$5.2 Million In Bribes Found In Biden Family Crime Spree! Also, Twitter Boss Kicks Top Level SJW Employees OUT

The wheels are coming off of the communist wagon very rapidly now, at least in the US.  As the EU and Canada go all the way-dictatorships with zero free speech, we see heroes like Elon Musk giving us back our basic civil rights!  This is utterly enraging all leftists because always, leftists demand everyone obey any and all schemes and deals created by lunatic leftists.  Leftists are utterly intolerant of anyone with other opinions!  They demand mono-mind obedience no matter how horrible the outcome.


Click here to see the President stuttering and forgetting:  https://newtube.app/TonyHeller/exwzoed


Biden makes no sense now.  He is obviously oblivious, his brain is fried.  The crazy leftists think this is not happening because they, too, have gone utterly insane, collectively.  A senile leader is leading us off a cliff and this concerns normal people who are on the verge of physically removing the obviously ill and insane ‘leader’ here.


One human in the US who is working hard to change direction is Elon Musk.  He is now setting forth to stop the Maoists who run Twitter.  The top officials who were paid MILLIONS to destroy the website are now going out the door, fast as possible:



About time they are removed!  These leftists are destroying many corporations, many businesses via pushing radical Maoist social schemes that involve banning, removing, destroying CUSTOMERS.  They are alienating CUSTOMERS.  Stores, sports, schools, everything is DESTROYING CUSTOMERS.  Facebook is also collapsing due to censorship and leftist garbage:



In the last election he spent a massive amount of money trying to impose a leftist dictatorship on the rest of us.  February this last winter, they lost 50% of his massive wealth.  China’s TikTok is smashing Facebook.  China’s ruler is as inept and insane as Facebook’s boss.


It appears that Beijing is now going into a covid lockdown, too.  Shanghai has been shut down for a MONTH now.  This is utterly insane.


The covid death toll in China is supposed to be extremely low but it is utterly false, of course.  China is seeing resistance to this ridiculous attempt at stopping germs that anyone under the age of 60 years shouldn’t fear is frightful.  Liberals want this sort of government here!  They are MAOISTS.  Maoists are insane, dangerous and destructive.



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14 responses to “$5.2 Million In Bribes Found In Biden Family Crime Spree! Also, Twitter Boss Kicks Top Level SJW Employees OUT

  1. qbutnoa

    1) express.co.uk: Wood-burning stove rules: Key changes you need to be aware of in 2022. ‘BRITONS may be penalised if they own or buy a wood-burning stove non-compliant with the Government’s 2022 Clean Air Strategy.’
    2) dailymail.co.uk: Prince William plans Palace revolution to modernise the monarchy: Duke of Cambridge ‘holds crisis meeting with aides’ after string of public relations blunders during tour of the Caribbean. ‘He (Prince William) stressed that he and Kate were ‘committed to service’ and saw their role as supporting people, ‘not telling them what to do’.’
    3) theguardian.com: UK set to impose direct rule on British Virgin Islands as premier faces cocaine charges. ‘Britain is poised to impose a form of direct rule over the British Virgin Islands after the Caribbean territory’s premier was arrested in Miami on suspicion of drug running, and a UK-appointed commission of inquiry found rampant failings in governance.’ Note: BVI is one of the biggest tax havens in the world.

  2. Nina

    More teenagers carry handguns in U.S.
    The overall handgun carriage increased by 41 percent among Americans aged 12 to 18 from 2002 to 2019, researchers from the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College said in the report.

    The most significant rise is among white, wealthy and rural adolescents, the report said.

  3. Nina

    New record low water levels recorded at U.S. largest reservoir
    Due to megadrought gripping the western United States, the water levels of Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir serving 40 million Americans, have dropped to a historic low.

  4. Peter C.

    Zuckcuck’s face looks to be made for frowning!! What a face !

  5. qbutnoa

    opindia.com: China, which puts Muslims in ‘camps’ and bans everything Islamic, tells Sweden, where Quran was burnt, to respect Muslim beliefs. ‘Although China is one of the worst abusers of human rights on the planet, it has, of late, been championing the cause of ‘Islamaphobia’ (just like its ally Pakistan). Despite its dismal track record, the repressive Communist Party of China is patronising Sweden, where citizens enjoy utmost freedom to practice their Faith.’

  6. lou

    In other news …


    “Methane-catching devices, an invention backed by the Prince of Wales, could be fitted to herds to reduce carbon hoofprint of British beef”

    I wonder if double masking, Fauci-style, reduces methane by twice as much?

  7. Kenogami


    Why do you propagate these vicious CIA lies, which have been debunked by many independant real journalists?

    There are no concentration camps of Moslems in China. The Uighurs population in China has doubled in the last 25 years. What kind of genocide is that?

    The only «Moslems» in prison are the vile Wahabites and Salafis terrorists, who are very violent.

  8. Pete

    The new leader of the
    Dept of Disinformation
    Yikes 😦

  9. qbutnoa

    “Why do you propagate these vicious CIA lies, which have been debunked by many independant real journalists?”
    Please supply links to these articles by the many independant real journalists which debunk the vicious CIA lies, I would like to read them.

  10. Kenogami

    I do not remember all the alternative media articles I have read on the subject in the last few years, but the following I could find:





    When that tale of Uyghurs genocide came out many years ago, many Moslem countries (Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, …) strongly protested against China. The China government invited them to visit Xinkiang. The Organization of Islamic states (57 members) sent an investigative team to Xinkiang. After their visit, they concluded there was no genocide of Moslems in Xinkiang.

    Since then, I do not remember to have read an critical article from Moslem countries about the fake genocide.

    The only ones who are still peddling lies the fake atrocities against Uyghurs by China, are CIA paid shills, like the fanatical Christian lunatic Adrian Zenz,
    and the Falun Gong.

  11. qbutnoa

    @10. Appreciated thank you.

  12. Kenogami

    Many Moslems are poor, but they are not stupid. They know that in the last 30 years, one country has murdered millions of Moslems, created 10 of millions of Moslems and Christian refugees, has destroyed many Moslems countries with uranium-plutonium bombs, white phosphorus bombs, and it is not China. It is the USA with its NATO lackeys.

    Lybia, Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Soudan destroyed.
    And yet, a majority of people who read only corporate media believe that the USA care about the poor Uyghurs Moslems!

  13. lou

    12 — JRA
    Jew run america

  14. Pete


    Like the “Genocide Games”
    Like organ harvesting
    I’ve not been able to authenticate.

    So many lies about Russia
    Maybe lies about China

    Go here,watch Israeli scientist talk about
    hacking humanity. Many videos.
    Must watch:


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