for ‘saving/protecting’ anyone and everything but they protect nothing and save no one.



Musk is going to save money and save Twitter by firing most of the people there who are mostly communist agents who hate him and hate America.  Their main function is to destroy anyone who irritates the easily irritated leftist communists.  They hate nearly everyone and drive out as many people as possible so systems run by them don’t ‘grow’ these shrink!


Musk is changing all this.  He wants Twitter to grow which is why he has no desire to drive out anyone, left or right.  But being sane and open is very irritating to leftists!  They hate this.


Only Netflix employees give more to Democrats than Twitter staff.  Both give more than any other media system.  Even Disney has thousands more conservatives than either Netflix or Twitter.  Both of these were going bankrupt but I see Twitter flourishing after this unless Musk is assassinated.


Now off to England which is at war with Russia now and is facing economic and social collapse:



Comments to Brit Paul Joseph Watson’s video:


Wheat harvest in Ukraine predicted to be down 50% and no wheat from Russia because of sanctions = Food crisis
The basic food supply system is vital.  This is like Kansas and Nebraska.  These are mostly farms and animals except the very few cities which exist to process this bounty.
Ok, you should check what’s going on in Poland. Whole country with Ukrainian flags instead of Polish ones (on official buildings). Ukrainians got Polish ID number (PESEL) and are able to go to any doctor in the country with priority, while Poles are waiting 2-3 years to get a visit with a specialist (neurologist, oncologist, ophthalmologist, etc) – now gonna wait year longer.
Yes, the hysteria is leading to governments that told everyone just one month ago, to tighten their belts and work harder due to economic problems.  These problems are now infinitely worse and mass inflation is happening and people see aliens being coddled while they are being kicked to the curb.
Polish govt just got new law, that exempts Ukrainians from income tax in Poland. Polish kids are forced to learn Ukrainian at school, cause Ukrainian kids are joining their classrooms not knowing a world in Polish. Ukrainians can register for social program designed for Poles to support family growth (called 500+ – you get 100 quids per kid a month). Polish govt sponsors them flats (~300EUR/month). And it’s all from taxpayer money, while EU is blocking EU funds for Poland …
This is going to end very badly.  Anyone sane can figure out the obvious.  Treating citizens like foreigners is what the Democrats are doing here.  Nearly all of Europe is run by socialists! These hate their countries and love imperialism as an EU entity.
This will all end with the working class revolting against all ‘aliens/rulers’.  And Russia will win.
Many governments in Europe want their staff to return to work and these, being socialists, openly refuse.  No one knows what to do next.  Ah, go to war with Russia!  That is a good idea.
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s zealous attempts to end working from home raised eyebrows this week, after he left notes on empty desks at Whitehall. However, he has now revealed the notes were prompted by his shock after discovering the Cabinet Office abandoned at 11am on a weekday. He also said that some desk and computers were unused with notices on the walls date from before the pandemic. Speaking to the Sun, the MP said: ‘It looked as if the office hadn’t been used in two years. Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being spent, and either they need to be there or not. If not, we should put somebody in this property.’
So, he finally…FINALLY visited the offices he runs?  HAHAHA.  Kick that jerk to the curb, too.  They are all cheating taxpayers.
Meanwhile, in communist China, people are revolting:
The Chinese continue to lie about who is dying and how many die:
The last number in the statistics is ‘deaths per million’ with Germany now at 1,800, the US over 3,000 and China at 2 per million.  This is absurd.  Why are the Chinese communists so scared with such a ridiculously low death rate?
It is false.
Leftists also hate books that aren’t horrible: is banning a book they don’t like because it mocks leftists.
If the book falls into the category of “political commentary” then how can it also fall into the list of books that can’t be advertised? By their actions, Amazon is ADMITTING to political censorship.
Amazon is run by a super Bilderberger.  So is YouTube and Google, etc.  The only thing not run by criminal leftists is going to be Twitter.  Long live Twitter.


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5 responses to “Desperate Democrats Melt Down All Over Like Wicked Witch Of The West When Wet

  1. Nina

    Former US Marine killed fighting in E Ukraine

    Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, who was killed on Monday, is the first known death of an American citizen fighting for the Ukraine forces.

  2. qbutnoa

    Compare and contrast the following articles (note: in the UK, you cannot say RAPE GANG, you have to say grooming gang instead):-
    1) UK team to investigate sexual violence in Ukraine, says Truss. ‘Foreign secretary (Liz Truss) emphasises urgency of holding to account those who use rape as a weapon of war.’
    2) UK: Greater Manchester police ‘failed children in the past’, says chief constable. ‘One of the UK’s biggest police forces has historically failed children and was “borderline incompetent” in the way it previously dealt with organised grooming gangs, its current chief constable has said.’

  3. qbutnoa Suicide bomber kills 50 in suspected ISIS attack on Afghanistan mosque as the country descends further into chaos. ‘This is the 11th terrorist attack in Afghanistan in last 10 days. Innocent lives are being lost, without any investigation or accountability. The Zikr remembrance prayers said at the mosque today are seen as heretical by hardline members of the Sunni sect.’

  4. Nina

    Europe is already reeling under high inflation, but to its clever rulers this is not enough! We need even higher inflation to “support Ukraine”!

    Snubbing US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s proposal to impose tariffs and thereby mitigate a global price spike, the European Union is preparing to embargo all imports of oil from Russia sometime next week, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing anonymous officials in Brussels.

    Way to go Europe! Keep sabotaging your own economy further, and make your citizens even poorer.

  5. qbutnoa

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

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